(Minghui.org) I am 39 years old, have been a cook for 20 years, and own a restaurant. Before I got ill, my life had been very smooth and successful. I’m over 6 feet tall and relatively handsome. My wife is gentle and kind, and we have two beautiful daughters. We were living a very happy and peaceful life. But all of a sudden, everything changed.

Diagnosed with a Life-Threatening Illness

I enjoyed making a lot of friends and along the way I had formed many bad habits. I often went out to party with friends, where we ate, drank, and smoked a lot. I had all the occupational diseases of a cook, such as cervical spondylosis and periarthritis. My heart was not great, but since I was young I didn’t care. I just partied as usual.

In the spring of 2018, I felt very exhausted and it was difficult to breathe. I was diagnosed with heart disease, which surprised the doctor because I was still young. He said that I needed to have surgery, otherwise, I would face the risk of my blood vessels being blocked, which could lead to paralysis or death. The surgery would cost over 100,000 yuan. It would have some risks, and the outcome could not be guaranteed.

I was in shock and could not believe what I heard. I felt that I was going to die soon. I asked myself, “My younger daughter couldn’t even say the word “dad” yet. If I die, how could they move on?” I cried.

Indoctrinated by the CCP

Fortunately, my wife is a Falun Dafa practitioner and she again asked me to practice Dafa.

Over 20 years ago, my mother-in-law had rheumatism and began to practice Falun Dafa. A year later she was in complete recovery. My wife was a teenager then. She had all kinds of health issues and was frequently hospitalized. She also began to practice Dafa with her mother, and soon she became healthy and beautiful.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Dafa in July 1999 and they slandered Dafa. My parents were poisoned by these lies, so when my wife and I were first dating, they were against us getting married. I didn’t believe all the things the CCP said and felt that Falun Dafa practitioners were all good people. I felt that my wife was kind, righteous, and someone I wanted to be around. After dating for seven years, we got married when I was 34.

Even though I did not oppose my wife practicing Dafa, I was also poisoned by some of the lies from the CCP. I did not understand all the persecution facts and had said disrespectful things about Master. I felt that my wife should just practice at home and did not need to risk herself by going out to clarify the facts. I didn’t want to listen when she talked about Dafa and didn’t want to read Dafa materials. I never imagined that one day I would start to practice Dafa.

So when my wife again asked me to practice Dafa, I hesitated. Then she said to me with tears in her eyes, “Our grandaunt also had serious heart diseases in the past, and she recovered after practicing Dafa. You should learn it. We can call her now and ask her about it.” Grandaunt said, “Practice Dafa and you will be fine! Come on home!”

On the way home, my wife continued to tell me about miracles that people had after practicing Dafa. At that time I really listened and I agreed to start.

But, as soon as I arrived home I changed my mind. I thought I’d wait a little and maybe I’d get lucky. I was too attached to smoking and drinking, as well as the otherworldly enjoyments. Now looking back it was quite foolish: My life was in danger, but I was still thinking about enjoyment!

I researched my illness and found that people relapsed or were even getting worse after surgery. Not really wanting to go under the knife, I decided on conservative treatment. I first took some Chinese traditional medicine, but I was not getting any better. I then spent a lot of money and tried acupuncture, but it was ineffective. My condition worsened, and my life seemed to be nearing its end.

Truly Beginning to Practice Dafa

My wife was very sad seeing that my condition worsened day by day. One day she said very firmly, “Practice Dafa cultivation. Only Dafa can save you. I’ll read it to you and just listen to Zhuan Falun.” This time I agreed. That was May of 2018.

From then on, my wife would read Zhuan Falun to me whenever she had time. Other times she would have me listen to Master's Fa teaching lectures. She often shared with me as well. During this time, our grandaunt and another senior practitioner frequently came to see and encourage me. Gradually I was able to sit up and could eat a little bit. Reading the Fa I learned about the origin of sickness and the true purpose of life. 

Gradually, my health improved, and I began to learn the Dafa exercises. At first I could not stand steadily as I had lost strength in my legs. But I thought that I must make breakthroughs, because I was a Dafa practitioner now. It indeed happened as I wished. After just two to three days I was able to do all five exercises.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

I continued to experience the power of Dafa. One day I suddenly felt that something really heavy that had been weighing me down disappeared. It was like I took off a shell, and all of a sudden I felt a lot better.

I knew that Master was already taking care of me. I insisted on studying the Fa and doing the exercises daily, and Master cleansed my body again and again. At first I seemed to be having diarrhea. This lasted for about a week, and then I was becoming more and more energetic.

One night I was half asleep when I saw Master in a white coat. He said to me, “There is no issue with your heart. The real issue is in your blood. Then he removed three buckets of blood and told me that he has installed filters in my body. In order to make me understand better, Master sketched a diagram on the table: there were two filters installed in my body, one in my chest and the other in my stomach. It was a very clear diagram and it made complete sense at the time.

I wanted to copy it, so I called my wife to get me a pen and paper, but she was busy making me breakfast so she didn’t get them. Gradually the diagram faded in my mind. The scene of Master treating my illness and drawing the diagram was so real and vivid. It made my belief in Master and Dafa even stronger.

