(Minghui.org) When talking about the U.S. presidential election with fellow practitioners I’ve noticed that some practitioners have thoughts like “If Trump doesn’t get reelected, he can try again next time” or “Don't take sides. In case the other candidate wins, we will still have to interact with and save them.”

Master said in his new poem “On the General Election” (Team Yellow Translation),

“In this majestic universe, the communist devil is making troubleFraud and corruption are harming a great nationAll the machinations make people only more despondentWhen will justice be upheld and our conscience restored?”

The Minghui editorial board has also made it very clear in the article “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals” that “although we do not participate in ordinary people's politics, we need to know what is righteous and wicked, distinguish good from evil, and know who we want to support (Trump).”

As Dafa practitioners, we must be clear about who we support and what the outcome of the election should and must be. This election is no longer about which candidate is better than the other—it’s a choice between two different value systems and two different futures.

From my understanding of the Fa, it’s against the highest principles of the universe when someone is trying to deprive the American people of their freedom to vote and of free speech through fraud.

In fact, this is no longer a matter just concerning the human realm. The result of the election has already been determined by the divine and it’s closely related to the progress of the Fa-rectification. When someone wants to change it by cheating, there must be beings from other dimensions that are behind the fraud. It’s simply not something that can be achieved by human beings only.

Master taught us:

“whereas real Buddhas are guardians of the cosmos and are responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference,” Guiding the Voyage)

We are Dafa disciples who assist Master in Fa-rectification and we are the righteous gods of future universes. As such, we cannot be ambiguous on the matter of the election fraud. We must firmly eliminate all evil elements that instigate the fraud in other dimensions.

It is unacceptable for anyone to try to change the outcome of this election by perhaps the biggest fraud in U.S. history. It’s not that we can let it go this time and do it again four years from now. In fact, if we tolerate the evil once, it will be much worse the next time around.

Those who do evil are most afraid of being exposed and held accountable, so they will use more nefarious means to make sure that they can still control the election in four years, eight years, or even 20 years. It will be much more difficult to set it right in the future.

Having gone through numerous tribulations and tests in our arduous cultivation, what would we do if we were given a second chance to face the onset of the persecution again? Is it better to stop it on the spot or allow it to happen and turn it around later? Isn't the election fraud in the U.S. another test for us? The answer is very clear.

We must not harbor in our minds the ideas of compromising or retreating, nor the mentality of just watching and not taking a stand against the evil. Dafa will prevail. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance will prevail. Let us send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evils and carry out our duty to assist Master to rectify and protect the cosmos.

Having said that, we still have to do things rationally on the human level. We can continue to clarify the truth through the media or in person. But we need to be clear that what we do is different from ordinary people.

What we target are the evil factors in other dimensions. Those in the human world who carried out the fraud did wrong, but they may still be those we want to save. Their fraudulent behaviors should be punished in accordance with the law in the human world, but we hope that they can redeem themselves and still have chances to be saved.