(Minghui.org)  I was rarely able to participate in the global morning exercises. It was always extremely difficult for me to get up so early, no matter how many alarm clocks I set for myself. Truthfully, I was disappointed that I enjoyed sleeping in so much.

Our time is so precious. How could I spend so much time in bed? Any time I would sleep in, I would have lustful dreams. However, I would not have such dreams when I woke up early. So I deduce that there must be a relationship between seeking comfort and lust.

In October, I met two practitioners, a mother and a daughter. The daughter lives out of town. She is young, with no other practitioners around to help her. She also had trouble getting up to do the global morning exercises, so I shared some of my thoughts with her.

After our conversation I felt a bit disappointed in myself, since I knew what was to be done, and yet I had not been doing so myself, desiring to avoid suffering any hardship. I wanted to help her to improve, yet I knew that I should improve myself first, and then share my experiences with her.

So I set my first goal: to increase the amount of time I could “hold the wheel.” I started to do the second exercise, “Holding the Wheel,” for two hours. It went fine for the first three days. However, several days later, my entire body was in pain. After a few more days, the pain disappeared, and I have been able to continue doing the second exercise for two hours.

I wanted to have Master's portrait at home. Soon a fellow practitioner brought me a portrait and an incense burner.

Since then, I would get up every morning at 3:10 a.m.. After washing and dressing, I would light up three incense sticks and kneel to Master's portrait. That would be followed by the sitting meditation for 90 to 120 minutes. Every evening, I also do two hours of the second exercise.

One day, I suddenly developed an improved understanding of what Master has said:

“...humankind’s time-space concept is different from that in another, larger time-space. Here, one shichen is two hours, which is a year in that space. ” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

On that day, I had a high fever. When I was doing the exercise of holding the wheel, I felt that the two hours were incredibly long. It truly felt like a year.

I almost let down my arms several times that day, and yet a thought stopped me. The room was quiet. Suddenly, I heard something dripping on the floor. It turned out to be drops of my sweat.

For the next day and a half, my body went through a cycle of feeling very hot and then very cold. I asked Master what I should do. A voice said, “You can solve the problem with a single thought.”

I then thought, “This status is not correct. Please stop.” As soon as I had this thought, my body instantly returned to normal.

One day, I made an appointment with a fellow practitioner to go out to distribute fifty copies of the booklet “Hope.” Before leaving home, I knelt in front of Master's portrait and asked Master to help strengthen us so we could save more people. When I stood up, I felt Master tell me clearly, “You may go now!” I felt that I was surrounded by a strong energy field.

We went into a high rise building, but the unit door required a card swipe to enter. As we wondered how to enter, a milk delivery man came and opened the unit door. We followed him in.

We began to climb the stairs. I was younger and faster, so when I reached the 15th floor, I noticed that my fellow practitioner was several stories behind. I realized that I had acted wrongly, and that she and I should work as one body in this endeavor. I slowed down so we could go at the same pace.

Eventually we finished distributing booklets in the unit. Everything went smoothly until we were at the door again. It turned out we could not get out without a card either. Still, we remained calm and undisturbed. We sent righteous thoughts. I asked Master for help. Within one minute, an elderly man who was returning from shopping opened the door from outside, so we exited safely.

It seemed that we were lucky that someone opened the door for us just when we needed. Of course, it was Master who helped us!