(Minghui.org) I've had four dreams about lust over the past few months. I would like to share them with Falun Dafa practitioners because the dreams not only helped me to improve, but also helped my husband, also a practitioner.

I believe that these dreams demonstrate the many ways that Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, tries to help and encourage practitioners to improve in their cultivation.

First Dream

November 11th is “Single Person’s Day” in China. That night, I dreamed of a man standing in the living room, much like my husband.

This person's face was dark and covered in gray matter. He came to hug me, but I pushed him away. Then I woke up.

The next morning I shared the dream with my husband, and said, “It was the demon of lust. It formed an image of you, but it really wasn't you.”

My husband looked startled, and replied, “I had lustful thoughts last night at work, and wanted to come home halfway through my shift, but I controlled myself.”

The next day, however, he made advances towards me. I was very upset, as I feared hurting him if I refused his advances. I also realized that there were some weak points in my xinxing that I needed to improve.

Second Dream

In the next dream, a few colorful large carp appeared in the sky. Then a golden phoenix flew past.

I was so excited to see such wonderful scenes. I called my husband over to have a look, but he said he couldn’t see them.

He tried to take a closer look, and went under the tree where I said the phoenix was perched. He stood at the foot of the tree, and as he looked up, a large branch suddenly fell off and almost hit his head.

He was petrified, and tried to run away. Then I woke up.

I didn’t quite understand what the dream meant, but it later came to me: I was in a diligent state during that time, and so compassionate Master showed me those sacred scenes.

However, my husband was controlled by the lust demon and didn't want to break through this interference from his heart, so he wasn’t able to see such beautiful scenes.

I gave in to his lustful demands later that day. I felt helpless, and didn’t know what to do.

A lot of trouble happened soon after, at home, and in our factory. A number of the workers left because they drank a lot of alcohol, and my husband developed canker sores, making it difficult for him to talk.

Third Dream

In my third dream, a very chubby man made advances towards me, in the same way my husband had done previously.

I woke up feeling a sense of disgust. I told my husband that the demon of lust came again, and that we couldn’t go on like this. He agreed, but not wholeheartedly, as he was still being controlled by this demon.

I told him, in a most respectful tone, “I've wanted to cultivate diligently this past month. I am Master's disciple, and I want to do what practitioners should do. Everything that doesn’t meet the Fa's requirements should be discarded. I have to assimilate to Dafa unconditionally. I know who I am, and what I should do. My main consciousness has finally woken up.”

My husband bowed his head. He said he understood, and I knew at that moment, it was his divine side that understood.

After a while, he spoke about my shortcomings, mainly about my “careless” attitude to spending money. His tone was sharp, and filled with grievance.

I was thinking that this was Master hinting at me to improve, as I did have problems in this regard. When my husband spoke, I listened quietly. When he finished, I said that would work hard on my shortcomings.

I send forth righteous thoughts with a clear mind. Half an hour later, I recited the Fa until midnight, sent righteous thoughts again, and then fell asleep.

Fourth Dream

In the recent fourth dream, my husband was being manipulated by the demon of lust, and was acting without a clear conscious. I spoke to him about this, but the demon was still intending to destroy him, and was waiting for an opportunity.

My husband tried to follow me into the bathroom, but I quickly locked the door behind me.

Just then, there was a knock at the front door. My husband asked who it was. The door opened, and I heard many footsteps come in to the room. One person said, “We are the police. Come with us!” Then I heard my husband leave.

Several people walked up to the bathroom door, and told me to come out. I opened the door to see several women. They showed me a letter, and said, “Just explain this to us.” It was a truth-clarification letter that I'd written to my family when I was being persecuted in prison.

I then woke up.

I realized that the person behaving badly was not my husband’s true self, but another version of the lust demon. The lust demon manipulated my husband, and the police immediately broke into our house and took him away. The old forces wanted to use the demon to completely destroy a fellow practitioner (my husband).

I used to think that rejecting my husband's lustful advances would hurt his self-esteem, but now I understand that those were my human notions, and not a clear understanding of the Fa principles.

Giving in to my husband's desires is not caring about him, and is not truly being responsible for his salvation.

If I indulge the demon of lust, and satisfy it, that means I am cooperating with the old forces to persecute my husband. Only by eliminating this demon with righteous thoughts am I truly being responsible to my husband.

The women in the dream told me to explain my truth-clarification letter to them because they wanted me to clarify the facts to them. I always had a desire to help save public prosecutors. I once used to write letters to the relevant personnel of the public prosecution department to tell them about Dafa, but I stopped doing it for some time.

Now I know that I need to carry on with this because it is my mission, and beings from all walks of life are looking for salvation!


My husband came back home from his night shift when I had just finished writing this article. I suggested that he read it.

He didn't say anything after reading it, and went off to do the Dafa exercises. Any other time, he would have just gone to bed. When we later studied the Fa together, I asked him, “What do you think about my article?”

He replied, “I understand that Master and divine guardians worry about me! When my main spirit wasn't able to take charge, it harmed me and the sentient beings in my dimension. I now know what I should do.”

His expression was solemn. I knew his true self was awake, and my tears couldn’t stop.

After sending righteous thoughts at six o’clock, he said to me, “It’s been a long time since I've felt this way – the purity and solemnity. I understand what it means to cultivate each thought. In the past, as soon as I sat there, all my human thoughts surfaced, and I didn’t know where my true self was. I felt helpless.”

He continued, “Today, I asked those interfering thoughts, ‘Do you align with the Fa?’ Just this simple sentence ended all those bad thoughts. I deeply felt the majesty of the Fa at that moment.”

The next day, my husband finished the exercises and exclaimed, “I feel like I’m a changed man. I'm really reborn!”

I thank Master for his mighty power!