Hong Yin (V)

See How Long You Cosmic Hoodlums Will Last

The sky is so heavy
Not seeing anyone around
Asking the heavens
The heavens are without the Dao—is anyone still a God
Had I not been rectifying the Fa, all is dust
Those not acknowledging this are all rotten spirits and ghosts
When scores are settled one day, you will disappear without a trace

September 30, 2006

The Future Is in Our Hands

Though we don’t know each other
We are both protected in mercy by the Creator
Our cultures differ
Yet our values are universal
At the end times, we’re all waiting for Him to save and to strengthen
Humankind has reached the final moment in history
Because of this, I tell you the truth
Modern notions and conduct are eroding humanity
Atheism has people running away from Gods
The theory of evolution is devaluing life
Amid kindness and evil, Gods are selecting lives
The Fa boat that saves won’t delay when it leaves

January 2, 2015

The Path Guided by Dafa

Though you and I don’t know each other
We both live on the same celestial body
Our backgrounds differ
Yet with common values of human life
Humankind has reached the final moment in history
Lives are all waiting for the Creator to come to the world
Because of this, I tell you the truth
Do not be dogmatic by following modern notions and conduct
Gods have been choosing lives all along
Amid kindness and evil, you decide for yourself
The path guided by Dafa has no doomsday

January 2, 2015

The Voyage

Busy are you, so is he
Lift up your head to look around
Behind the dark haze hides a great epidemic
People are on a perilous road
Believing lies about the persecution will block your way to heaven
Modern notions and conduct will not lead you to heaven
My mission is to tell people the truth
Falun Dafa is saving people
Gaining salvation at the end times is your hope
Oh people, amid a busy life you should consider
The boat of salvation, for which you came to the world, will soon set sail

January 1, 2016

Why Did You Come Here

All are waiting for the Creator’s salvation at the end times
Before demise comes, the Fa principles that save people are spreading
Yet people chase after fame and gain
What’s acquired in a lifetime’s effort cannot be carried away with you
Coming and going—you alone
In a busy life you’ve forgotten why you came here
Before descending, most of you were Kings in your heavenly kingdoms
Giving up your divine bodies to save the heavenly beings
Gain in the human world is not important
Connect your divine destiny, remake yourself
Seek the truth, break free from delusion
Fulfill the wish you came with to the world—that’s your great joy

January 5, 2016

What Is Belief

What is belief in Gods
Your desire to protect religion is so strong
Only by giving up attachments can you walk on a divine path
Be kind like a lamb, in the words of a holy one
A holy war is one between heavenly Gods
A fight among people over beliefs kills beings and harms lives
Unkind hearts can reinforce demonic nature
Gods will not let people into heaven with hearts for killing
What is belief in Gods
Giving up human notions and evil thoughts—heaven accepts only kindness

January 6, 2016

My Dream

I have a dream, a dream that’s real
At the end times, the Creator is saving cosmic bodies and rectifying the Fa
Countless heavenly Gods came to the world to wait for Him
Dafa disciples are telling people Dafa is saving them
The red demon fools people with lies and self-interest
Doing evil madly, not letting people board the boat of salvation
Amid kindness and evil, people have to fulfill their promises to gain salvation
This is the evidence of salvation
Gods ask me to share this dream with people in a song

February 9, 2016


At the end times, morality is warped
Modern notions are challenging Gods
The Creator has come to save people of the world
Yet Dafa disciples have become targets of suppression
Lies are trumpeted to cover up the truth
Amid self-interest, people assist the evil, reaping bitter fruit
Retribution for the ones who persecute may arrive any moment
Avoid the danger, seek the truth
Gaining salvation to return to heaven—only that is your aspiration

February 25, 2016

Clear Guidance

We are Dafa disciples—
Carrying goodness and blessings
And expressing truth and salvation
The world’s morality is becoming lower and more vulgar
Modern notions and conduct carry poison
Atheism is subverting divinity
The theory of evolution profanes humans and Gods
I describe the truth with songs
I dance with Gods, helping you eliminate danger
Don’t stray from the path of tradition onto a dangerous road
The Creator has already set foot in the human world
Saving people before disaster comes—wake up quickly
It is He the world’s people all wait for—don’t be muddle-headed
The truth connects to heaven—don’t hesitate anymore

February 26, 2016

Penetrating the Heavenly Secret

From across the ocean
Why do I keep thinking about you
That is the center of Fa-rectification
And the main thread of divinely imparted culture
Five millennia of civilization, boundless meanings
At the end times, the Creator will rebuild the cosmos from there
When disaster comes, Dafa disciples can temper themselves in the Fa
Deviating from the divine path, morality will fall
The chaotic world will be eliminated by Gods, ruined in disaster
Most people in the world came from heavens to wait for His call
Gain the Fa and remold yourselves, new holy temples will reappear in your heavenly kingdoms
This is the purpose of your coming to be human
This is the fulfillment of your prehistoric vows

March 1, 2016

Gods Are Fulfilling Their Vows

I tell you with songs: Gods are fulfilling their vows
‘Tis a heavenly secret, I have to spell it out
Cosmos transforming, it’s hard for sentient beings to escape great disaster
Myriad Gods descended from heavens, becoming human beings
Waiting for the Creator to save them and remake the celestial bodies
Only by assimilating to Dafa can they board the boat of salvation
The human world is a maze, divine nature may be buried
Fame, gain, and qing are seductive
Atheism comes from the red disaster
The theory of evolution is made-up, a sham
Modern notions and conduct are leading to danger
Lies of persecution make people sin against Gods, hardly able to escape
Time is running out, extremely pressing
Fulfill the vows with which you came to the world—don’t miss your chance again

March 12, 2016

The Dream of a Dafa Disciple

I have a dream, a dream that’s real
It is extremely grand, extremely sacred
At the end times the Creator will save the cosmos and rectify the heavenly Fa
Countless heavenly Gods came to the world to become human, waiting for Him
The red demon does evil, as it does not want people to take the boat of salvation
Atheism and the theory of evolution are lies—don’t believe them
Modern notions and conduct are heading toward a dead end
In chaos, Gods are testing humanity
Between good and evil, the scales measure the human heart
This is the evidence for whether or not you can be saved
Learn the truth from Dafa disciples
My dream is being fulfilled by what’s really happening

