(Minghui.org) Due to the coronavirus epidemic, my workplace postponed the date for staff to return to work after the Chinese New Year holiday. I was happy at first, thinking that I would have more time to do truth-clarification work. But I soon realized that due to the lockdown of our residential zone, it was difficult for me to go out every day, and I was no longer able to join group Fa study.

I've attended group Fa study for less than two years and felt rather lonely, suddenly not being able to see fellow practitioners. I was a bit lost and didn’t know what to do.

I later read inspiring sharing articles by practitioners on the Minghui.org website about how they continued with truth-clarification and saving people amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

I then knew what to do, and started collecting stories published in Minghui Weekly about how people avoided harm and danger in the face of disasters by learning the truth and upholding righteous thoughts. 

I thought I could distribute such materials on the street but soon realized that my idea was unrealistic, as there have been very few people outside, or even in grocery stores or supermarkets. People are too scared to go out and even if some people venture out to get essential supplies, they keep their distance from others for fear of infection. I also still had a bit of fear, seeing the increasing number of police cars and people wearing red armbands.

A Good Start

My employer later told us to go to work in shifts. It was not a typical workday, however, as all we had to do on our shifts was to serve as amateur security guards to keep our office safe.

On the day when I was on duty, I read many articles on the Minghui.org website and printed out some relevant articles for truth-clarification.

I then called a colleague with whom I got along with very well and asked if he'd like to come to my office. But he could not do so, as his residential zone was completely sealed off, because of a confirmed coronavirus case.

I felt rather frustrated and also blamed myself for missing many past opportunities to clarify the truth to him due to fear.

Just then someone knocked on the door and a former colleague walked in. He had transferred to another work unit, but we still shared the same office building. He told me he had just finished a meeting, and dropped in to say hello. We chatted briefly and he left.

A thought then suddenly came to my mind: I should help him quit the CCP. Master must have brought him to me.

I quickly clarified my line of thought as to how to go about it in an appropriate way, then started to send forth righteous thoughts.

Ten minutes later I called him and invited him to my office. I started with the prophecy about the epidemic by Liu Bowen in the Ming Dynasty. We then talked about the way the Chinese government handles the situation and the cover-up of information.

As he believed the state-controlled media reports, I did not argue with him but tried to find a common ground to continue our conversation, such as no matter how advanced technology might be, humanity is rather weak and helpless in the face of disasters; the Chinese people have always believed in the divine since ancient times, and tended to ask for help and protection from divine beings when facing catastrophes and dangers, etc.

I gradually guided him to believe that there are other dimensions and that there are divine beings three feet above our heads, and that every single thought we hold is known to Heaven and Earth so that he could let go of atheism.

I kept sending forth righteous thoughts as we were talking and asked Master to strengthen me.

He was a bit hesitant at first when I encouraged him to quit the CCP organizations, but agreed to do so quite happily in the end.

I didn't talk to him directly about Falun Gong on that occasion as our workplace is a government agency, but I clarified the truth to him on a later date and sent him truth-clarification materials as a follow-up.

This meeting boosted my confidence and rid me of the fear I used to have that prevented me from clarifying the truth to my colleagues.

As people are in great fear of the coronavirus and feel restless, they have become less concerned about fame and status than they used to, and are less blundering in their behavior. They used to enjoy a very comfortable life, but they now feel that nothing can offer them safety.

This provides us with a very good opportunity to clarify the truth. Everyone is afraid of being infected with the virus, and when you tell them there is a way to keep safe, they are all willing to listen.

I went to work every day in the next few days and encouraged those I get along well with to quit the CCP organizations. They all willingly did so.

Compassion Changes Everything

I always had trouble in the past with one certain colleague, and for a long time we did not even speak to one another. She often spoke ill of me behind my back, and some colleagues, believing what she said, also kept me at a distance. I felt quite depressed for a while and even wanted to leave my job.

Later, with the help of fellow practitioners, I overcame the hurdle and made an effort to change the situation by changing myself first. I changed the tone of my voice and developed more compassion towards others. I was gradually able to get along well with everyone, except her. Even though we no longer had as many conflicts, our relationship remained cold, until one day a couple of years ago when I spent nearly two hours persuading her to drop the idea of fighting with another colleague.

She has since become more friendly towards me, but I am still a bit wary of her due to the piled-up grievances from the past.

I sometimes wonder what kind of destiny we had that brought us together as colleagues for nearly twenty years, and during all these years we were always pretty cold to each other, as if we could not bear the sight of one another. If I had not practiced Falun Gong, I might never have talked to her again.

I sent forth righteous thoughts the night before I decided to clarify the truth to her, to eliminate all the evil factors behind her.

I nonetheless felt hesitant again the next day, after I got up, and kept thinking about how she had behaved all these years. She is a very jealous person with strong attachments to fame and personal gain, and no one dares to argue with her. Would she listen to me? Would she report on me?

My mind became restless and I started to doubt if it was worthwhile talking to someone like her...

I couldn't make up my mind. When I looked up at Master's portrait, I felt like crying and had a sense of shame at the same time. In the end, I decided to go to clarify the truth to her.

However, I was still feeling a bit uneasy on the way there and felt as if I was just going to finish a task.

I realized that I was still holding on to some resentment and grievance against her. So I put on my earphones to listen to Falun Dafa songs, which is something I often do to inspire more compassion in myself.

While listening, I reflected upon my life experience, from being a lost soul who did many bad things, to becoming a Dafa practitioner, from feeling lonely and helpless due to the persecution, to elevating myself in the Fa after rejoining a Fa study group thanks to Master's arrangement. I can never repay what Dafa has given me! So how could I still harbor such human resentment? What was there to be afraid of? I have Dafa and Master right beside me! While I was thinking this way, tears blurred my eyes and I felt a lot more energized.

When I arrived at work, the colleague was busy with something, so I sat down to send forth righteous thoughts. Then I heard her talking to me. So I invited her for a chat, which lasted for nearly two hours.

She first talked a lot about the coronavirus crisis in China and around the world. I kept sending righteous thoughts while she was talking. The conversation gradually started to touch on the topic of faith. She told me that she believed in gods and could sense their existence. She told me that gods had arranged for me to help her out in difficulties and tribulations and that it was my responsibility to do so. I was very surprised to hear her say this and felt as if Master was speaking to me through her mouth.

Everything became easy afterward. I told her about prophecies with regard to what is happening today. She totally agreed with what I told her. I then encouraged her to quit the CCP organizations. She was a bit hesitant at first but agreed to quit in the end. By the time we finished our chat, it was almost time to go home. We wished each other the best as we walked out of the building, like a pair of true friends.

I felt very light on my way home. I kept thanking Master for giving me the opportunity to let go of my attachments of selfishness and resentment, and elevate myself in the Fa. Grateful tears ran down my face.

I realized through tempering myself lately that we must grasp every opportunity to do well in saving people, and that an opportunity, once missed, will never come back again.

The current coronavirus has also come as a warning, telling us that if we are still not diligent in cultivation, we may not have any more opportunities.