The next day, Master again helped me cleanse my body. When in bed, my joints were aching. It was so painful that I was sweating a lot. In the morning, my pillow and bedding were all wet. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep at all because as soon as I fell asleep, the pain would wake me up. So I ended up just listening to Master’s Fa lectures all night long and decided to turn over my life completely to Master.
When I got up in the morning I felt no pain. But, at night the extreme pain would come back. Sometimes it hurt so badly that I thought, “Will this ever be over? If I stop practicing Dafa, will the pain go away?”

I complained when my wife and I studied the Fa in the evening, “I don’t want to do this anymore. This is too painful. Every day it’s either cleansing the body or improving my xinxing. I don’t want to continue anymore.”

But, I regretted it as soon as I said it. I said to myself, “Was that me who said that? Could I even tell between good and bad anymore? Master is cleansing my body for good and that is saving my life. My life was almost gone at one point, isn’t this pain nothing compared to that?” My wife also encouraged me, “Master is cleansing your body from the root. You are suffering a bit now, but you will return to good health.”

Nothing can be hidden from Master. The next morning my wife was very excited and told me, “I saw Master in my dream, and I felt his strong and compassionate energy field surrounding me. I asked Master, ‘My husband has been practicing Dafa for several days. Why is he still in pain?’ Master said with great compassion, ‘Do you know how badly he had messed up his body? Do you know how much karma he had incurred in his previous lives? He has only been practicing for a short time--how could he be completely pain-free?’ I was quite embarrassed and wanted to ask something else, but then the alarm went off and I woke up.”

Master Cleanses Body

I immediately understood that Master was saying these things to me and was hinting. Master knew everything going on in my mind, and I wouldn’t dare to think about bad things anymore. I must believe in Master and the Fa, and cultivate well. From then on, no matter what situation and how painful it got, I just clenched my teeth and stuck with it. When I was doing the sitting meditation, sometimes I would sweat very hard, but I still continued to the end. After about a week, I no longer felt the pain.

Master continued to cleanse my body by removing the illness Qi from my body. For the next three or four days, every five or six minutes I would let some air out and it smelled extremely bad. We had to open all the window despite it was very cold outside. We also had to take all the bedding outside during the day.

After that, I was feeling that when I was doing the exercises, the meridians throughout my body were opening up. Sometimes even my wife could hear the snapping sound. Master also did guanding (anointment) for me, both when I was and wasn’t doing the exercises. I often felt a warm stream of energy flowing from my head to toe.

Now I have practiced Dafa for less than a year. Master removed the illnesses from the root. I have fully recovered without taking any medicine, and without spending a penny. Dafa is indeed powerful.

Validating that Dafa Is Good

Dafa is so great and I must let others know. My aunt is a doctor, and in the past she didn’t understand Dafa and really looked down on my wife. She also had heart issues like me. I told her about my situation, and that I had completely recovered after practicing Dafa. I asked her to practice it, too. She didn’t say yes or no at the time. When she saw me in person, she put her hand on my heart area and also felt my pulse at my wrist, and then she said, “You are indeed healthy now.” After seeing me, she went back home and started to practice Dafa exercises at once. Her attitude towards my wife changed.

My parents were deeply poisoned by the lies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and they had always disliked the fact that my wife practiced Dafa. My father had been poisoned so badly that no one dared to say anything negative about the CCP in front of him. But they saw that after I started to practice Dafa, my health was greatly improved, my bad temper was gone, I no longer went partying frequently, I had quit smoking and drinking, and I was much more responsible toward my family. They started to think positively about Dafa and began to understand the facts about Dafa and the persecution.

Whenever my classmates or friends ask me how I am doing now, I always tell them proudly that I now practice Falun Dafa, and that I had recovered from all my illnesses. I then clarify the facts and tell them to quit the CCP.

The Little Fa-Study Group In Our Home

My two daughters began to listen to Master’s Fa lectures even before they were born. My older daughter is four years old now, and she is a young Dafa disciple who began to cultivate before I did. Dafa has opened up her wisdom. Even though she cannot read yet, but she memorized Master's poem book Hong Yin. She is currently memorizing Hong Yin IV. She also memorized On Dafa, which she recites every day. 

She understands that she needs to follow the Fa teachings. When other children hit her in nursery school, she knows to not hit back. She often points out our shortcomings when our words and actions are not in accordance with the Fa. She can do all five exercises and can do the meditation in the full lotus position for 40 minutes, even when it hurts. My younger daughter is two and is just beginning to learn to talk. She can’t even pronounce the character “Fa” clearly yet, but she knows to say “Dafa is good”. She can sit in the single lotus position, and mimics the movements of the Dafa exercises.

In the evenings, my wife, older daughter, and I are a small Fa-study group. My wife and I take turns reading the Fa while our daughter listens. We usually study until 9:30 p.m., when our daughters go to bed. We feel so fortunate and happy.

Dafa has not only given me great health but also has made me a cultivator who is walking on the path to return to his true self. I feel so blessed to be able to practice in Falun Dafa.