March 22, 2016

Solve the Mystery

Why did you come to the world
The answer eludes all beings
Mistakenly, you take fame and gain as your goals
Striving hard, you’ve all accumulated more
Yet you cannot take glory and wealth with you
Toiling for a lifetime—for whom do you struggle
Most people in the world came from heavens
Descending to the world to gain the Fa and rise up again
The Creator came to spread Dafa
The boat of salvation is about to set sail—seize the time to board
You’ve reincarnated again and again, coming for this
The truth Dafa disciples spread is the guiding light

March 30, 2016

Don’t Take the Human World as Your Homeland

Most people have come from heavens
Don’t just focus on fighting to get ahead in fame and gain
You came naked
When you leave, you shed your skin, taking nothing
Atheism and the theory of evolution have hidden intentions behind them
Modern notions and conduct are reaping evil fruits
The cosmos is dying in the process of formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration
The Creator creates the new cosmos, busy in saving all beings
People came to the world to wait for His salvation and guidance
Dafa that offers return to heaven is already spreading widely in the world
Don’t take the human world as your homeland
Gain the Fa and return to heaven—you’ve been waiting for it for so long, too long

April 13, 2016

The Prophecy Comes True

My homeland sits across the ocean
Five millennia of civilization, boundless meanings
That is the main thread of divinely imparted culture
Legend tells, the Creator will live again in the East and pave the path to Godhood
This prophecy is coming true
To save all beings, His disciples are being tempered in tribulations
Most people in the world came from heavens
So they could meet Him
At the end times, humanity and morality will be rebuilt
If people turn away from Gods, disasters will bring their downfall
Atheism and the theory of evolution are fooling people
Modern notions and conduct will make people deviant
Gaining salvation and returning to heaven—that is your wish and true intent
Reincarnating for thousands of years just to fulfill this wish

April 17, 2016

Our Song

Assisting Master to save all beings
Performing on tour is our mission
Youth is spent in studying, and in honing basic dance skills
More time is devoted to professional training
At every moment, lives are elevated in cultivation
On the dance stage, we are greeted with joy and laughter
Our sweat earns thunderous applause in gratitude
The spotlight reflects the brilliance of our lives
We are lucky lives
Being a Dafa disciple is my honor
Shen Yun is our name

April 17, 2016

Returning Is Your Wish

Most people in the world came from heavens
Memories from long ago are buried in dust
Seeking pleasure in the world is not your wish
Where’s fame and gain after your lifetime is over
All that’s seen is wind blowing dust
The Creator came to save the Three Talents*
Dafa disciples have compassionate hearts
Find them, you can be saved
All beings are lining up to board the boat of salvation

July 28, 2016

*Three Talents refers to heaven, earth, and human beings

Vows From the Ancient Past Are Calling

We came from the depths of the cosmos
With our compassionate hearts open
Carrying wishes entrusted to us
Carrying hope
We descended to the world to wait for the Creator, who will
Re-create celestial bodies, save beings of all cosmic realms, and open wide the heavenly gate
This is the wish you and I came with—yet it’s buried
The world’s morality declines, no longer are we holy and pure, honest and simple
Often we give in to the temptations of fame, gain, and qing
Modern notions lead us further and further away from Gods, heading to the cliff
The Dafa that saves already spreads on the world’s stage
This is the wish and longing you brought with you from the remote past
Seek Dafa disciples to learn the truth, step out of delusion
Hear the call from heavens, walk toward the divine path

August 21, 2016

The Human World Is a Maze

Someone asks me the meaning of cultivation
I say, I have found myself
Known the purpose of being human
And understood where people are heading
Most people came from distant cosmic bodies
Coming here to gain Dafa and elevate their lives
At the end times the Creator spreads Fa principles in the human world
Saving all beings amid disaster
The human world is a maze
Modern notions and conduct will destroy you, me, and others
Zhen-Shan-Ren is the unchanging iron law of the cosmos
In reincarnation we’ve forgotten the purpose of our coming to the world
Dafa disciples are spreading the truth
They will tell you the way out of the maze

September 11, 2016


Sadness fills my heart
Rotten demons cannot stay
Once all evil from outside is eliminated
Return my disciples, restore my cosmic reign

September 26, 2016


Dark clouds will disperse
The times are changing
The oppressors act like animals
What then, afterward
In a state of mental frenzy, they are morons
Believing lies, they are slaves of devils
In greed, they dare to seize state treasures
Partnering in crime, their desires have no shore
Waiting for their arrests, waiting for their sentencing
Hungry ghosts in hell await their meals, with a cauldron of oil boiling
Fat from greed, the maniacs will be fried all the more thoroughly

September 30, 2016


We come from different ethnicities
The Gods call us Dafa disciples
Saving all beings is our purpose in life
Most people in the world were Gods who descended here, yet they’ve forgotten
They came to wait for the Creator and to avoid disaster
Humankind has come to a dangerous precipice
Don’t follow modern notions and conduct to rebel
Don’t abandon the path guided by Gods
I shall jog your memories of before your coming to the world
The truth I tell is the ladder to heaven
Salvation at the end times is being fulfilled
We are spreading the message

November 26, 2016

Compassion Greater Than Love

The girl’s eyes are filled with love
Yet he always pretends to be absent-minded
The girl’s words are full of feelings
Yet he always moves forward his steps in spreading the truth
Dafa disciples are being persecuted
How could he bring her to pain, worry, and helplessness
He can only treasure this love in his heart
Every time he sees her, not wanting her to leave too quickly
At parting, he cannot help wanting to express his wish to her
For a better future for her, for her trust
For the salvation of all beings
He must fulfill his vow to the Creator, saving beings without stopping

