(Minghui.org) A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders last year when my son graduated from college abroad and no longer needed financial support. Little did I know that my husband had been mired in debt due to his mismanagement of our family business. Upon finding out about the millions of yuan we owed, I lost a lot of weight in just one week and more than once wanted to jump to my death as a way out.

My sister, a Falun Dafa practitioner, stopped me from making reckless choices. She urged me to follow Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to settle my debts. I heeded her advice and soon found enough funds to pay off our debts. I thank Dafa for guiding me out of the darkest time in my life.

Getting to Know Dafa Through My Sister

My sister suffered greatly for upholding her faith during the persecution of Falun Dafa. My family shed a lot of tears for her. I had worried about her job, her retirement benefits and her financial security. I did not understand why she persisted in her cultivation under such brutal government suppression.

But I also witnessed her change after taking up cultivation. She became healthier and looks at everything with a positive attitude. I was especially impressed by how quickly she recovered and started anew after ending a miserable marriage full of emotional abuse and betrayal.

She told me that Dafa gave her the strength. It surprised all of us how her and her children’s life began to take off after she started practicing Dafa. It was beyond any logical explanation. Seeing this, my mother changed her attitude toward Dafa completely and came to support it sincerely. I felt Dafa's intangible power through her. I respected her faith.

Under my sister's influence, I read the book Zhuan Falun. I understood some aspects of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. I acknowledged that Master Li guides people to high levels and teaches people to give up attachments. I realized that tolerance and kindness are the basic moral obligations of a human being amid the current societal trend of pursuing money while disregarding morality.

However, it is through the disaster of my life that I gained a deeper understanding about Dafa.

Dafa Guides Me on an Upright Path

My husband's business went downhill in 2019. He accumulated a lot of debt behind my back, some with extremely high interest rates. It all hit me so hard that I was completely lost. I did not eat or drink for a few days and lost more than ten pounds.

Standing in front of a window in the middle of night, I wanted to jump out. It seemed the only way to end everything and free myself.

While I detested my husband, I could not do anything to him. Nevertheless, I began to develop a crooked thought: his disappearance would void the debts, so maybe he should run away.

Luckily, my sister put a stop to my ill thoughts. She came to my home every day to talk to me and guided me out of my desperation. She told me, “Heaven will have a way out for you. Debts should not make you selfish or immoral. You should pay back what you owe no matter how much, and running away is the most irresponsible action you could take.”

She asked if I believed in Dafa. I told her yes, but I did not know how to believe Dafa in the face of such a disaster. She told me to recite the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” every day. I followed her advice.

When I couldn’t sleep, I recited these phrases. After some time, my heart calmed down. I made up my mind to repay the debts.

Blessed with Smooth Solutions

The first step was to borrow funds. This is never an easy job, let alone for such a big amount. My family members were very supportive, including my parents, brothers and sister. My biggest support came from my friends. Four phone calls resulted in 700,000 yuan, interest-free. They all wanted to help me get through the hardship and even told me there was no need to pay them back for a while. One friend worried about my condition and wanted to buy food for me.

They transferred the money to my account without hesitation. I was touched. Their friendship, love and trust encouraged me to live up to my resolution of paying back the debts. I couldn’t let them down.

The funds were still far from enough, however. I had to get a loan. When it seemed hopeless, the loan was approved. We finally moved past the crisis after securing all the funds.

Next, I decided to sell the big house I was living in, worth nearly 3 million yuan. It was hard to sell a second-hand house with such a high market value. To my surprise, a buyer came to look at the house a week after it went on the market. The buyer signed the contract on the spot. The closing date was scheduled for April 2020.

My worry did not end here. Because of construction issues, I had not gotten the house title even though I bought the house ten years ago. Another miracle happened: I secured the house title in January 2020. The sale was smoothly closed.

Meanwhile, our son found a job.

A year earlier, I did not even want to live anymore. Looking back now, things that happened in the past year felt so long ago as if they were from a previous life.

When I chatted with my sister about what I had been through, I was in awe. Faith, like a giant, invisible hand, is omnipotent. I know that Dafa changed everything for me, bestowing upon me a new life.

Dafa taught me the true meaning of life and saved me from financial and moral ruin. I experienced the power of Dafa. Its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance guide me in my daily life now. 

I moved back to my old small house. An upright life on a tight budget is not as glamorous, but it is peaceful. It will always be bright with Dafa in my heart.

My sister told me that May 13 is Master's birthday and World Falun Dafa Day. I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to Master and Dafa with my utmost sincerity.