(Minghui.org) Over the past few days, I saw with my Celestial Eye a large group of grotesque, evil beings, frantically running away from something.

I quickly locked in on my “targets” and destroyed them. Although the beings running in the front of the group were immediately disintegrated, the beings in the rear continued running forward. When I intensified my righteous thoughts, they too, were disintegrated. 

I thought, “They used to be scared when we sent righteous thoughts in the early 2000s. Now, they seem brazen!”

In the past, countless rows of evil beings would aggressively march forward, in perfect military formation, while holding ancient weapons strapped across their chests. 

Nonetheless, when I sent righteous thoughts, they retreated without a fight, dragging their weapons behind them. At one point, all I had to do was raise my hand to send righteous thoughts, and they all disappeared. 

Recently, while sending righteous thoughts, a group of evil beings flung a huge net towards me, stopping right in front of me. The net was so enormous that I was unable to see the end of it. 

I thought, “I must destroy this net!” So, I raised my right hand and pulled the net towards me. Then I thought, “I will use divine fire to burn it to ashes.” However, I was unable to see the result.

I wrote this article to remind fellow practitioners that to avoid loopholes in our cultivation practice, we must cultivate ourselves well, be diligent, and pay attention to sending righteous thoughts!