(Minghui.org) Although I am usually diligent in cultivation, I started to find excuses to use my smartphone when I became bored while looking after young children. I used it to buy things I needed or for the household. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. I wasted a lot of time this way.

When I allowed a lot of ordinary things into my head, it was difficult to get Dafa into my head. I made up my mind to put down my smartphone and replace it with a basic phone.

On the surface, it seems harmless to relax and play on the phone for a while. But in reality, my using a smartphone was a very serious problem and a manifestation of stubbornness.

There are traps everywhere in society. Only when you truly consider yourself a cultivator can you change your behavior and improve your mind.

In fact, I feel that the term “having loopholes” means that a journey of thousands of miles can be stopped by a small anthill. Take lust for example. As a young girl, you need to be vigilant about the things contemporary girls like including beauty, body sculpting, following the lives of celebrities, gossip, and reading romance novels. Lust lurks in all these things.

Once you accept something, you will meet with even worse temptations: don’t you agree with the beauty and sacredness of love? When you do, even lower-level, unethical things will be dangled before your eyes to seduce you.

If you fail the test of sexual desire or other temptations, the darkness and despair you feel in your heart will negatively impact your cultivation. It’s really hard to cultivate in this world. We have to pay attention to everything that we do.

Whether you think you can pass difficult tribulations or not, you must work at it. There is no excuse for saying, “I can’t do it.” If the thought occurs that you won't do well, that is not what you are really thinking. Wouldn't it be ridiculous for a drowning person to say, “I’m too tired to swim ashore, I can’t hold on. I’ll take a break and be comfortable for a while.”