(Minghui.org) My husband and I are 64 years old. I have practiced Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) for more than 20 years, and my husband has supported me throughout these years, even when I had been arrested, taken to a brainwashing class, as well as held in a detention center, forced labor camp and prison.

My husband was diagnosed with pneumoconiosis [lung disease due to inhalation of dust] when he was 40. Then, he came down with heart disease and diabetes. His face showed his being ill. He used to be tall and strong, but the illnesses made him weak, and he was bedridden during the winter. I had to work in our fields and do all the household chores.

Rescue Efforts of Detained Practitioners

Year 2000: Brainwashing Class and Detention Center

I was arrested and forced to attend a “brainwashing class” organized by the county government in 2000. Once the brainwashing session was over, I was detained in the county detention center for more than a month.

It was summer, when one had to tend the crops, but I was in the detention center. My husband and family members of other jailed practitioners went to the local 610 Office, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, and the police department, asking that the practitioners be released.

My husband said, “If you don’t release the practitioners, we will go to Beijing to protest, and claim that we are also Falun Gong practitioners. So your superiors will give you a hard time, and you might be demoted.”

At the police department, a clerk at the reception desk asked the group to pick a couple of representatives to meet with police.

My husband went in and talked to a policeman. The policeman said that only the police chief could release the practitioners from the detention center, and gave him the chief’s home address.

My husband went to the police chief’s home alone. When he arrived, the family was having dinner. After he was let in, he said, “Look at me. I am sick and can’t work in the field. Our entire family depends on my wife. She used to be ill, but she practiced Falun Gong to regain her health. She didn’t commit any crime, but you detained her. Now my family doesn’t have any food on the table, so I am here asking for help.”

The chief said, “We have food on the table. You can eat here.” My husband sat down and ate every dish on the table.

Upon leaving, the chief wanted to give him a 25kg bag of flour. My husband said he was too weak to carry the bag and declined. But the chief had someone bring the bag of flour to my home afterward. Days later, I was allowed to go home under “bail pending trial.” Altogether, I was detained 40 days.

Summer of 2002: My Husband Stands Up for My Defense

In the summer of 2002, I was again arrested and ordered to attend a brainwashing class, organized by the county government. I escaped and hid out of town.

Officers from the local police station came to my house looking for me. They found some Falun Dafa books when they ransacked our home, and were going to confiscate them. My husband stopped them.

The policemen attempted to arrest him by laying down a trap, “You want the books? So you must be practicing (Falun Gong) too?” He answered, “No, I don't practice. And no Falun Gong (practitioner) is ill like me.”

While I was homeless and in hiding, the director of the police station issued a warrant. They had decided to send me to forced labor. After my husband heard this, he went on his motorcycle to the police station and waited for the director.

After work, the police director rode home on his motorcycle. My husband followed him, and bumped his rear wheel. The director stopped the motorcycle and asked why he did this intentionally.

My husband said, “Don’t you recall what you did to my wife? You did a bad thing and ruined my family, so I will have you suffer the same.”

The director realized what he meant, and agreed he would cancel the forced labor warrant. After that, I returned home.

March 2010: Police Harasses My Husband

I was arrested seven years later, in March 2010, by the Domestic Security Department of Ningcheng County, and detained in the county detention center. 

The authorities ordered several policemen to harass my husband. He defended Falun Gong, “You (police) should arrest more bad people. Falun Gongs (practitioners) didn’t do anything wrong. They simply practice an exercise to improve health. Why do you arrest them, and disturb our lives? Aren’t you doing bad things yourselves?” 

They left without getting anything useful against me. Soon, I was released.

Fall of 2014: My Husband Protects Me from the Police

Several policemen came to my home in the fall of 2014, and said they wanted to take me to the police station for a “talk.” My husband followed us to the station. A policeman asked him why and he answered, “I am her protector. You take her away without giving a sensible reason. I doubt you want to do something bad so I followed her here. Had anything happened to her, I would know who the culprit is.”

By then my husband was well aware of the forced organ harvesting crimes by the communist regime.

For 20 years, he has been supportive of my practice of Falun Dafa, has spoken up for Falun Dafa and helped with rescuing jailed practitioners. Although he suffered from many illnesses, his condition remained stable.

Fall of 2018: Power of Dafa

My husband went into a coma and was taken to a hospital in the fall of 2018. For six days, doctors tried many procedures, but he did no come out of the coma, and his blood pressure was very low. Doctors told the family that he had little chance of surviving, and that we should plan his funeral service.

On the night of the sixth day, the family was allowed to visit him. I whispered “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” into his ear repeatedly. After a while, he miraculously regained a little consciousness. I told him to silently repeat the phrases, and ask Master (Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa) for help. Then, he increasingly became more conscious.

“You have been in a coma for six days,” I said. “The hospital can’t do anything more. If you believe in Master, let’s go home. Do you agree?” He nodded and said, “Go home.” The next morning, I checked him out of the hospital, and we arrived at home around 10 a.m.

Two hours later, he was better. He could talk and he regained a little strength. He agreed to listen to Master’s lectures on the DV. After listening to a few lectures, he could sit up. Since then, his health has improved day by day.

But, then came a day he couldn’t breathe, and he felt as if he was near death. He was firm, “No, I’d rather die then go to a hospital or take medicines. I believe in Dafa!”

He finally coughed up chunks of black sputum, and could breathe freely afterward. Then, he recovered quickly, and returned to good health without any medicine.

When winter came, he was no longer bedridden. When spring came, he could help in the field.

These days, the (Chinese Communist Party) CCP virus (also called Wuhan virus) has caused a lot of panic. Many practitioners’ families have forbidden practitioners from visiting or meeting with each other. However, my husband said that practitioners can meet at our house. Our house is located at the edge of the village, and it is surrounded by woods. It is an ideal place to meet.

Soon, more practitioners joined the regular Fa-study at my house. We resumed distributing truth-clarification materials and continued to awaken the conscience of the people.