(Minghui.org) Twenty-eight years ago this May, Master Li Hongzhi introduced Falun Dafa to the public in Changchun, China. Falun Dafa has since spread around the world. An estimated more than 100 million practitioners have been following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and have benefited in both mind and body. 

In this report, we present a selection of 19 greetings sent from young practitioners across China. They express their gratitude to Master Li and respectfully wish revered Master a Happy Birthday. The youngest one is a four-year-old practitioner from Bei’an City, Heilongjiang Province. 

Messages of greeting were received from young practitioners in the following places:

Shenyang City, Benxi City, Liaoning ProvinceJinan City, Laiyang City, Linqu County, Yantai City, Rongcheng City, Shandong ProvinceQinhuangdao City, Hengshui City, Hebei ProvinceEnping City, Guangdong ProvinceNantong City, Jiangsu ProvinceJiamusi City, Bei’an City, Heilongjiang ProvinceSanmenxia City, Henan ProvinceNanchang City, Jiangxi Province