(Minghui.org) Eric Ciotti, a French MP, published an opinion article on Le Journal du Dimanche (Sunday’s Newspaper) on April 18, 2020. In the article titled “The World’s Biggest Dictatorship Has to Be Held Accountable,” he criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for repeatedly lying on the issue of the coronavirus outbreak and emphasized that the CCP bears “overwhelming responsibility” for it. He called for France to “take the lead” to hold the CCP accountable for its irresponsible actions.

The article said, “As the shock wave of the pandemic spreads, more than ever the question of the origin of the virus arises. A responsibility stifled by the Maoist dictatorship, which for months has been trying to make people forget its extreme slowness to react, its repeated lies, its denial and its omerta. Propaganda, censorship, repression, imprisonment of doctors who sound the alarm, criticism of foreign countries, mask diplomacy... everything has been used to hide the origin of this global health tragedy.”

The article said that the CCP has been lying for months about the infection cases and deaths from the virus in China.

“How can one imagine that a country of 1.5 billion inhabitants, where Covid19 first broke out, has only 4,632 deaths, whereas Europe has almost 100,000 and the United States more than 35,000?” MP Ciotti asked.

MP Ciotti said that the CCP didn’t only accelerate the spread of the virus through its repeated lies, but also prevented international response by refusing to share the genetic sequence of the virus with the world.

He said, “It is clear that we share some of this responsibility out of naivety and blindness. For decades, we naively thought that the Chinese regime could only open up to democracy through the development of our unlimited trade.”

“We have effectively trivialized the biggest dictatorship on the planet, with the help of some of our elites and a few unscrupulous elected officials. Just a few weeks ago we were still being praised for the merits of the Chinese solution for 5G in Europe, how crazy it is!”

Because of France’s “massive de-industrialization and relocation” to China to pursue “short-term commercial ambitions,” it also served itself as a stepping stone for the CCP to advance its own agenda to dominate the world.

He said, “Totally blinded by profit, we tied our hands together, making the Chinese the masters of our industrial and pharmaceutical future, as well as the geopolitical course of the world. We should be ashamed for disregarding our promise to freedom and democracy.”

He asked why France hasn't taken any action while the CCP continues to engage in human rights abuses and persecute its own people, from the Cultural Revolution, to the Great Leap Forward, the Great Famine, and now the suppression in Hong Kong, the persecution of Tibetans, the concentration camps of Uighurs, and the massive surveillance of the Chinese population.

He questioned how could one could expect a regime that has caused millions of deaths to be “transparent” and “put the health interests of the world ahead of its own interests?”

At the end of the article, MP Ciotti called out, “China is not our ally and it is high time to defend our own interests.”

“This crisis marks the turn of the century. The West must raise its head. The world's biggest dictatorship must be held accountable. China must answer for its actions, economically and criminally, before the appropriate international courts. It would be France’s honor to take the lead in the actions to hold the Chinese regime accountable.”