To the Fa Conference in Taiwan

Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference in Taiwan: Greetings!

Dafa is cultivation practice. The purpose of Dafa disciples’ cultivation is to reach consummation. Presently, the human world is already at the end of the end times, and disruptions to society from the turmoil of the chaotic world are especially intense. This is a battle between good and evil; however, you must hold your ground and not be interfered with, while at the same time do a better job clarifying the truth and saving the world’s people. When clarifying the truth, do not place yourselves among ordinary people, and only when you position yourselves well will you not get swept into the chaos, and only then will you do a better job.

I wish your Fa conference a complete success!

Master     Li Hongzhi

(Translation by Team Blue, December 6, 2020)