(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa in 1998 and have been cultivating for 22 years. Many miraculous things have occurred during my years of cultivation; I have personally experienced miracles mentioned in Zhuan Falun.

After obtaining the Fa, I felt the Falun rotating both clockwise and counter-clockwise in my lower abdomen. Once, my body started to levitate when I was laying down. I was very nervous and wanted to come down. As soon as that thought occurred, I stopped levitating. 

One time while I was working in the fields, I felt I was rising like a helicopter. I could also hear the wind howling near my ears. I became very nervous and yelled for it to stop immediately. When I thought about it later, isn’t this what Master wrote about?

“In fact, let me tell you that a person can levitate once the great heavenly circuit is opened—it is just that simple.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

I thought to myself: Isn’t my great heavenly circuit opened?!

There was also another time when all my farming tools became tiny, little molecules in motion. I thought I was getting dizzy so I looked up to the sky. However, I saw that the sky had also became tiny little molecules in motion. I then looked at my arms and hands which were also tiny little molecules in motion. This continued for a while before slowly disappearing. Master said, 

“Real and concrete physical objects are placed right here, so who would claim that they are false? A physical object’s form of existence appears like this, but the way it actually manifests is not. Our eyes, nonetheless, have the capability to stabilize physical objects in our physical dimension to the state that we can see now. The objects are not actually in this state, and they are not in this state even in our dimension. For instance, what does a person look like under a microscope? The whole body is made of loose, tiny molecules, just like grains of sand that are in motion. Electrons orbit nuclei, and the whole body is squirming and moving. The surface of the body is neither smooth nor regular. Any matter in the universe, such as steel, iron, and rock are the same, and inside, all of their molecular elements are in motion. You cannot see their entire form, and they are actually not stable. This table is also squirming, yet your eyes cannot see the truth. This pair of eyes can give one a false impression like that.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

This proves what Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun is indeed correct.

My electric scooter ran out of battery once while it was lightly snowing outside. I started to walk alongside the electric scooter while pushing it. Suddenly, a van came flying out of nowhere and crashed into the scooter and sent me flying into a ditch. At the time, I only had one thought, asking Master to save me. 

The driver of the van was trembling with fear and asked, “Are you ok?” I replied, “I am perfectly fine!” but my electric scooter was severely hit. I thought of how Master told us to also be a better person, so I told the driver since the scooter was not mine, I needed 50 yuan to fix it. After giving me the 50 yuan, I told the driver everything was fine and that he could leave. By the second day, my body recovered very well. 

Through this incident, I realized that this was what Master had mentioned in Zhuan Falun

“We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)