December 10, 2016

Give People Hope

Evening breeze brings the coolness of a summer night
In the starry sky shines the moonlight
Most of the world’s people came from heavens
Becoming human to wait for the Creator’s salvation
Lucky am I to have walked on the path He guides
Elevating myself in Dafa
To share this joy with people
To have people know the truth
I am persecuted, having to leave, far away from home
I want people to know life’s purpose
I want to give people hope

December 28, 2016

For Saving You Back to Heaven

I travel between the world’s stages
Singing with songs to spread the truth
Dancing together with Gods to pave the heavenly path
Bringing back tradition so morality will rise
Most people forget they came from heavenly kingdoms
They wait for the Creator to create the new cosmos and save them back to heaven
The Dafa that saves people is already spreading in the world
Yet fame and gain are seizing people’s minds, not letting go
Modern notions and conduct defy the Gods
Persecuting Dafa disciples is to have people slander Gods
Those sinning against Gods are burying themselves
Maintain kindness—that is the guarantee for hope
What I’m singing is the truth
What I give you is hope


Returning to Heaven Relies on His Salvation

Human lives truly are reincarnating
Who am I in all the lifetimes then
Where did we come from
And when will we return
Why would life be reincarnating
Sun, moon, and stars round and round—who moves them
Dafa disciples say the Creator has made all this
Humans, Gods, and things are all His masterpieces
This answer penetrates my ears like thunder
To return to heaven, all beings rely on His salvation


Why Do I Tell the Truth for You to Hear

Although the persecution is severe
In our thoughts are sentient beings
No matter how much Dafa disciples suffer, they’re on the divine path
Harmed by the God-slandering lies are the people
To save more lives
Enduring pressure, we tell the truth for you to hear
You too came to the world to wait for the Fa of salvation
Eliminating sinful karma, remolding your divine body, and returning to heaven
Yet practical circumstances have clouded your vision
Understanding the truth, you’ll see human life clearly


Spreading the Truth

We came from different nations
We came from far corners of the world
Dafa disciple is our title
For the same mission
For saving sentient beings of different realms
I jog your being’s memory
Telling you the truth is the ladder to heaven
Humankind has strayed onto a dangerous path
Don’t be carried along by modern notions
Don’t stray from the path guided by Gods
Prophecies for the end times are being fulfilled
The Creator asks me to spread the truth


Returning to Heaven

So vast is Heaven
So broad is Earth
Seeing not the path by which we came
At the end times the Creator rectifies the Fa and descends from Heaven
Only when the Fa is right in the cosmos, can Heaven and Earth be everlasting
For this, all Gods descended to Earth to become human, suffering hardships
To gain the Fa, remold their divine bodies, and return to Heaven
Reincarnating over and over, experiencing sea changes
A long time has passed, you’ve forgotten your wish, occupied by mundane things
Dafa is spreading widely
And the truth is around you
Falun rotates, then the cosmos is rectified
The Heaven-bound boat of salvation is about to set sail

January 20, 2017


You and I are both Gods, coming from different heavenly kingdoms
The past is degenerating and disintegrating, while the new cosmos is born
At the end times, to enter the Creator’s new cosmos
Myriad Kings and Lords descended to Earth to be human
The old cosmos is dissolving, floating dust falls away
Evil demons mess up the world, which is turning more murky
Atheism and the theory of evolution are unfounded pseudoscience and empty words
Abandoned by modern notions and conduct is the soul
How many people are clear-minded
How many people are low-spirited
How many people are assisting evil, doing unkind things
Dafa disciples spread the truth
The truth leads to the gate of the new heaven

January 28, 2017

Hesitate No More

We are Dafa disciples
The suppression is to blind people
Covering up the truth is their real intent
Cosmic bodies are facing disaster, crumbling
The Creator creates the new cosmos, beginning the new Heaven and Earth
Most people in the world are Gods incarnated, escaping disaster
Reincarnating again and again to wait for His salvation, so they won’t be discarded
Atheism and the theory of evolution are opposing Him
Modern notions and conduct are destroying human offspring
Before descending to the world you all made vows, which you’ve forgotten
I am awakening you to your memory
Falun Dafa is the hope He gives people—it is spreading
Fulfill your promise, hesitate no more

March 6, 2017

Salvation Is in Sight

We bring the will of the Creator
Dafa disciples are giving all they have to save people
Most people in the world are Gods incarnated to the land of humans
Waiting for salvation, for the creation of the new cosmos
Amid gigantic changes, dust will rise
Only deviant maniacs dare to suppress His disciples
The red demon’s lies intend to stop people from being saved
Atheism and the theory of evolution are tricks deceiving people
Modern notions and conduct are abandoning humanity
All made vows before coming to the world, but they’ve forgotten
Falun Dafa is the path back to heaven—salvation is in sight
Once the chance has passed, heaven’s gate will close

March 7, 2017

Don’t Follow the Red Demon Anymore

Cosmic bodies are decaying in the process of formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration
Most people in the world are Gods incarnated, seeking the Creator before disaster
Gaining Dafa and remolding your divine bodies—that’s your wish upon coming here
In the treacherous human world, how many can keep their nature amid delusion
People all know the evil Party is bad
Yet they follow along when it lies and persecutes Dafa disciples
All know the evil Party is destroying traditional culture
Why praise it at its feet when it smears history
To ruin the Chinese people so they cannot be saved, the red demon
First brings you down with a culture of fighting and slovenly conduct
Then fills you up with wicked desire for sex, fame, and gain
Before disaster comes, I still want you to hear the truth
As the vow you made before coming to the world was pledged on your life

March 15, 2017

Understanding the Heavenly Secret

The Creator made life, cosmos, and heaven
Giving ability and power to all Gods at each and every level
The cosmic bodies are disappearing following formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration
He remakes the new cosmos, and busily saves people
Most people are Gods incarnated, seeking His protection amid disaster
Reincarnating again and again, waiting for His salvation—waiting for so long
Now He’s arrived in the world, spreading widely Dafa that saves
Don’t worry too much about fame, gain, and qing
Modern notions and conduct are making people deviate—‘tis unlucky
With atheism and the theory of evolution, one will lose course and not reach shore
Calls for heaven-bound return are at your side
Seek Dafa disciples to learn about the truth and open up your heart
As future Kings, only they can bring sentient beings to cross through heaven’s gate

