(Minghui.org) Practitioners here have been clarifying the truth to our village officials for a few years now, telling them not to blindly carry out the Chinese Communist Party's orders to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. They haveunderstood the facts and protected us in various circumstances.

The following are a few such stories.

Village Party Secretary Protects Dafa Materials

Two practitioners from our village went out to put up truth-clarification stickers in January this year. A police patrol car drove up to them just as they had started. The patrol officer ordered them to take off the stickers, while calling the police station.

One practitioner grabbed the officer's cellphone to stop him from calling. The patrol officer got angry and asked which village they were from.

“I'm from this village,” one practitioner replied in a righteous manner, “We are saving people, and you must not interfere with us. The coronavirus outbreak is very severe and people can protect themselves by sincerely reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’”

The patrol officer refused to listen, so one of the practitioners called the Party secretary of the village (top village leader), who came right away.

The patrol officer rebuked the secretary for not keeping his villagers in check, and ordered him to take off the stickers.

When the patrol officer noticed the bag one practitioner was carrying, which was filled with truth-clarification materials, he ordered her to put it down. The practitioner murmured to the Party secretary, “I'll leave it with you now, and you can give it back to me later.”

The Party secretary understood what she meant and said to the practitioners loudly, “Haven’t I told you not to put up stickers? Why didn’t you listen to me? Don’t you know we’re in an emergency situation at the moment? Hurry up and go back home!”

The patrol officer then left. As the two practitioners were walking back, the Party secretary caught up with them on his bike and returned the bag to the practitioner.

The two practitioners thanked him for his kind help and said to him, “With you as our village secretary, people in the entire village will be blessed!”

Female Village Cadre Protects Precious Dafa Books

A few days later, a Dafa practitioner in our village went out to distribute truth-clarifying materials, but was arrested by patrol police and taken to the local police station.

The Party secretary of our village, a security officer, and a female village cadre were called to the police station.

The Party secretary wanted the police to release the practitioner, but they refused to do so, saying that they would take her to the police department the next day.

The female practitioner is a new comer in our Fa study group. Because her husband is against her practicing Falun Dafa and would tear up anything with Dafa content that he sees, she always carries a few Dafa books with her to protect them from harm.

That night, after the Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts, she went straight to distribute truth-clarification materials, but was arrested by police.

When a police officer reached out to grab the materials, she quickly hid the Dafa books inside her clothes.

When the police said that they would take her to the police department in the city the next day, she thought of the books, and said quietly to the female village cadre, “Please try to take my books back.”

It happened so unexpectedly, the female cadre didn't know what to do.

The practitioner kept calm and said that she needed to use the toilet. The female village cadre followed her to the toilet room. The practitioner took off her v-neck waistcoat, wrapped up the Dafa books with it and handed them to the village cadre before she returned to the office.

The female cadre had a quiet word with the Party secretary, then made an excuse and asked the police to take her back to the village first, while the Party secretary stayed put at the police station.

It's quite extraordinary that the village cadres helped a Dafa practitioner bring back Dafa books from a police station where there were surveillance devices all over the place.

The female cadre took the Dafa books back to the village and passed them to other practitioners.

The female practitioner upheld righteous thoughts and righteous action, and with Master’s protection, she returned home safely the next day.