(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for 20 years. Words cannot express my gratitude to Master, who always looks after me.

Elderly Father Benefited from Dafa

My father is 79 years old. He understands that Falun Dafa is good and supports Dafa. He has even helped me distribute Dafa truth-clarification materials several times.

On September 2, 2020, my father rode his motorbike to visit my sister. On the way back, he had my sister sitting behind him. At a sharp turn, my father's motorbike collided with a car. My sister was thrown several meters. Luckily she was not severely injured. My father was injured, however.

He was taken to a hospital by ambulance. When I rushed to the hospital, my father was given a blood transfusion. His head was wrapped in gauze, his face was swollen, he had several stitches on his jaw, and his right eye was black. A tube was inserted into the left side of his chest. His left knee had several stitches too.

My sister told me the x-rays showed that my father had four broken ribs and a pleural hemorrhage. His shoulder blade was fractured. He could not move his left arm. The doctor said that he needed an operation, and it would cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

I was worried. First, I did not know where we could get that much money for the operation. Second, I was afraid that at my father's age, he might not be able to stand such a major operation.

I remembered that Falun Dafa is powerful. As soon as my father woke up, I suggested that he recite “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” and listen to Master's lecture recordings. My father later told me when the pain was unbearable, he recited those sentences and asked Master for help, and his pain was then reduced.

My father decided to go home without undergoing the operation. When he arrived home, he was bedridden and could not take care of himself. But he recovered remarkably fast. Within two weeks, he was walking around!

In another incident, my father was poisoned by carbon monoxide when he lifted the lid of his heating oven on a cold winter day. He called me. When I rushed home, my father was lying there and his face was sallow and lifeless. I immediately told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” A neighbor suggested that we take him to a hospital. My father refused. He recovered by simply reciting those two sentences.

Master Saves My Life Twice

This was more than 10 years ago: I was driving an agricultural tricycle downhill, with my husband driving another vehicle behind me. I drove slowly since the road was narrow, and I'd just learned how to drive not long before. A motorbike, driven by a neighbor, wanted to pass me. I wanted to put on the brakes and pull over to one side of the road so the motorbike could pass. Instead of stepping on the brake, however, I stepped on the gas. My vehicle started to speed up. Then, I saw another vehicle coming up the hill, carrying a full load of cement. The driver was shocked to see my vehicle coming straight toward him at a high speed. He was completely frozen. My foot was still on the gas.

Just as the two vehicles were about to collide, my vehicle rolled over on its side. I don't remember how I extricated myself from the vehicle. I lost all feeling for a moment and did not even hear any sound.

My husband and my neighbor rushed over to me. They were pleasantly surprised to see that I was not injured. Master saved me!

In another accident, in 2019, my tricycle rolled over and landed on top of me. My calf was split open. Hot liquid from the tricycle poured onto my legs. A part of the skin and tendons on my lower legs was basically "cooked," and later became infected. When the situation looked hopeless, Master healed my wound – new skin and tendons appeared! I was able to walk again. My family thought it was a miracle that I recovered without seeing a doctor or undergoing any medical treatment.

I am so honored to become a Dafa practitioner. Even if I gave all that I have, I wouldn't be able to repay Master. I will cultivate diligently, awaken the conscience of more people, and try to make Master worry less about me.