(Minghui.org) Every year, my nearly 90-year-old mother holds a party for the entire family on the second day of Chinese New Year. Our family is so large that we always book a restaurant beforehand. My cousin and his family of eight traveled from southern China before the Chinese New Year (January 25) and stayed at a hotel. 

The sudden outbreak of the CCP virus (coronavirus) disrupted our plans because the government issued an order banning all gatherings. 

The order caused an uproar in our family, and we had to cancel all our arrangements. If a celebration with a hundred people were held and one person was infected with the CCP virus, the entire family would be quarantined.

Some relatives who traveled long distances didn't understand: “We've come so far to visit you. Now you avoid meeting us like we're bringing the plague. We aren't from the epicenter of Hubei Province. We have meals in restaurants every day with friends. They're not afraid to see us. Why are you?” 

Some of my family members who live nearby phoned them to explain the situation, “Can you shoulder the responsibility if anyone gets infected? This isn't our family decision but the government's order.” Thus, the distant and local relatives quarreled over the phone and on social media for several days.

I wasn't upset when our family celebration was canceled. I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner and look within whenever anything unusual happens. I felt that the plague would not affect me.

Master said,

“Your spiritual journey has been well designed, and your body isn’t allowed to become sick. Really, it’s not allowed to be sick. That’s because no illness is allowed to invade you now; any pathogen would be killed by the positive energy you have.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

Since they were here, I thought I should meet the relatives who traveled so far as two of them hadn't quit their memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Because it's so difficult for us to come together, I thought I shouldn't miss this opportunity.

I said to my mother and sister on January 29, “We three are Falun Dafa practitioners. The plague cannot affect us. We need to meet the relatives and clarify the truth to them. We should tell them that they will be blessed and not affected by the CCP virus if they quit the Party.” 

They agreed. We prepared small gifts for their five children and went to their hotel. 

As soon as our cousin saw us, he exclaimed, “The others don't dare to come and meet with us, but you came. You Falun Dafa practitioners are different from everyday people. This is seen at the critical moment. You are outstanding!” 

All the relatives were touched that we came to visit them. I advised those who hadn't yet quit the CCP to withdraw. They asked several questions about Falun Dafa. After we visited them, they stopped complaining that the party was canceled.

The novel coronavirus is referred to as the CCP virus due to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s deliberate cover-up and disinformation campaign that led to a global pandemic.