(Minghui.org) I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner who was born in the 1990s. I started practicing with my parents when I was seven years old. I followed my elders in studying the Fa and telling people about the practice. I knew that Falun Dafa was good, a cultivation practice that can guide practitioners to return to their original, true selves. I didn’t really cultivate diligently, though.

When the persecution started in 1999, my parents went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. They were persecuted and illegally detained in forced labor camps. I lost my cultivation environment when I was in elementary school. I knew Dafa was persecuted and that I needed to clarify the truth to tell people the persecution was wrong. But as time passed, I gradually drifted away from the Fa and became an ordinary person.

During a language test in 2006, I wrote an essay to appeal for justice for Dafa. The test results came back and I found out I had failed. It resulted in me not being able to attend high school. I went out of town to do odd jobs. I took with me Master’s audio lectures and the exercise music, but I wasn’t really any different from an ordinary person trying to behave well.

Many young Dafa practitioners like me had similar experiences during these years of persecution. I know about twenty previously young practitioners who are now nearly 30 years old. As children they practiced with their parents, but they’re now lost in ordinary society.

In 2012, when I returned home from working in another city, my parents told me about the responsibility and historic mission that Dafa practitioners have. I wasn’t very diligent in reading Master’s recent lectures and never thought I was a Fa-rectification period practitioner. When I considered my future, I always thought that I may be a practitioner after the Fa rectifies the human world. I always looked for excuses to not regard myself as a Fa-rectification period practitioner.

My First Dream

I dreamed that my wife and I were going home on a bus. I knew several people on the bus and most of them were Falun Dafa practitioners from my village. As the bus was about to leave the station, we got off the bus to get some luggage. After getting our luggage we realized that the bus had gone without us. We phoned the bus driver and he said he would be waiting for us at, “Peach Blossom Spring” (a utopia from a Chinese fable). My wife and I hurriedly found a car so as to catch the bus but I realized that I couldn’t even start the engine, let alone drive the car.

I felt that Master was hinting that I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner, but that my attachments caused me to miss the bus. Master was compassionate enough to wait for me at “Peach Blossom Springs.” I knew that I should be more diligent and take cultivation seriously.

The Second Dream

In my second dream, I was in school. My classmates came into the classroom from outside, waiting for graduation. The teacher told us that he would collect the homework he gave us earlier that day. When I took mine out, I realized that I only did the beginning and the rest was blank. I was very worried.

The teacher walked to my desk, pointed at my textbook and said, “Look at this. How did you take care of it?” I noticed that my textbook was dirty and all torn up. The teacher said that I should do better. When I looked around the classroom I saw that many classmates had not come back to graduate; some had come back but forgotten their homework, while some were quarreling and fighting with each other. Very few students were able to complete the homework assignment.

I enlightened that although I had started practicing at a young age, as time passed my cultivation became a mess. I wasn’t able to fulfill Master’s requirements. This applied to many Dafa practitioners in my dream who also started practicing as children. They haven’t returned to Dafa cultivation, and haven’t fully completed their homework. Time is very tight, but we still have a chance.

In 2018, my father was illegally detained. In the process of rescuing my father, I felt I fully returned to Dafa. I initially went to the domestic security office with a human mindset to ask for the release of my father. I later acted as a Dafa practitioner, and rescued my father with righteous thoughts. I also exposed the persecution and clarified the truth.

I kept studying the Fa, and could feel Master helping me all the way. I was able to go to the domestic security office, the prosecutor’s office, and the court. I found a lawyer to defend my father in court. I appealed to the intermediate court and file complaints against police officers. I also made truth-clarification materials and distributed them. All this was possible by my studying the Fa. I realized that Master arranged everything.

The Third Dream

I did not pass the high school entrance exam but the teacher said he made an exception for 3 students and I was one of them. My scores were low. I needed to try harder. I realized that Master is compassionate and was giving me hints that he was making an exception for me. Thank you benevolent Master!

It took over a year to rescue my father and during that time Master arranged for me to meet practitioners whose family members were also illegally detained. We cooperated with each other by going to lawyers, a prosecutor’s office, detention centers and prisons to rescue the local detained practitioners. Many who cooperated with me were also once young practitioners. I know this is Master’s arrangement for us younger practitioners. Compared to the older practitioners, we do a better job in terms of rescuing practitioners via the legal system, clarifying the truth and exposing the persecution.

In the process of rescuing practitioners, I’ve noticed differences in young practitioners whose elders were either arrested or harassed. Some know that Falun Dafa is good, but they’re frightened and worried so they try to persuade their parents to give up Falun Dafa or practice secretly at home. The second group side with the persecutors and slander Dafa. Some of them have even turned in their own parents. The third group knows that Falun Dafa is good but they don’t care about the persecution. The fourth group actively tries to rescue their parents; these young practitioners are gradually resuming their cultivation.

I’ve come to realize that we have a significant predestined relationship if we’re born into a Falun Dafa practitioner’s family. No matter whether Master has arranged for us to be a Fa-rectification period disciple or a practitioner in the period of the Fa rectifying the human world, we should treasure our cultivation opportunity. There will be no second chance if we miss this, nor will we have any chance if we go to the opposite side. For those who haven’t done well, don’t miss the opportunity that Master is giving us.

There are also many cases where older practitioners are very diligent and do the three things well but they don’t clarify the truth thoroughly to their own children. If something happens, their children think negatively of Dafa. I enlightened that only by being a true cultivator can you truly change a person. Practitioners should do well in clarifying the truth to their own children and try to guide them back into cultivation.

Thank you Master for not giving up on us and giving us countless chances. May those once young practitioners return to the path of cultivation.