(Minghui.org) When a police officer was interrogating me, he picked up a rod and hit my ankle. This was a cunning means of torture: it hurts a lot but leaves no scars. I told him, “You are breaking the law by doing this.” 

I knew that interrogation by torture was against the law but did not know the details. After I said that, he put down the rod and said to his colleague, “He is tough to deal with. He knows the law.” After that, he dared not touch me.

Rejecting the Forced Feeding Led to My Release

When I was in prison, I went on a hunger strike. The prison doctor fed me by force. At one point, I felt as if I had suffered to my limit. I said in my heart, “Master Li, I can’t take it anymore.”

I then noticed that my hands, which had been cuffed behind my back, were suddenly free. I grabbed the feeding tube and pulled it out. Shortly afterward, I received a notice telling me that I was to be released. I saw that the notice was dated one week prior. 

I realized that they were observing me. If I did not reject the persecution, they would continue to torture me. When I rejected the torture, they saw that they could no longer continue to persecute me and then let me go.

Rejecting an Interrogation

When I was detained in a labor camp, some officers from the public security division came to interrogate me. A labor camp guard was also present, as the regulations required.

These officers interrogated me aggressively, and I resisted their questioning with all my effort. As their questioning intensified, I felt as if I had no way to resist them and hesitated whether or not to answer their questions. A thought then came to mind, “If I answer their questions, they will use the information to persecute other practitioners.” I then tried even harder to resist. 

Suddenly, a statement impulsively came out my mouth, “You are trying to trap me into making a confession!” Like a popped balloon, they suddenly lost their spirit. They immediately ended their interrogation and sent me back to my cell. 

I came to understand that although the labor camp guard at the scene actively persecuted practitioners as well, his presence did put the officers in a position of watching their behavior, so as to not step out of their legal boundaries. 

Silencing the Critics

There was an “evening comments” session in the labor camp meant to slander Dafa. One day, I realized that the Fa controls everything in the universe, from the macroscopic levels to the microscopic levels. Another practitioner and I then started staying silent during the evening comments. 

Our silence was not just about “saying nothing.” Rather, it was that we focused our minds to restrict others from saying something bad about Dafa. For example, when someone betrayed his own conscience and started saying something slanderous, he became unable to say anything further and did not understand why he couldn't.

Stopping the Police from Doing Evil

Those who have experienced the persecution in China know that the evil uses all possible means from all possible angles, such as family, social relations, and work relations to try to force one to yield to them.

It seemed that we had no choice but to bear the persecution. On the other hand, everything in the world is created for the Fa-rectification, including the legal system. And all of these are here for us to use to our advantage.

When the police persecute us, they are creating karma for themselves, and they will receive karmic retribution in the future. Their family members may also be implicated. So we can also use the legal system to stop them from doing evil. 

For example, one policeman often came to harass me. I kept in mind that we were living a normal life, and the officer came to disturb the social order and cause trouble for my employer. I called him after repeated visits, “You must be sure not to make trouble for my employer; you must promise not to cause any problems for me in the future.” I called him twice, and each time he hung up on me. Afterward, he stopped answering my phone calls and stopped coming to harass me.

We Are Dafa Practitioners of the Fa-Rectification Period

From my experience, I believe that when we passively react to or endure the persecution, the evil would become more aggressive. However, if we can keep a clear mind that we are Dafa practitioners of the Fa-rectification period and that they have no qualifications to persecute us and are the ones to be eliminated in Fa-rectification, they will leave us alone.