(Minghui.org) This is the fourth year I've helped promote Shen Yun. December is the key time for our local Shen Yun promotion, and everyone does their best to participate. Practitioners whose English is limited usually distribute posters. Those who are more proficient help sell tickets at shopping malls. 

I'm in my senior year at university. My school break started in late December, and I had planned to take a rest after taking exams. As soon as my break started, however, I ran into practitioners who asked, “Are your classes over? Can you come to the mall to help sell Shen Yun tickets?” I knew they were right, but I didn't know what to say. This was a critical time for selling tickets. I had free time, and I also spoke English. Shouldn't I go to the mall?

Remembering Why We're Here

Why did I hesitate? It had been two years since I started going to the mall to sell tickets. The first time I was so excited–I was sure I would easily sell several tickets. As I stood there, however, people hurried by. Sometimes they would stop and watch the trailer on our monitor or take a pamphlet. But most people hurried past our booth. I stood there for hours without selling a single ticket! 

Because I was usually very busy with schoolwork, I felt I was wasting my time at the shopping mall. When I stood there for hours without selling a single ticket, I felt very frustrated and formed the notion that it was too difficult for me. I only helped put up posters on the weekends and never thought about going back to the shopping mall. 

When I read the following passage of the Fa, I felt that I should help out:

“When it looks impossible and is said to be impossible, give it a try and see if it is possible.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

When I looked at the schedule and noticed everyone had taken four to five hour shifts, I felt it was too hard. Then I thought, “It’s okay. Since I hadn’t done this for a while, I would try for a couple of hours to start and then go from there.”

On the morning of my shift, however, a practitioner phoned and asked if I could be there from noon until 6 p.m., as they were shorthanded. I thought it was a bit hard for me, but when I remembered that practitioners should form one body and support one another, I said yes.

After I hung up, I asked myself, “What are you afraid of? Is six hours so hard to endure?” A voice echoed in my ear, “It’s a waste of time. You'll stand there for hours but no one will buy tickets from you!” I told myself, “Isn't this an opportunity to eliminate your attachments to time and efficiency?”

On the surface, it might look like I wasted six hours of my time without selling a single ticket. I realized though that promoting Shen Yun is very special. Maybe it was an opportunity for me to let go of my attachments. If I held righteous thoughts during those six hours, it might cause changes in other dimensions. Shen Yun promotion is a cultivation opportunity that Master Li gave us. It is not an ordinary show!

Although I wasn’t sure my standing there for six hours helped, I knew it was a test of my faith. If I completely believe in Master and Dafa and believe that Shen Yun saves sentient beings, I could still send forth righteous thoughts. People would buy the tickets from other channels.

After three hours passed, someone came to buy tickets. I could hardly believe it! I knew Master was encouraging me, because if I hadn't agreed to work a second shift, I would have left already. I knew this was Master’s arrangement. 

When I returned home, I examined why I didn’t feel like going to the shopping mall to sell tickets. It seemed there was more to it than being afraid of wasting my time.

When I first came to the U.S. in 2016, I used the excuse of being busy with studies. I wanted to be like an ordinary person and didn’t want to think about my mission to help save sentient beings.

I shared an apartment with five other students, but during the holidays everyone left. Even though I wasn’t very attached to home, I sometimes envied people who could go home during the break. Now that I was in the U.S., my loneliness was amplified. Christmas was supposed to be a joyous time to get together with family, but I just wanted to sleep. Why would I stand at a shopping mall trying to sell tickets? I just wanted to go home like everyone else.

I enlightened that I was so fortunate to become a Falun Dafa practitioner. Due to Master’s mercy, I was able to live in such a free cultivation environment. I had many good friends and interacted with great practitioners. They helped and supported me. What was I complaining about? What couldn't I let go of? Instead of focusing on things I didn’t have, I should treasure what I had. Instead of feeling sad about not going home, shouldn't I remind myself that if I cultivate well, I'll return to my true home?

Tripped Up by My Ego

Another reason that stopped me from going to the mall was my deeply hidden attachment to ego. Shen Yun is well-known among American students, especially Asian students. Whenever someone mentioned Shen Yun, however, their tone became derisive.

When I saw social media postings or overheard people complain that our advertisements were everywhere, I thought, “Young people like to ridicule things. When they get older they'll understand that Shen Yun is a very high-end show.”

While I was putting up posters, I ran into a classmate. He was surprised to see me holding a Shen Yun poster. I explained that I helped distribute them. I didn’t immediately examine why I felt awkward. Was I afraid that he'd think I was strange? I realized that I did not fully believe in Master and Dafa. If I truly believed that Shen Yun saves sentient beings, shouldn't I be proud to tell my classmate that I was helping to promote Shen Yun? Why was I concerned?

It actually came down to my lacking righteous thoughts. I realized this attachment also prevented me from selling tickets at the mall. I was afraid of being seen by someone I knew and being ridiculed. Why did I let my notions stop me?

As a practitioner, one should sell Shen Yun tickets in an upright manner. Only by having strong righteous thoughts can we accomplish our mission, break through our notions, and help people remember the reason they came to the human world.

One day, one of my friends suddenly said, “I can feel the energy of this universe is changing. I believe 2020 will be a good year.” Even ordinary people can sense the changes in the world!