(Minghui.org) With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, Falun Dafa practitioners held celebratory activities in Hermann Park in Houston on the morning of December 22, 2020. They did the exercises together and distributed fliers to park visitors. During the event, practitioners expressed deep appreciation for Dafa's founder, Master Li Hongzhi. They shared their cultivation experiences and talked about how Falun Dafa helped them become better people. 

Practitioners do the Falun Dafa exercises in Hermann Park, Houston.

Eliminating Attachment to Fame and Personal Interest

Mr. Yang said that his view of the world changed after he began practicing Falun Dafa. “I was a doctor in China and enjoyed a good income. But I noted the decline of professional ethics in Chinese society, which is different from my understanding of traditional values. 

“In August 2016, my wife, mother-in-law and I came to Houston. Ms. Yu, a friend of my mother-in-law, talked about her life-changing experience after practicing Falun Dafa. I was impressed and I started to read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. 

“I understood that Falun Dafa teaches people to be kind and to become better people. For example, I now have a completely different view of money. I take money lightly now, as you won't lose it if it's yours. 

“With this understanding, I donated the money that I got in indirect ways. I felt that money did not belong to me. I wanted to start a new life in America with a regular job.” 

He continued, “Because of the practice, I feel energetic. Now I only need to sleep five hours a day, and I'm not tired after working a full day. Before I began practicing I slept for seven or eight hours a day, but I was still tired. 

“I don’t have the anxiety of worrying about economic difficulties that haunted me before I practiced Dafa. My life is stable. I have peace of mind, and I'm at ease. Master Li has given over 100 million people a right direction in life: uplifting morality, resuming traditional values and returning to our true selves. I appreciate Master’s compassionate salvation.”

College Freshman: Placing Others First

Tianle, a college freshman, said, “I started practicing Falun Dafa since my parents practice. I often participate in various events to tell people about Dafa. I believe humans came to earth not just live a life but for a higher purpose. What we do on the earth should have profound meaning.”

He added, “I practice Falun Dafa because it guides people to have moral concepts and principles. To live more meaningfully, I need to act according to righteous values. Dafa's guiding principles, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, are the principles to judge what's good or bad in the universe.” 

“I had a special experience,” Tianle said. “I was busy applying for college and preparing for final exams in my senior year in high school. Although it was difficult for me to complete all my work, a friend who comes from a non-English speaking country often asked me to help him. 

“If I placed my own study as the highest priority, I wouldn't be able to help him. For most people, the most important thing should be focusing on one's own studies. Helping him wouldn't get me much. 

“However, I followed Master’s teaching and placed others first. I realized that his studies were important, so I helped him. I realized that I would be living a selfish life if I evaluated everything based on personal benefit. I would have greedily taken care of everything [for myself] and would have nothing after life is over. 

“My life will be uplifting if I can follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance when doing anything, instead of thinking only about my personal interest.” 

Tianle (first from right) and Cynthia (second from right)

Grades Improve After Prioritizing Dafa

Cynthia is an undergraduate student at the University of Texas and has practiced Falun Dafa for many years with her mother. She said, “I appreciate having other practitioners to share with, so we can overcome difficulties together.” 

She shared, “A global network of young practitioners was set up in 2017 under the care of Master. The purpose was to clarify the truth to students and young professionals. 

“As 2020 is a special year, I am very grateful for the opportunity to communicate with other young practitioners every day. Although my last year of undergraduate study was very busy, Master gave me a very supportive group. They always inspire me to practice and study.

“In May this year, before the start of the summer term, I struggled to balance my time between studying and practicing Dafa. However, my grades did not meet the minimum requirement. 

“I participated in group Fa study and morning exercises. I started to shoulder more responsibilities in the network. I realized that balancing my studies and practicing was easy if I placed the Fa first. I looked inward and noted my shortcomings when I was disappointed with my grades. Due to the diligent cultivation environment, I got straight A's in all my summer term classes.” 

Cynthia then wished Master a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.