March 25, 2017

Spreading the Truth as I Sing

We are traveling to perform on the world’s stages
Spreading the truth as we sing and dance
Most modern people have come from heavens, because
The Creator will open the gate to the new heavens
He creates the new cosmos and spreads Dafa, breaking through obstacles and difficulties
Saving all beings, sweeping away dust and dregs
The traditional path was created by Gods for humans
Modern notions and conduct are departing further and further from Gods
Atheism and the theory of evolution are tricks of the demon
What I am singing is the truth
People all came to the world with vows, but you’ve forgotten
Dafa disciples are Gods’ messengers
Withstanding persecution, they are giving you hope

December 9, 2017

Returning to Heaven Is Our Final Destiny

Whenever I gaze at the starry sky
Questions always come to my mind
Life reincarnates again and again—who controls it
Birth, aging, illness, and death—who sets the clock
Since I started to cultivate the gong of Dafa
I’ve realized why human life comes and goes in a hurry
Life is not for getting ahead in fame, self-interest, and qing
Don’t again dash forward for gain and loss in human life
Modern notions and conduct are a dead end, impassable
Challenging human morality—the evil is launching an assault
We are waiting for salvation from the Creator, returning to heaven is our final destiny

December 30, 2017

Answer to a Riddle

The sky slowly clears
The wind hasn’t stopped
Clarifying the truth is the vow I made to the Creator
Never stopping, in the bitter cold or scorching heat
At the end times Dafa is saving people—wake up quickly
I want to spread the good news to crowds of people
This is the hope of the world’s people, lifetime after lifetime
This is the wish entrusted to us by our ancestors
Humankind exists for this longing
Dafa disciples are pointing out the path to heaven
Most people in the world are Gods descended to Earth
Reincarnating for thousands of years just for this journey



Far away from the fragrance of my homeland
Loved ones live in different corners under heaven
Most people in the world are Gods who came to be humans
The Creator has come, saving people back to heaven in the holy cosmos
For spreading written words of truth
I am persecuted, roaming away from home
Wandering about, having no fine clothing
I cannot send a good photo of myself
Longing for you, looking at the moonlight
Tender words sent to you often in sweet dreams


The Secret of Why People Came to the World

Dafa disciples bring Gods’ will
Saving sentient beings with all their effort
The old cosmos crumbles, myriad Gods escape disaster
Most people in the world are Gods descended, born in the land of humans
Waiting for the Creator to make the new cosmos
Amid gigantic changes, dust will be stirred up
Don’t be fooled by the red demon’s lies
Its real intent is to block salvation of people
Atheism and the theory of evolution are deceptive tricks
With modern notions and conduct one abandons the path to heaven
The gate to heaven in the new cosmos is not yet closed
Dafa disciples are saving people
What I am singing is the truth, a secret in the human world


Singing the Truth for You

We are Dafa disciples
The suppression is to confuse you
Covering up the truth is the real intent
The cosmic bodies face disaster, they’re crumbling, becoming empty at the end times
The Creator saves all beings, creates the new cosmos, atones for people’s sins
Most people are Gods incarnated, waiting for Him to save and to eliminate disaster
Atheism and the theory of evolution are indoctrinating with poison
Modern notions and conduct can cause people to lose their humanity
You made vows before descending to the earth, it’s only that you’ve become worldly
I wish my songs would help recover your righteous thoughts
Zhen-Shan-Ren is the path of return
Fulfill your promises, and embark on the path of return


Fa of Salvation

Before disaster comes, descending to the world with vows and faith
Bringing the hope of all beings, reincarnating and waiting
Since the Creator will be here at this time
In delusion, we are no longer pure and kind
Forgetting the vows, harming ourselves amid fame, gain, and qing
Modern notions and conduct are leading to a dangerous path
Atheism and the theory of evolution are troubles brought by the red demon
The Fa of salvation is spreading, be quick to gain it
I sing the truth at the Creator’s command
Since gaining the Fa to return to heaven was your wish when you came


Pointing You to the Path of Hope

In chilly wind, I stand at the street corner, calling out to you
Not to spread a religion to you
At the end times Dafa is offering salvation
Only hoping you can read the truth-clarifying material
Gods are choosing lives—why don’t you want it
This flyer can save lives and eliminate disaster
Lies from the persecution have poisoned too many lives
Evil retribution incurred may come any moment
Because of this, I fear not suppression or hard work
This is a Dafa disciple’s compassion
This message is passed to you out of divinity
Not to seek payback from you
Seeing you clear about the truth, I will truly smile
The Fa boat that saves is about to weigh anchor
‘Tis the Creator who asks me to point you to the path of hope


If You Are Clear, Then Seek the Truth

Each and every one is busy seeking fame and gain
Reincarnating again and again, changing skins
Human life goes by swiftly—who am I
Red last lifetime, white this lifetime, will it be black or yellow next lifetime
Riches from one lifetime cannot be carried along with you
Once your life is over, an earthen mound is your home
Most people in the world came from heavens
As the Creator would come to spread the Fa and offer salvation
Modern notions and conduct bring misfortune
Atheism and the theory of evolution have hidden intentions
What I am singing is the truth
The heaven-bound boat of salvation is about to set sail


Beautiful Dragon Springs

The beautiful mountain villa Dragon Springs
That is the place where I am growing up
Green hills and blue waters, birds singing and flowers fragrant
Monasteries, holy temples, tower bells ringing
In the classrooms, young students’ talents blossom
Shen Yun performers nurtured, their abilities unmatchable
Joyous singing and laughing, book reading, spreading beautiful dance and music to other lands
‘Tis pure land and sacred ground in the chaotic world


Don’t Block the Path to Heaven

In truth all people are waiting for the Creator
Reincarnating again and again, waiting, keeping your kindness
In darkness, deluded and forgetting your missions
Deviant notions and conduct will block the path to heaven
With atheism and the theory of evolution, demons declare war against Gods
Most people are Gods descended to the world, waiting for the Creator’s call
He asks us to save all beings without delay
Since countless heavenly kingdoms are waiting for their Kings to sidestep disaster
What I am singing of is the truth—judge for yourself
On the path back to heaven, don’t trip yourself up by being stubborn

