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The ten of us were born in the 1990s in China. We used to behave the same way as most of the young people living there. We were self-centered, competitive, liked to watch movies and play games, were mindful of our reputations, pursued recognition, and aspired to be trendy. We were loyal to our friends and would do anything for them, even if we needed to fight.

The power of Dafa manifested itself again and again before our eyes. Our family members also learned the truth and were blessed by Dafa. Despite shocking and touching events, we became more steadfast in our cultivation.

Eliminating Spirit Possession by Sincerely Reciting “Falun Dafa is Good”

Xiao Tian’s hometown is a county town in the north with fur processing as its pillar industry. Almost every household there enshrines various statues of “earthly spirits.” His family was no exception.

In order to find out about the family’s future fortunes, Xiao Tian’s father invited a fortune teller from a neighboring county to his home in February 2018, just before the Chinese New Year. After seeing Xiao Tian’s mother, the fortune teller said to her, “You have good things in your body. Your family should set up an altar and have those statues in your home consecrated. Then you can start to see patients to earn money.” He performed the “consecration” on the statues in the family home, including, “Guangong,” “Taishang Laojun,” “Guanyin,” and so on.

Three days later, in the middle of the night, Xiao Tian’s mother awoke from a dream. She woke her husband saying that something was slowly invading her body, and she was unable to control herself. He was still sleepy and didn’t fully understand what she was talking about, when she suddenly started speaking in a different dialect. “Don’t be afraid! I will not hurt this body. I came here to help her.” While saying these words, the mother was expressionless and her eyes were not focused.

The father was so scared that he was now fully awake. He asked what it wanted. “I’m here to treat patients and to help people, and at the same time make money for your family,” the mother under its control said coldly. It explained it was a fox, who could help people make money. The mother’s body was good so it came.

Xiao Tian called his mother a few days later. His “mother” talked to him in the same unusual dialect. “Young man, leave me alone. I just want to use your mother’s body for a while.” At that moment, every hair on Xiao Tian’s body stood on end. His intuition told him that his mother was possessed. He decided to go home immediately. On the way home, he kept sending righteous thoughts to clean away the evil factors behind his mother, and kept reminding himself to face the issue calmly and peacefully.

After arriving home, his father told him that his mother had been under the control of the spirit for the entire day. Her feet and hands were cold. Xiao Tian was very sad and said to his mother, “Mother, this thing will make you lose your normal life. You cannot enjoy life even if you have money. If you don’t want it, try hard to expel it in your mind.” After a while, his mother said in her familiar local dialect, “I can’t help myself. As soon as I think to expel it, it will torment me and make me uncomfortable.” She cried and said, “I wanted it before. Now I regret it. I agree with you. I no longer want it.”

Shortly afterwards, however, her expression changed and she was again under control of the spirit. Xiao Tian calmly said to it, “I study Falun Dafa. I know what you are, what you want, and why you stay in a human’s body and don’t want to leave. You are doing bad deeds. The divinities and Buddhas will not spare you. No matter how long you have been cultivating, you cannot succeed in cultivation. If you reincarnate into a human being then start your cultivation, you may have a chance. Please leave now.”

Xiao Tian quickly removed the white stone-like bracelet from his mother’s wrist and threw it to the floor. The bracelet was from the fortune teller. It fell on the ground and made a broken sound but did not break into pieces. The spirit cried and refused to leave. It asked to talk to its master, the fortune teller. Its master said to it, “Leave there. If you don’t, this family will hurt you.” Suddenly, the mother stood up and said in the local dialect, “It’s okay now. It left.” Xiao Tian’s mother looked normal and no longer spoke the strange dialect.

That night, the mother woke up from a dream. She felt cold wind near her ears and it seemed that the fox wanted to possess her again. Xiao Tian asked his mother to recite the two Dafa phrases, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He asked his mother to watch Master’s lectures with him.

After just watching a few minutes of Lecture One, his mother felt sick. She felt cold coming out of her bones starting from the soles of her feet. Her thighs and abdomen felt as if being pinched, just like being treated with acupuncture or an electric shock. Later, there was a strong reaction in her head. The left side of her face twitched, while the right side of her face felt stretched. Her whole body started to tremble. After a while, his mother said that her body felt more and more relaxed, and her mind felt open and pleasant as well.

When they started to watch Lecture Two, his mother saw a broad road without end, and saw a big Buddha with golden light. She said in excitement, “This is a real Buddha! She also clearly saw a big brush in the sky drawing a check mark. Xiao Tian thought it might indicate the issue between the possessing spirit and his mother had been resolved.

The relatives were all curious how the possessing spirit was driven out so easily, and why the master of the possessing spirit said that the family would hurt the possessing spirit if it refused to go.

