(Minghui.org) After I clearly understood the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts for the U.S. election, I have been doing it in the past few weeks.

Although I rarely see anything with my celestial eyes, I can still feel the power of my divine body when sending forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes afterwards, my human side seems to be fully cleansed.

When I first sent forth righteous thoughts for the general election, my human body was surrounded by powerful energy. I felt as if I had traveled to the US. I saw the people there, the history of that country, and the evil madness there.

While sending forth righteous thoughts, I have encountered evil beings that threatened to “shoot me” and “cursed at me,” which were all very real.

A few days ago, before going to bed at night, I sent forth righteous thoughts for another 40 minutes. That night, in my dream, a few underworld people tortured me, pushed me into a pit and cut my flesh to cook a meal.

After I woke up, they were still by my side, and I could vaguely see their appearance. I truly felt the death threat from the faraway country. I sat up and sent forth righteous thoughts again for a while before they slowly disappeared.

This was my personal experience. It is critical to send forth righteous thoughts for this general election. Our lives are created by Master and protected by Master. We shoulder the responsibility of assisting Master in Fa-rectification. We are responsible for all the righteous factors in the universe. I hope that all fellow practitioners will actively participate in sending righteous thoughts for the election so as to save more sentient beings.