(Minghui.org) The outbreak of the new coronavirus was sudden. Even Dafa practitioners were a little thrown off, because it not only complicates our daily lives, but also largely interferes with our face-to-face truth-clarification activities and has caused us to lose the physical environment in which to save people – including tourist spots overseas. 

Most cities in China, large and small, are now empty and quiet. Most people do not venture outside. Public transportation has been halted. Even in my town, a small city in Heilongjiang Province, many residential subdivisions are tightly monitoring and regulating all visitors. People are panicking as if a great disaster is coming. It reflects the trend of Fa-rectification's rapid progress, and saving people is more urgent than ever. 

I personally believe that the old forces' brutal tests of Dafa practitioners are approaching the end. Perhaps the first large-scale elimination in human society is about to start. But elimination of sentient beings is not what Master wants. What Master wants is for us to save as many people as possible before the end of the Fa-rectification period. The outbreak of the new virus is the biggest “stick-warning” for us. We should ask ourselves if we have lived up to Master's criteria. Many of us probably will have regrets. 

However, we still have opportunities to do better. We should use the boundless capabilities and wisdom given to us by Master to display the amazing power of Falun Dafa in China.

Master told us explicitly:

“And speaking of the final phase, you yourselves have seen that changes are happening here in this world that parallel larger, cosmic changes. For example, the evil’s persecution of Dafa disciples is reaching a dead end, and the evil can hardly sustain itself anymore; it is just that the engines of the persecution are still running. But as I just indicated, having made it through to the final phase, we should do even better at what we are supposed to do, for things are all the more critical toward the end. You made it through the earlier days when circumstances were so difficult and things were so evil, so there is no reason not to do still better now, in the final phase.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

How should we face this altered environment for saving people, which has come about so suddenly? We must face this problem squarely, and I would like to share my thoughts.

1. First, Dafa practitioners should more intensively and more frequently send forth righteous thoughts and disintegrate the interference from the old forces.
2. It is important to use the internet and phones to clarify the truth now. However, the evil party blocks access to the internet. Also, practitioners do not have enough calling cards. These have been two serious problems over the years. Many practitioners want to clarify the truth, but due to these issues, they have been unable to do very much although they have had time. We should send forth righteous thoughts to break through the Party's blockades, and especially to break the evil policy that one must show ID and have a photo taken when buying calling cards.Also, practitioners overseas should call the government officials in these departments and clarify the truth to them.

Moreover, practitioners who have special connections with the government officials in charge of selling calling cards should put more efforts into purchasing the cards for other practitioners.

3. We should pass out more truth-clarification materials and display more posters in public places. In the article published on Minghui.org on February 2, “Urgently Saving Sentient Beings During the Coronavirus Outbreak,” the author gave the same suggestions. Below are four paragraphs from this article:

“The truth-clarifying materials that I have chosen to use are more objective regarding content, mainly targeting the current outbreak. As people are judiciously keeping an eye out for such news, they are downloading the articles '17 Years after SARS, the CCP Continues to Cover Up Information about the New Deadly Coronavirus Epidemic,' 'My Pneumonia-like Symptoms Disappeared after Reciting 'Falun Dafa is Good,'' and 'Remember that Falun Dafa Is Good Amidst the Outbreak.'

"After later communicating with the practitioners at home, we all felt that the 'Remember that Falun Dafa is Good Amidst the Outbreak' article has a good title, but the examples cited in it are not truly relevant, as they are mainly about the tsunami, and earthquake incidents. People might feel that this has nothing to do with the present virus outbreak.

“But the other two articles address this epidemic, so people can likely relate to them better, as people are afraid of the outbreak at this time. We therefore printed these articles on double-page-sized paper, enlarged the words, folded them in half, and started to distribute them. These articles will hopefully directly affect peoples’ hearts.

“The same goes for the truth-clarifying signs and posters. We chose eye-catching and beautiful ones to post. Although very few people come out of their homes, they will still need to come out for necessities. Therefore, when they see the posters during this time, they may experience a totally new feeling. Instead of looking at them holding onto their past opinions, they may look at them with the latest calamity in mind.”

I agree with this author, and I have started to do these things.
4. We should call or text our friends and relatives. After offering our new year's greetings, we should bring the blessing of the truth to them. We should ask them to tell their friends the truth about Falun Dafa and explain how the truth can bring safety to people. To have good results, we should send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil in other dimensions before we call or text them.
5. For practitioners who live in the areas directly affected by the pandemic, if your understanding reaches a high level and you have the righteous thoughts to do so, you may want to clarify the truth in hospitals and talk to the patients and their family members. The effects will be really good.
I believe that at this moment, Dafa disciples, who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, must step out to save sentient beings. We should let the public see our courage and calmness, as well as our compassion, while facing the pandemic.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that the Fa-rectification of the universe is under Master's control, so practitioners should not be confused by all kinds of information about the pandemic on the internet. Reading and watching news about these things may interfere with a cultivator's righteous thoughts. If our hearts are moved, the old forces could take advantage of our loopholes, and we could deviate on our journey of cultivation. Only if we do the three things well and cultivate ourselves well, can we accomplish our sacred missions.

Please correct me if I said anything that is not in accordance with the Fa.