(Minghui.org) Editor’s note: After more than two months of lockdown, Wuhan was reopened on April 8. In the letter submitted by a reader below, he described some of the things he saw in areas around Wuhan that indicate a possible second wave of infection there.

Although the state-run media kept repeating that “things are under control,” “the situation has never been better,” and “we are doing much better than European countries and the U.S.,” the local government has been calling for “stricter control to prevent a second wave.” Such contradictory messages made me wonder whether the “stricter control” was a requirement from above or a result of a second wave of coronavirus patients showing up at hospitals.

Here I want to provide some information that I saw after April 18 that appears alarming to me.

1. Some supermarkets that had stopped requiring people to scan the “Health Code,” a cellphone app that evaluates people’s health, began to require people to do so again. For many residential compounds, non-residents are again required to scan the code before being allowed to enter.

2. Outside some residential compounds, the posters and exhibition boards with information about how to prevent infection that were removed have came back. Some officials broadcast information to prevent the virus’ spread with a speaker, just like what they did during the lockdown.

3. The basketball hoops in some neighborhoods were removed without any notice. Some young people were seen playing around there without wearing masks days before.

4. Some stores are having “going-out-of-business sales.” Many migrant workers have left Wuhan after losing their jobs there.

5. Almost two weeks after the lockdown was lifted, some dental clinics were still closed and refused to perform any procedures for the patients.