February 14, 2018

Most People Are Gods Incarnated

I tell you the truth with songs I sing
Before disaster comes, the Creator is rearranging cosmic bodies
Most people are Gods incarnated, coming here to escape disaster
At the end times He asks us to save all people
The pit of fame, gain, and qing is bottomless
Words of disbelief in Gods follow demon’s logic
What modern notions and conduct harm is yourself
Knowing the truth, you will be cleansed by Him
I am inspiring your wisdom
Because at the foundation you are divine

March 21, 2018

Seeing Through It, It’s Not a Mystery
(Revised Version)

The bright moon oft appears
When drunk, don’t seek answers from the heavens
Celestial palaces are rarely seen by humans
This night is the final year
What’s gone with the wind is dust
Cowards fear the chill on high
Climb up high, embrace the bright moon
The Goddess Chang’e in the human world
Gazing at the moon, hard to return
Great disaster comes at the end times
The demon toad is running wild
Red tide will not last long
The Fa will soon rectify the human world
At that time, climb high, the moon will look even fuller


Death Watch

Let the evil demons and rotten ghosts run mad
At the end times, all things will be doubly paid back
See how much longer you still can last
Sweeping clear the cosmos, Kings beyond heavens

September 27, 2006

Divine Bearing

Heavenly realm and divine music, flying beauties arrive
Yellow flowers and green grass, dancing of the long skirt
Clear as ice and pure as jade, lotuses with dew――
Nowhere to be found in the murky human world

Assisting Master to save people, displaying divine bearing
Stars are they, shy, their faces covered by skirts
They alone lead with grace, touring everywhere under heaven
One day they shall follow Master to ride the flying clouds

October 22, 2015

The Divine Path Is Nearby

The divine path leading to heaven
Dafa is spreading widely
People came for this
Attachment to money blocks the path
Believing not that Gods have come to Earth
The truth is nearby
Fame, gain, and qing are illusory
Missing the chance, heartbroken regret
Affairs in human life are transitory
Naked, you come and go
Gods ask me so you I hail
The boat of salvation is about to set sail

October 23, 2015

The Virtuous Know the Path

The divine path is before the eyes
Why don’t you see it
Coming to the world for thousands of years
Never stopping in seeking the path

Fame and gain blind people’s eyes
Kind thoughts lacking at the end times
How many can wake up and understand
The virtuous know the path

October 24, 2015

How Many People Are Awake

However nice is the human world, things are transitory
Holy and wonderful is heaven
Glory and splendor cannot be taken with you at the end of life
Striving hard for fame and gain—who are you busy for

Most people are Gods who came here long, long ago
Waiting to be saved by the Creator
Eliminate sinful karma, remold the divine body
Your heavenly kingdom shall welcome a new King


Beautifully Dancing

Divine beings floating, from the ninth heaven landing
Each and every flower, with dew dripping
Long sashes twirling, as if rainbows rolling
Fine bearing and divine beauty, in the human world roaming

Graceful dancing, singing of songs, wide sleeves waving
Walking as if floating on water or in the clouds gliding
Displaying the ancient and the current, assisting Master’s saving beings
Divinely imparted culture embodied, beautifully dancing

January 2, 2016

Flying Beauties Perform

A bright moon hangs in the vast sky
Jade halls and magnificent palaces—beauties performing
Their brilliance reflected in heaven and earth, scenery more splendid
Graceful with nimble steps, the dancers' sleeves extending

Tumbling and turning, expanding and drawing in—heavenly beauties flying
Torsos extending forward, leaping like swallows, heavenly robes more beautiful
Music accompanies singing and dancing, dancing resembles music
Their postures brim with a sweet magic

January 2, 2016

Dafa Is Saving People

Reincarnating again and again for too long
The divine path is hard to find, yet you never stop dreaming
All because the human world is a grand mystery
Fighting for fame and gain—all for naught in the next lifetime
In the end times, the cosmic bodies will have disasters
Over which myriad Kings and Lords are worrying
‘Tis the Creator who has reversed the cosmic course
Spreading the Fa, saving sentient beings, having you cultivate anew
Gods descended into the world, awaiting salvation by the Fa
It has been more than ten autumns that Dafa has been spreading
Wake up quickly, sentient beings, and seek the truth
Return to heaven, and don’t be prisoners to fame and gain

February 5, 2016

What Should One Pursue in Life

In the grand play of human life, you play your part
Fearing no danger, you fight for fame and gain
A lifetime of gain—who will you leave it to
You come with nothing and you leave buried in dirt
Losing a lifetime, losing de
Leaving with karma—what a heavy price to pay
Being saved and returning to heaven—that is your true wish
You’ve forgotten that you came to this world to find the treasured book
The Dafa that saves has been spreading
The boat of salvation will set sail without delay
Dafa disciples are spreading the truth
To return to heaven, hurry and catch up in time

February 9, 2016

All So That Sentient Beings Can Be Saved

Gusty wind, billowing waves, the red demon is crazed
Fooling sentient beings by the billions
Believing in the lies, holding evil thoughts
Poisoned lives are led around by the demon
Fa disciples fear not the dangers of suppression
Shouldering the task of saving sentient beings
Dafa comes from the Creator
He beckons people to obtain the Fa and return to heaven
The suppression is to deceive the world’s people
The smoke of confusion blows, not letting people be saved
Amid suffering, saving people and seizing the time
Followers of Fa endure hardships, yet their resolve is stronger
All so that sentient beings can be saved
The truth is spread across heaven and earth