Xiao Tian read the sections of Zhuan Falun concerning spirit possession and consecration. Everyone felt that Falun Dafa was indeed powerful. They all decided to give away the statues they had in their homes that were consecrated by the fortune teller. Xiao Tian’s parents were very grateful to Master Li. Xiao Tian, who had attained Dafa only recently, strengthened his faith in the practice.

From Being against to Acknowledging Dafa

Yanzi’s elder brother did not like his job, and often went to different temples to pray for improvements in his life. He later started having nightmares and felt something bad following him. Yanzi told her brother to recite the two Dafa phases when encountering danger, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Her brother refused, threatened her, and said many unpleasant words. She was not moved. She felt that her brother was pitiful, but she wanted to save him. With the wisdom from Dafa, Yanzi gradually had a lot of ideas even though she’s usually timid. Eventually her brother understood and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He even asked for a Dafa amulet for protection.

Her elder brother later told Yanzi about a dream he had. In the dream, he was in a pile of garbage and was close to being suffocated by the bad thing that seemed to follow him. He suddenly thought of Master Li, and it then became bright and the bad thing disappeared. He had never slept so peacefully as he did that night. Yanzi was moved by Master’s compassion.

Yanzi’s elder sister was a salesperson. She once had not received a sales contract, and started to recite “Falun Dafa is good” in her mind. Sure enough, someone asked her to sign a contract that afternoon.

Yanzi’s family members all quit the CCP and its youth organizations. Her grandmother often tells others, “I say the two powerful Dafa phrases every day. I recovered from my tracheitis, and no longer have a sour feeling in my stomach.”

Attaining Wisdom

Dahai has been studying Dafa with his parents since he was young. He understands the principle of “gaining naturally without pursuit” (Fa-Teaching Given at the Conference in Sydney). He no longer felt unease when thinking about exam results, but just studied. He often helped others by answering their questions. He was at the top of his class.

During the college entrance exams, he encountered a major math question for which he didn’t know the answer. He thought to himself, “It’s over. The grade of this exam will not be good.” Then he thought that he should overcome his nervousness and his concern regarding the grade, and try to see whether he could solve the problem. He calmed down. A few minutes later, he had a clear and complete solution. He did the same on the next question as well. It seemed that he got help from the divine. He got the highest grade – 148 – in the college entrance exam that year. He achieved an undergraduate degree, and was accepted as a graduate student in a key university. After graduation, he found an ideal job in a very good company.

Once his colleague said, “There are 100 million people practicing Falun Dafa, which is too dangerous. How can the government not suppress it?” Dahai was stunned. He begged Master in his mind for the wisdom to respond effectively. After a while, he suddenly knew how to answer the question. He explained that all Falun Dafa practitioners are good people. Should a normal country be afraid of having too many good people? His colleague got the point. Dahai thanked Master for the prompt hint.

A Poor Speaker Became an Excellent Teacher

Xiao Tao was not a good speaker. She was once asked to take over a class for a friend. She was so nervous that her voice trembled when standing in front of the class. The students were coaxing her. She was blushing. She barely finished the class, and was determined to no longer teach.

Maizi said to her, “Are you worried about losing face? In fact, as a teacher, the most important thing is to teach the students well so that they can learn something. As practitioners, we should always consider others’ needs first.” Xiao Tao understood, and calmed down to prepare for the next class.

The next class started roughly, and one boy was being naughty. Xiao Tao didn’t think of her own feelings. She felt sorry for the children because no one had taught them the principles of being a good person, especially since most teachers just taught academic knowledge. Based on the content of the textbook, Xiao Tao told them about good and bad. She also encouraged them to think independently. The children liked her teaching, and even the naughty boy was happy to cooperate with her.

After this class, Xiao Tao officially began her teaching career. She often added some traditional stories while teaching. She gradually became an experienced teacher, often sharing experiences during meetings.

Studying Drawing in a Dream

Youyou has a design job, likes drawing, and often gets Master’s hints in dreams when she encounters problems. She was once taught how to draw in a dream. After waking up, she realized that she had improved her technical abilities. When she saw some designs, she could see the author’s creative process, and learned the essence of it. A colleague once said a word that she had never heard before, but the Chinese character appeared in her mind.

She once saw a miraculous poster in a dream. The front of the poster was an endless lotus pond. When the poster was turned over, the lotus on the back became bigger, until it was so large that she could see the dewdrops on the petals. A sentence appeared in front of her eyes, “Mysteriousness can be seen via the subtleties.” Youyou realized that even humble “little things” were opportunities to improve one’s xinxing. Cherish everything with a sincere heart and things will naturally work out well.

(to be continued)