(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa two years ago, and it’s been nothing short of miraculous! I encountered Dafa when I went home for a visit. My sister happened to be teaching someone the Falun Dafa exercises. When I passed close to her, she was doing the “Golden Monkey Splitting Its Body” movement in the first exercise and poked me in the chest as she stretched her arms out. I instantly felt a strong energy current run through my body.

When I told her what I’d felt, my sister suggested that I read Zhuan Falun. I agreed and learned all five exercises. Soon after I started practicing, I quit a lifelong addiction to smoking. 

Before I became a practitioner, I’d had pain in my heels for five years. People said this was due to a kidney deficiency that occurs with aging. Sometimes it hurt during the day when I worked. It was even more painful when I got out of bed at night and went limping to the bathroom. I suddenly realized in June of last year that my heels didn't hurt anymore. I instantly got it: “Master (Li Hongzhi) eliminated karma for me!”

After studying the Fa teachings, I became more patient. I used to get anxious whenever something didn't go my way, and I wouldn't sleep that night. That made my hair turn white and a lot of it fell out. Since I’ve been practicing Falun Dafa, I no longer worry about trivial matters. What is even more amazing is that the white hair on the back of my head has actually turned black. People who knew me before were surprised when they saw this.

I used to like to argue with my coworkers. I also got upset and complained about my wife if she did not cook dinner for me after a day of hard work. I didn't help her cook, I usually would just wash up, lie down, and wait. Now I will do the cooking if my wife hasn't yet started dinner. I also help her with whatever she is doing when I get home.

I am a driver and make deliveries. Prior to practicing Dafa, I often got angry and swore whenever someone cut in front of me. Now I am able to treat it calmly. Sometimes, my delivery partner complains, but I just humor him: “Take it easy, we sometimes rush, too.”

I have deepened my understanding of the Fa teachings as a result of eliminating a lot of attachments. I used to adopt a “closed-eye” attitude at group Fa study, that is, I only opened my eyes when it was my turn to read. Now follow along carefully as each word is read and help point out any pronunciation errors.

My body and mind have further assimilated to Dafa since I’ve been able to read the Fa in tranquility. The energy field I experience when doing the exercises has also improved. Before, I felt that my whole body was relaxed when I got to the fourth exercise. Now I experience a wonderful feeling of lightness during the second exercise. 

I believe that Falun Dafa is truly a wonderful practice. I will definitely cultivate diligently and return to my true home with Master!