February 9, 2016

People Have Come Here for This

Most people in the world are immortals from heavens
Wonderful and sacred, with boundless Fa power
After formation, stability, and degeneration, disintegration draws near
Who shall shoulder the task of re-creating heavens and cosmos
The Creator has come to set right heaven and earth
Seeking salvation, Gods descended to the human world
Yet once entering this maze, you’ve forgotten your vows
Attached to fame and gain, manipulated by qing
Sacred kinsmen in heavenly kingdoms await your saving
Quickly find the truth, break through the smoke of confusion
Dafa disciples are saving people
Knowing the truth, your path will lead to heaven

February 14, 2016

Gods Are Dancing

Sounds of singing and graceful dancing transforming to a heavenly realm
Pure kindness and pure beauty reflecting the original nature
Elegantly, Goddesses descend from the Ninth Heaven
In a profusion of beautiful colors, they enrich heaven and earth

Long skirts flying about, they tread with calmness
Wide sleeves whirling around, pausing as if a statue
Leaping, turning, and tumbling—flying Goddesses they are
Who on earth dares claim to be a dance star

February 15, 2016

Dafa Disciples Wish Not to Leave You Behind

After formation, stability, and degeneration, disintegration follows
Such is the law of cosmic bodies, over which myriad Kings worry
‘Tis the Creator who is reversing the cosmic course
Dafa saves sentient beings and has them cultivate anew
Gods descended to the world to obtain the Fa
Reincarnating again and again, lost for thousands of autumns
Fighting for fame and gain, forgetting the vow made when coming
The human world is hard to endure, yet you haven’t stopped dreaming
The red demon is doing evil to mask the truth
Return to heaven and don’t become prisoners to the lies
Sentient beings, wake up quickly: The Divine has arrived
Dafa disciples wish not to leave you behind

March 22, 2016

Dafa Disciples Are Saving People

The great river flows to the East and never returns
Time, like water, can hardly be retained
Reincarnating again and again, where is the shore
The Dao of returning to heaven—when shall it be taught
The cosmos is renewing, and the great calamity has arrived
The Creator has come to set up the Fa altar
Re-creating heaven and earth, and saving sentient beings
Most people in the world are Gods descended into the mortal world
To save their fellow heavenly beings, they are here to see the Lord
Obtaining the Fa, reforging themselves, then they shall return
Modern notions are altering humans
Atheism is masking the truth
The theory of evolution is a false doctrine, a lie
People are mired in the maze of fame, gain, and qing
Dafa disciples are saving people
Dispel confusion, break through the maze, and board salvation’s boat

July 2, 2016

Returning to Red Cliff in a Dream

For my homeland they fought on the battlefield
The warriors’ souls are heroic, their spirits everlasting
Once again at Red Cliff, the battle resumes
China’s splendid civilization must not be doomed

July 22, 2016

The Show of the Millennium

Beautiful figures follow the zither in the breeze
Heavenly beauties exude refined elegance with long sleeves
Green skirts billowing as if they’re Chang’an’s willow trees
Colorful gowns swirl like lotuses swaying in the breeze

Stage full of colorful maidens, dazzling the eyes
Ladies of the Moon Palace descending before the curtain
Singing and dancing, turning as if to sprinkle sweet dew
Watching, realizing your millennium wait is through

October 26, 2016

Waiting a Thousand Autumns

Heavenly beings descending, dancing with grace
Charming, beautiful, and nimble, hair tied in knots like immortals
Moving forward and back with a thousand postures’ grace
Looking back with a smile, a hundred shy flowers

Tumbling, rotating, and swiveling, their bodies are light
Limbs come to a stop, yet the feeling of grace remains
The singing and dancing bring out original nature
The truth is you’ve waited a thousand autumns for this sight

October 27, 2016

Realizing Upon Seeing

Extraordinary splendor fills the heavenly palace
Dancers soaring with divine postures, following the song’s rhythm
The sky brimming with good omens, illuminating the cosmos
Heavenly maidens tread, graceful and nimble

Long skirts billow and fan out like plumage
Turning ‘round, big sleeves swerve like a pair of wings
Sacred songs and heavenly melodies, truth’s manifestation
Upon seeing the show, one realizes Shen Yun offers salvation

October 27, 2016

The Profound Secret Within the Show

Bodhisattvas and heavenly maidens descend from the Ninth Heaven
So beautiful is their divine charm, as if in a poem, in a painting
Graceful are their dances, beautiful bearing displayed
Bodies and arms extended, like divine knights presenting

Waists swaying, limbs extending, upright postures graceful
Like colorful phoenixes spreading both wings, beautifully they move
Divine spirit extraordinary, projected onto heaven and earth
Upon seeing the show, one realizes profound secrets within

October 27, 2016

Choosing Kind People

Heavenly beauties dance gracefully, drums and zithers sounding
Jade-like and floating, ancient traditions arriving
In a thousand ways, charm and glamor emerge through their bearing
Tumbling, spinning, and pausing—the Heavenly Kingdom’s maidens

The cosmos turned righteous, the sweet dew spreading
Eyes filled with a medley of colors, to Han and Qin returning
Does anyone know Shen Yun is offering salvation
The kind people Gods have already been choosing

October 27, 2016

Honor Soon the Commitment

The Creator has come to the human world
Heaven and earth and myriad things are undergoing great changes
All sentient beings are searching for Him
The red demon deceives people with lies
Preventing the world’s people from learning the truth
And pushing them toward the opposite side
Committing crimes against Gods spells great danger
Having no hope for salvation, they’ve sunken in peril
Heaven and earth changing, people come and go in this world
Honor soon the commitment you made when coming here

December 28, 2016

You Won’t Be Kept

A bright moon illuminates the Mid-Autumn Festival
The red demon corrupting the world—traditions cast away
The vast land of China has fallen victim to the red calamity
When the Fa rectifies the human world, you shall cease to be

January 21, 2017

Returning to Heaven

Divine music and heavenly tones purify the soul
Powerful songs and Fa words evoke wisdom and clarity
Flying beauties and fine ladies, essence displayed in dances
Dispelling worries, resolving disasters—the entire sky clears up

Gods and Buddhas manifest majestically, walking the earth
Busy are they saving sentient beings
Human life is, in essence, just a play
Waking as if from a dream, returning to heaven’s court

