(Minghui.org) Editor’s note: Despite the Chinese Communist Party's claim that the coronavirus epidemic is under control, many pieces of information indicate that the situation in China is still very serious.

In the following letter, lawyer Jing Yu (alias) told Minghui.org that no procuratorate or courts have resumed normal business hours in China. Many legal cases have been postponed, while people who exposed the information about the epidemic were swiftly sentenced.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, the police, procuratorates, courts, and even lawyers have stopped receiving visitors. 

While many sectors have resumed work since mid-March, the law enforcement and judicial agencies remain closed to most visitors, except for selective appointments. 

It’s now very difficult to find a staff member to inquire about a legal case. I've noticed that some people have gone back to work, but most of the time, no one answers the phone when I call. Occasionally, some people answer the phone, but they refuse to talk to me anymore after learning the details of the cases I represent. I was able to make a few appointments, but when I was there on time, no one showed up or answered my call. 

Many court hearings have been postponed. If my clients wanted to close their cases earlier, the judge would order the lawyers to attend the hearing but not allow my clients to be present. 

What bothers me most is that the prosecutor and judge aren’t allowing lawyers to express our opinions on our cases—we have to follow their rules. Because all these agencies work hand-in-glove in China, it's no use for me to report the situation. It’s humiliating for me to have to kowtow to the prosecutor or judge in order to get things done. 

In fact, law enforcement and the judiciary in China are nothing but tools used by the government to suppress the people. Some judges charge exorbitant legal fees to prosecute a regular case. Instead of upholding justice, they are turning it into a money-making operation.

I’ve also seen some of these officials lie about things and intentionally create conflicts between people. Some of my colleagues have been seduced by the lure of profits and are assisting our totalitarian government. They help the courts collect fees from their clients in exchange for a better chance that the judge will decide in their favor.

Compared to the defendants in the regular cases that have been postponed, some of those who were arrested for exposing information about the epidemic were quickly sentenced, only days or weeks after their arrests. 

At this special time, I want to take the opportunity to thank all Falun Gong practitioners for standing up to the tyranny and working hard to disseminate factual information about the epidemic, despite the pressure you are all facing. You are sending us hope.