(Minghui.org) I was a journalist before I began to practice Falun Dafa. After I took up the practice, I continued my work as a journalist. Although I wore the same hat, I did completely different things. I would like to elaborate on the differences.

In China, people who work in the media, be they interns or editors-in-chief, are all under the jurisdiction of the Department of Propaganda. Its mission can be summarized in one sentence: to brainwash the Chinese people and ensure that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in control. Genuine reporting is priceless if it exudes truth. However, so-called journalists in China paint lies as truth. We were actually like con artists. At the time, every character I wrote, every word I said, every step I made had a price on it. I dressed fashionably and was chauffeured everywhere; I was often treated to banquets in the evening. When I visited the countryside, I had police vehicles escorting me.

When I investigated the persecution of Falun Dafa, I was illegally detained and suspended from my position. No truth was allowed under the rule of the nefarious CCP. From then on, I became a different kind of media person: I interviewed those who were persecuted, voiceless believers, and talked to whomever I came across about the story of Falun Dafa. No one paid me anything or gave me any reward. I would write down their stories with tears in my eyes while I was listening to them, and treat the interviewees to dinner; I would then organize dinners for my friends so I could share the practitioners’ stories with them. My pen was upright and priceless.

In the end, I became a Falun Dafa practitioner, as in this secular world it was the only pure land.

Previously, I worked in a compartmentalized profession: we had journalists, editors, production staff, the printing and distribution department, and administrative and logistical support. Now I filled all those roles myself. I started to wear only simple clothing and my backpack, walk in crowds and crisscross apartment complexes while distributing CDs and pamphlets to people about the truth of the persecution.

I had not taken public transit in many years. But I found myself taking the bus all the way to the terminal and back, and getting off at every bus stop to distribute materials. I was ignored, yelled at, scorned, and threatened. Of course, I was met with kindness and gratitude as well. The kind of media person I became suffered a lot of hardship but is at peace, as I know that I am spreading the truth, be it with my mouth or hands. It is all truth and benefits everyone. I am not doing it for personal gain, sympathy or understanding, but for the benefit of the recipients. I hope through knowing the truth they can be awakened because of their kindness, and have a better future at this final, critical moment of history.

I Don’t Need a Business Card

In the past, as a journalist, I had my specialties such as government, education, agriculture, or health; or I followed different topics such as planting crops in the spring, the two sessions (the CCP’s annual meetings); breaking news, and special reports. I carried business cards with me all the time.

Now, I have nothing. How do I introduce myself? Many Chinese have too many fears, so I don’t introduce myself. I simply place the pamphlets and CDs at the door and leave quietly. On the street I hand out materials in passing.

When my city was locked down due to the CCP virus, I gave a USB drive with truth-clarification materials to a man at a bus stop. Before I could open my mouth, he gestured to me to say no more and nodded; we made eye contact. I left right away.

Once, I saw a few motorcycle repairmen working together. I went over and gave them a USB stick and told them how to use it. Three of them thanked me, but the fourth one asked, “Is this...?” Another one stopped him. “Say no more. Just watch it.” During unusual circumstances, kindness presents itself differently.

Once, as soon as I moved away from a few young deliverymen, I heard them saying, “Falun Dafa! For so many years, everyone has wanted to pick others’ pockets. Only Falun Dafa gives unconditionally.”

Without words or business cards, many people can identify a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Of course, there are times when I must introduce myself. Once I walked through two streets and did not come across anybody. Then I saw half a dozen people near some exercise equipment. I felt compelled to go to them, since it is so hard to see people out and about these days. I went over and found a few seniors exercising. I was surprised that they had not been broken up by the police patrols. Great!

I said to one of them, “Hi. This is a free USB.” He shook his head. Too many scammers. Others said, “Why is it free? This is not cheap. I don’t believe you. I don’t want it.” Then one man asked, “Are you Falun Dafa? I replied, “Yes.” Then he asked me, “Did you withdraw from the CCP? I did after being a member for many years.”

Others joined the discussion. The old man said, “Look, look. Falun Dafa does not scam or hurt people. We all know that after all these years.” Every one of them started to accept the USBs. One of them even asked for a couple for his friends who had just left. When I headed out the man said, “When you come again, we will talk more about these things!”

Once, over a wall, I saw two guys moving things. I offered them the USBs and told them that the large plug could be used on TVs, computers, MP3 players, or in any USB port and the small one could be used on a cellphone. The guy was very pleased. He suddenly shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” I gestured to him to stop.

Shortly before the lockdown in my city, my husband’s college roommate came to visit us and brought his boss and colleagues who were on the same trip. It was the first time they had gotten together since graduation and a rare opportunity. At the dinner table, it was my turn to speak. I made two points: Human beings will experience calamities in the future. One needs to read news from outside China to be informed. In the five millennia of Chinese civilization, the book that has been translated to the most languages and is a must read for intellectuals is titled Zhuan Falun.

The lady who sat beside me asked, “Were you our messenger?”

We all know that magpies are messengers of good news. Who am I? I and my fellow practitioners in this world may be your relatives, classmates, neighbors, colleagues, landlords, customers, fellow passengers or passersby. But our role is messenger of the gods. In these latter days, before the great elimination happens, we spread his grace and a secret for you to be saved, and to bring you the most important good news.

Because It Is Priceless, There Is No Price on It

When the lockdown first started, vegetable prices skyrocketed. I bought some spinach and it cost 12 yuan per jin, around double the normal cost. The vendor said that he had to snatch them as they were out of stock. Sometimes, when I gave USBs away, I was asked what they cost. When I told them that they were free, some would ask why. So I gave an analogy: “The earth nourishes us and it does not ask for anything in turn. The sun shines on us and it does not cost us anything, either. The most valuable things do not have prices on them. All the amulets, pamphlets and USBs carry the gods’ mercy. In times of calamity, they can bring people and their families hope. We never charge money because we want to spread the truth widely and because it is priceless.

One of my classmates bought in to the CCP’s propaganda and said that the Falun Dafa practitioners who distribute truth-clarification materials are all paid. I let them know that no one has ever paid me a cent since I took up cultivation. Everything I do is voluntary. In the past, I was known among my circle for having expensive tastes. But nowadays, I wear clothing that I bought for only a couple hundred yuan. Once I refrained from buying a pair of pants worth a few thousand yuan that was on sale for 300 yuan. But to help more people understand the truth, my eyes do not blink when I take out 10,000 yuan.

I am a media person that has come a long way, from faking news to spreading the truth about Falun Dafa, studying Zhuan Falun and doing the exercises and meditation. Without knowing it, the me in this secular world and the true me consisting of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance have both matured.