March 15, 2017


So vast is heaven and earth—who holds the reins
So muddy is the world of man—where is it headed
To form, stabilize, degenerate, and disintegrate—this is the law
The great calamity has already arrived—who will take it on

People of the world, quickly seek the truth
The gates of heaven are already open, but not for long
Returning to tradition, that is the path that leads to heaven
The Creator is saving the colossal firmament

April 25, 2017

Penning a New Chapter

Time flows, passing in a flash
Dafa spreads in the world, yet demons are crazed
The path of Fa-rectification can hardly be described in words
Seeing it all—kindness and evil in ten thousand layers of heavens
Though the human world is small, it is packed with divine beings
And monsters from the outside are creating chaos
Beings of different origins have come for the Fa
For the righteous or the corrupt, all are vying to get ahead
In the chaotic world, riches and hubbub like fireworks
Dazzle the eye and leave behind nothing but smoke
Now is the time of the Fa rectifying the human world
Divine power is suppressing evil and penning a new chapter

June 25, 2017

Conversing Over Tea

Under the moon, a cup of tea
Around the stove, speaking of the splendid Chinese nation
Ancient affairs from ages ago, told dramatically
Questions with a smile, answers not necessary

July 29, 2017

The Taste of Wine

Divine beings drink wine—they are in the Dao
Literati drink wine—they compose classical poetry
Common folks drink wine—they forget a thousand worries
Party thugs drink wine—their mouths reek

July 29, 2017

The Dao of Tea

A cosmos-in-a-kettle placed on the stove
Cup after cup tasting all under heaven
Affairs of the universe are discussed
Of all things, the Fa is the most supreme

July 31, 2017

Savoring Tea and Discussing the Dao

Beholding the mountains, eyes filled with lush green
Savoring the tea, mouth suffused with fragrant aroma

July 31, 2017

The Essence of Tea

Charcoal fire in the stove brings warmth in late autumn
The moon illuminates heaven and earth, valleys deep and silent
Cup after cup, pure tea is accompanied by unending song
Leaning against the parapet, sitting in a circle, conversation is constant

September 9, 2017

The Tea Pavilion

Pure tea brewed with Dragon Springs water—body calm, thoughts not idle
Ancient temple stands in the mountain forest—sitting to observe the human world

Autumn, 2017


Bright moon, autumn wind, the night becomes chilly
Wind blowing on the charcoal fire, a draft behind one’s back
Pure tea warming the cup, I observe beyond the mountains
The great calamity drawing near, there are ominous signs

September 28, 2017

Day Is Gradually Breaking

Bright moon, pure and clear—a cloudless sky
A gentle breeze sweeps across Dafa’s courtyard
On August 15, lanterns accompany the moon
Laughter abounds, day is gradually breaking

October 4, 2017

Ascending the Colossal Firmament

The human world is hurrying about, what is it for
Coming to the world empty-handed, leaving with nothing
Fame and gain, love and hate, keep one busy for a lifetime
Looking back on the time wasted, body and soul wounded

In the end times, the great calamity is coming, heaven and earth desolated
Gods descended to the human world to become humans
Reincarnating to await the Creator
To be saved and reforged, to ascend the colossal firmament


For This Moment

Life’s sorrows and joys are like playacting
Laboring the heart, taxing the mind, for fame and gain vying
The years slip by, the whole body grows ill
Not knowing there is truth to human life

The Creator is making anew heaven and earth
Saving sentient beings right at the moment
To return to heaven, quickly seek out the truth
Dafa is uncovering secrets from the ancient past


Shen Yun Offers Salvation

Colorful clouds drifting along, ten thousand miles of good omens
The sound of celestial music is coming from the heavens
Beautiful figures in rainbow robes, as if willows in the wind
Brave men of noble air—a return to the Han and Tang

The grand play of five millennia is transpiring on one stage
Inside the play and out, busy with saving people
Having watched a performance by Shen Yun
Boarding salvation’s boat, bound for beyond the human world

February 28, 2018

Washing Away Layers of Dust

Dance and music good and beautiful, moving the cosmos
Immortals full of grace, bodies elegantly poised
Flying maidens are nowhere found in the heavens
They’re on the stage—beauties assisting revered Master

Most people in the world are Gods descended to Earth
Lost in this human place, muddle-headed day after day
The music penetrates the heart, the dancing touches the soul
Washing away layers of dust, plain honesty displayed

February 28, 2018

Admiring a Painting and Entering Its Realm

Youthful, full of ambition
Aspiring to an important position
Returning home with recognition
Yet why did you come to this world

August 18, 2018


Heavenly dance and divine music come from heaven
Penetrate the body, purify the marrow, warm chambers of the heart
Thoughts benevolent, appearance kind, body and bones transformed
Once enlightened, looking back—the dramatic dream lasted so long

August 19, 2018

Spreading Sweet-Dew Fruits

Reincarnating time and again—who am I
Seeking and seeking—shackled in a maze
Life after life, fighting for fame and gain nonstop
In desire’s seas, toiling on with sleeves rolled up

A heavenly book now widely known in the human world
Illuminates heaven and earth, spreading sweet-dew fruits
Most people in the world came from heavens
Learn the truth and return to heavenly kingdoms

August 31, 2018

Cultivating in the Fa

The Big Dipper rotates and stars move through a thousand autumns
Reincarnating time and again through ten thousand ages
The cosmos was created to rescue heavenly kingdoms from calamities
Dafa spreads in the world, relieving all beings’ worries

In the five continents and four oceans, nonstop contention
Lands of the East and West—Gods won’t abandon them
Sentient beings are here awaiting the Creator
Averting calamities, reforging themselves, cultivating in the Fa

September 5, 2018

Who Will Enjoy Such Blessings

Gods descended to the world, pledging their lives
Becoming human, they’ve been awaiting the Creator
Reincarnating time and again, who is who
A dream lasting a thousand autumns, suffering life after life

At the end times, the red demon dances crazily in the messy world
Good and evil indiscernible, the world has lost the ancient way
Dafa offers salvation, the truth is spreading
The great Dao leads to heaven—who will enjoy such blessings

