(Minghui.org) When two practitioners have differing opinions about how to do something, it’s important that we not be attached to our own ideas or insist on having things done in “our way.”

I have noticed that when a task needs to be done, two practitioners may propose two different solutions. The practitioner whose idea doesn’t get implemented may feel vindicated when the implemented idea doesn’t work as efficiently as expected. He may then tell others that if the task were done his way, the result would definitely have been much better. Some practitioners may agree with him, which makes him feel even more strongly about his way of doing things.

I think this kind of mentality isn’t right. When something is already done, whatever the result is, it has become history that cannot be changed, and there is no use in thinking, “...if it was done my way.”

In my understanding, whether a task can be implemented perfectly or not depends on both internal factors such the person that does the job, his mentality, and his style of execution, as well as external factors related to the task. 

Even if we have different people doing the same thing, using the same method, the results may be different. Because everyone is different and the factors they bring about are different, their impact on the job itself will also be different. The result may be better, or may be worse. We therefore shouldn’t be attached to doing things in certain ways, as that’s not the only determining factor.

When one practitioner does not do a perfect job, other practitioners should help him to make it better, not negating the result and fantasizing about a better result “...if things had been done my way.” It doesn't help with our cultivation, but might well worsen one’s attachment to self.

I notice that this kind of “if” mentality has become a habit for many everyday people, and some practitioners as well. I would like to remind us to pay attention to this and not let our attachment to ourselves stand in the way during our collective truth-clarification efforts.