(Minghui.org) Two years ago, there was a night when I had a life and death test.

My granddaughter slept in the same room as me. She suddenly burst into tears for no reason at 2 a.m. She cried very loudly for a long time as if she was determined to wake me up. What’s strange about it was that her parents didn’t hear her cries at all. Now that I think about it, I believe it was Master who let my granddaughter wake me up because I was in the middle of a big tribulation.

I woke up gradually as I heard her crying getting closer to me. I said to myself, “Get up quickly. See what’s the matter with her.” However I couldn’t move! Why was that happening? I found I could no longer move my right arm or right leg. What on Earth happened? How come I couldn’t move my arm and leg. My right side felt like it was being pressed by a big stone while my left side remained normal.

I used my left arm to drag my right arm along. My right arm felt so heavy and it appeared like I had a stroke. I thought, “This doesn’t look right! It’s my arm, my leg. I’m in control of them. I don’t accept that they don’t follow my command.” I’ve practiced Falun Dafa for nearly 20 years. Master purified my body a long time ago. It is impossible for me to exhibit these symptoms. I believe that the old forces thrust these symptoms on me.

My granddaughter stopped crying once I woke up as if she’d finished her task and fell right asleep. I wanted to sit up but the right side of my body felt as heavy as a huge rock. I struggled for a long time and was sweating throughout my body, however, I still could not move. I kept saying, “Falun Dafa is good! Master, help me!” I kept trying to sit up. After approximately 40 minutes, I finally sat up. I said in tears, “Thank you, Master, for saving me again!”

I tried to send righteous thoughts after I sat up. I knew that I didn’t have any sickness and it was impossible for me to get sick. The reason that I was experiencing these symptoms must be because some evil beings were interfering with me and wanted to harm me. So I must send forth righteous thoughts. But I couldn’t cross my right leg or erect my right palm. I didn’t accept what was transpiring. I held up my right palm with my left hand. Although I couldn’t cross my right leg, I kept moving it towards my body. I kept doing it as much as I could. I believed in Master and I also believed that I could do it. The more the symptoms continued, the more determined I was to eliminate them, and the firmer my righteous thoughts became. I asked for Master’s help again. I wanted to prove that Falun Dafa is good and that a cultivator doesn’t have any sickness.

I made a decision: I would not stop sending forth righteous thoughts or put my legs down unless my body was back to normal. I sent forth righteous thoughts for three-and-a-half hours from 2:40 a.m. to 6:10 a.m. From being unable to cross my right leg to sitting with two legs crossed, and from being unable to erect my right palm to being able to erect it, my body was completely restored in three-and-a-half hours!

After I sent forth righteous thought at 6:10 a.m., I got off the bed as usual and cooked breakfast for my children. They ate and went to work as usual.