September 7, 2018


Cosmic bodies in renewal—myriad Gods are astonished
Heavens collapsing, stars in ruin, people in confusion
After formation, stability, and degeneration, disintegration is approaching
The world in great turmoil, the red demon is raging

As the cosmos is renewed, there are stars of blessing
Dafa disciples are spreading the true scriptures
The Creator’s Fa is rectifying heaven and earth
Saving sentient beings, eliminating the evil spirits

September 7, 2018

Casual Reflection Upon Watching the Competition

Innocent and puzzled, a plain-looking little girl
Having just come to Fei Tian, already homesick
In class, leg-stretching was a matter of life and death
Today, a famous flower in the world of dance

September 16, 2018


Like dragons and tigers, full of vigor are the strong men
Tumbling, leaping, and turning, they join the competition
Generals Zhao Yun, Yue Fei, and Guan Yu the “Great Blade”
Their movements powerful and nimble, each one handsome

September 16, 2018

Growing Feathers

The unseen crouching dragon holds wonders
Hidden in the mountains, growing feathers and wings
Evil demons, deranged ghosts happy with what they’ve done
Once taking to the air, the dragon covers sky and sun

September 22, 2018

The Moon Shall Hang Again

On August 15, all are gathered for a reunion
How many families have members missing, how many are complete
Dafa disciples are suffering from the persecution
When the Fa rectifies the human world, the moon shall hang again

Evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival, 2018

Millions and Billions

On August 15, the sky fills with clouds
Muddy is the human world, dreams fade like smoke
At the moment of life and death, people haven’t awakened
Once the great calamity has passed, circumstances change

Evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival, 2018

The Red Calamity

A long history of five thousand years
Bitter and sweet, feelings tied to China’s majesty
Along the two banks of the Yangtze, the Yellow River as well
Their charm is indescribable, their appearance unchanged

The red demon makes violent waves, now causing a mess
Ruining traditions, humiliating sages
A generation of glory or shame, resentment lasting ages
Slay the demon, remove the red, stand on a golden lotus

November 8, 2018


Heaven has no Dao, and Earth no de—the cosmos in peril
Myriad Gods and Buddhas in the heavens watch helplessly with tears of despair
Thunder roars in the firmament, sentient beings will be saved
The Holy King of the Law Wheel is born, flying down

He creates the Three Realms, sets right the heavens’ Fa, saves all from vast to tiny
He alone is shouldering the sinful karma of beings in heaven and earth
Remaking cosmic bodies, rectifying the Fa, and renewing the universe
Obtaining Dafa and forging the golden body, one returns home

November 8, 2018

All Is Playacting

Divine postures and beautiful dances, descending from the heavens
Winds and strings accompany singing, sweet music is far-reaching
Charming dancers are spinning, Gods and Buddhas manifesting
In such a wonderful and sacred scene, one indulges in sweet musing

Gods have imparted five thousand years of civilization
Myriad heroes reemerging—for the voyage of salvation
Reincarnating time and again—all is playacting
For this moment now, busying yourselves life after life


Composing a New Movement

When the grand curtains are drawn, the heavens are shown
With a sound from the gong, ten thousand rays shine
Ancient air, divine bearing—a beautiful scene
Divine dancing brings people to the land of paradise

Heavenly note after note beckons people to wake up
On the stage as in the human world, life’s impermanence revealed
Both on and off the stage, all is in a play
Saving sentient beings, composing a new movement


Removing the Dust

The ancient tones of Shen Yun are the expression of Gods
Divine music cleanses the soul, dance purifies people
Ridding them of their ailments and worries, body feeling light
Heart brimming with gratitude, one is brought to tears

Heavenly maidens tumble and dance, changing people’s hearts
Singing and music awaken their pure, original nature
Assisting Master in saving people—boundless merit
Saving others and oneself, gradually removing the dust


Heavenly Gates Open and Falun Is Turning

With divine postures, celestial beings descend from heavenly gates
Winds and strings wonderfully sound, penetrating heart and soul
Spirited singing wakes people up to vows made ages ago
Faintly Buddhas and Gods appear upon the stage

Body and soul are sacred and pure, untainted by dust
Amazing scenes mesmerize those in the maze
Reincarnating over and over, realizing it’s a dream
Where the heavenly gates open, Falun is turning


Ode to Shen Yun Performers

Gracefully dancing, beauties with bearing like immortals
Turning and jumping, they move with lightness
The start of training was unbearably tough
Legs stiff, backs curved, circling the stage clumsily

With resolve in heart and will, hard work has paid off
Diligent practice, sincere study, counting not the passing days
Suddenly, the body feels light, with enlightenment comes wisdom
Phoenixes spread their wings between heaven and earth


Dancing for Thousands of Autumns

Divine postures of grace, a breeze sweeping across willows
Butterflies fluttering, moving across the stage
In a trance, one is drawn into such a realm
This scene, this tableau, like déjà vu

In boundless splendor, dancers moving rhythmically
Smiles beautiful and mesmerizing, intoxicating like wine
Up in heavens and down on Earth, dancing for thousands of autumns
This show originates from the Ninth Heaven

January 2019

Shen Yun Children

Postures long and graceful, like lush willows
Smiles and dancing that belong to the heavens
The beautiful maidens of Shen Yun are like sacred lotuses
Assisting Master in saving people, walking the divine path

Handsome dancers flying, descending from the Ninth Heaven
Strong and nimble, their flips and tumbles hold profound mystery
Who are the heroes and who are remarkable
The strong emerge again in the dance world

January 2019

Spreading the Classical Style

A hundred flowers blossom vigorously, displaying classical style
A beacon is passed on for the semi-divine culture
In a thousand charming ways, Chinese civilization is expressed
Moving their long limbs, they are about to ascend to the sky

Divine music, fine notes spread a beautiful sound
Bright and brilliant colors—a hundred beauties competing in splendor
The divinely inspired Chinese majesty has lasted five millennia
The revival of traditions is happening in this lifetime

February 16, 2019

(Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement. Date of this version: May 5, 2020)

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