(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa in 1996. It’s been 23 years since I began to practice Falun Dafa. Looking back, I remember times when I did well, but there were also times when I didn’t do well. Whether I did well or poorly, I felt that Master was always by my side, guiding me.

Arrested, Detained and Released

To stand up for Falun Dafa, I went to Beijing twice to appeal for justice in January 2001. I was arrested at Tiananmen Square, and detained in Huairou Detention Center. After I went on a hunger strike for 11 days, I was released from detention. Each day was a heart-stirring experience, a battle between righteousness and evil, a test of life and death.

We did the exercises at the detention center every day early in the morning. Most times, the guards caught us and beat us.

We shouted for almost an hour, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Our Master is innocent! We committed no crimes! Let us out!” Almost all the cells were filled with practitioners from all over the country. They put about 20 practitioners in one cell. Gradually, they started releasing us.

Most of the time when we shouted, the guards had the inmates force us to stay in the cold. The guards forced us to take off our jackets and had us remove our shoes and stand on the frozen ground. Some armed police were watching us from the watchtower, wearing thick and long military coats. The guards ordered us to renounce our faith and denigrate Master and Dafa.

“As soon as you renounce your practice or curse Dafa,” they claimed, “you will no longer freeze.” Some practitioners felt cold and hungry because they were on a hunger strike. They passed out, but quickly regained consciousness and stood back up. No one renounced their faith, and no one denigrated Master.

There was an elderly woman in her 60s from Chengdu who had fair skin and dressed extravagantly. The guards tortured her by making her do a “flying a plane” posture (her buttocks and her arms tilted backward while lowering her head downwards). She was put in the snow too, yet she remained firm. When we returned to the cell, she said, “It’s really wonderful to be around young people like you guys. I’m happy that my character has improved quite a bit during the last few days.” She said she had everything at home. Her sons were wealthy and treated her well. She didn’t mind to be suffering a bit.

Our courage and achievement won people’s admiration. Some inmates would give us thumbs-up behind the guards’ back, and said, “You Falun Dafa disciples are awesome!”

Once we practiced the holding wheel exercise, and I was so relaxed that I forgot that we were in the cell. All of a sudden a loud noise made me jump. Then, I realized it was the guard that wanted to stop us from doing the exercises. I told myself not to bring down my arms. I persisted until the end and the guard no longer interfered. I enlightened that it was Master who helped us because of our persistence.

Then, when we were doing the sitting meditation, we heard the door open and some people walked in. There was no movement for a long time. Then we heard someone running water. I opened my eyes and saw the guards directing some inmates to get water to pour into our shoes. Nevertheless, we carried on with the meditation. By then, all our shoes were filled with water. Then the guards started pouring water over us, and we were soaking wet. We were so cold that we clenched our jaws.

As we didn’t give our names and addresses, the guards gave each of us a number which was sewn on our clothes. When they took attendance, they called out the numbers and wanted us to say, “Here.” But we all knew that we shouldn’t cooperate with them. So we replied by saying, “Dafa practitioner is here.” We were dragged by our hair, punched, kicked or pulled out and taken to the cold courtyard.

Once a female guard took an electric baton and hit us one by one. At the time she was quite far from me. We just started talking. She asked who did the talking. I didn’t want other practitioners to get hit, so I told her that it was I and claimed that I asked about what she held in her hand. She asked, “What are you talking about?” I wasn’t sure how to answer.

She shocked my left cheek and mouth, which caused a lot of discomfort. I clenched my teeth, but I was happy in my mind, for I enlightened that the baton was electrocuting the “me” that was full of karma. Then, that female guard got scared. She stopped shocking me. She told me to stick closely to the wall with my heels and body. I was instructed to stretch out my arms horizontally and stick to the wall as well, spreading out my fingers. Then she shocked my palms. But the electric baton didn’t spark. It didn’t work. My hands were cold which scared her. She lowered her head and left. Later whenever she saw me she had a guilty look on her face. Once she came to shut the door of the room where I was locked in. As she didn’t know that I was in this cell, she asked, “What are you staring at? You’re trying to memorize my badge number?” In fact, that wasn’t what I intended to do. There was also another time the inmates took me to the court. As soon as she saw me, she scolded them, “Why are you bringing her here? Take her back!”

I was force-fed on the 4th day. They inserted a tube into my stomach through my nose then poured some cornmeal porridge through it. It was very painful. I was force-fed four times. By the 11th day, I was released.

Gatekeeper Threatened to Report Practitioner

After the Nine Commentaries were published, I went out to distribute the book every day. On the weekend and public holidays, I went out during the day, and on the weekdays, I did it in the evening, because I had to go to work. I tried to squeeze some time to do the task by putting the Nine Commentaries into bags. Sometimes I also added some truth clarification brochures, and hung them on doorknobs. For houses that didn’t have a handle, I used a pin on the keyhole and hung the bag. When giving out the Nine Commentaries, I usually started from the very top floor and worked downwards. I often sent righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil factors and evil spirits that interfered with me.

Once, when I went with a fellow practitioner named Aping to a community to put up posters, and give out Dafa informational materials, she was spotted by a gatekeeper while putting up a poster. She left the place before the gatekeeper had time to close the gate. As he saw that both of us had entered, he immediately closed the gate. I heard the noise and ran downstairs, but it was locked. I tried several times to open the big iron lock with my supernormal capability, but wasn’t successful. I had no choice but to ask the gatekeeper to open the gate for me. But he said, “I saw you two came in. One ran away, so I have to keep you here.”

The gatekeeper’s yelling attracted people, and they all came over. They made various comments. He said to them, “Look at the bags she carried. She still has much in there.” As he was talking, he picked up a cell phone and was about to call the police. Then, he asked me questions, and I answered some.

Realizing that he wasn’t prepared to listen to me, I looked at him with full attention and spoke to his main soul using my mind-intent, “If you dare to sin against Dafa, I’ll send righteous thoughts to restrain you, and you will receive punishment.” He relented, opened the door, and let me go -- Master protected me.I’ve been walking on this cultivation path for all these years because our compassionate Master has been protecting me and guiding me. Dafa disciples’ lives are being rearranged by Master, and the old forces and low spirits can’t interfere with a diligent practitioner. Our names have been removed from hell’s roster. As long as we follow Dafa and do what we are required, we can pass all kinds of tribulations and be safe! We need to continue to be diligent, and do the three things well.