(Minghui.org) I am a 69-year-old woman who lives in the suburbs. I do not have a high level of education and only attended school until the third grade. I started to cultivate Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, in 1999. I felt very blessed and happy every day after I started practicing Falun Dafa. But not long after I started to cultivate, Jiang Zemin, the former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), ordered the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. My husband, my son and my daughter all refused to let me cultivate anymore. Facing this pressure and due to my poor enlightenment quality, I stopped cultivating. Deep down inside though, I always knew that Falun Dafa is good and was unable to let go of cultivation.

Safe from Heavy Rain

I was in the field one day when dark clouds started to roll above my head, and soon rain started to fall. The dark clouds felt only arm's length away and weighted above my head like puddles of black ink, however, it still did not rain where I was and I was not scared at all. I wanted to get my work done in the fields before I returned home.

After my work was done, I set off for home and saw that the roads were flooded. It was truly amazing how I had stayed dry during such heavy rain. Though my enlightenment quality was poor and I did not study the Fa at the time, I knew that this was Master Li (the founder) protecting me. When I shared my experience with a practitioner later on, the practitioner said, “Though you did not cultivate at the time Master was always protecting you.”

Long-Term Illnesses Disappeared

I was on my way home from working in the fields one day when I was given a copy of Minghui Weekly by a practitioner. I had to lay down to read the Minghui Weekly because I felt very tired and my body felt weak. As I was reading, the words started to become clearer and clearer. How could I see so clearly? I felt as if my eyes were becoming bigger and brighter and each word in the Minghui Weekly was very clear and large to me. My eyesight had been poor and whatever I had read in the past was always a blur to me. If I tried to read a book everything would turn black. So I rarely read anything. Reading the Minghui Weekly was really a miracle for me.

As I continued reading, I suddenly felt that my arms were no longer sore or hurting. I was able to raise my arms above my head, and this was impossible in the past, because I had adhesive capsulitis and my arms would often be in a lot of pain. I stopped experiencing any discomfort in my shoulders.

What’s even more amazing is that after many years of needing to take medicine my tracheitis was also gone! I no longer coughed or felt out of breath. The power of Dafa is truly immense!

I decided to continue cultivating Falun Dafa. When my husband heard that I wanted to continue cultivating, he refused to let me practice and threatened to tear up my books and hit me. I told a practitioner about the miracles that had happened when I read Minghui Weekly, and the practitioner encouraged me to continue cultivating Falun Gong. The practitioner gave me the book Zhuan Falun. I started to read it secretly. When my daughter-in-law saw the changes in me, she said “Mom, I have no objections to you cultivating Falun Dafa. As long as you are in good health and don't get sick, everything is good.”

Master Protects Me After I Was Hit by a Metal Rod

I was removing a pigpen with my husband one day when a metal rod that was about two inches thick and four meters long hit my head after falling from two meters above me. After hitting me on the head, it rolled off my shoulders and landed on the floor. My husband was very scared after witnessing what had happened. He hurried over and checked if I was okay. My head was completely fine and I had no traces of any bumps or bruises. My arm had a purplish bruise that went away after a while. I was not scared and I did not feel any pain during this incident. It truly was a miracle!

I knew that great compassionate Master had protected me once again, otherwise I would have been badly hurt, and could have even lost my life. I am very grateful to Master. My husband witnessed the power and miraculous nature of Dafa and said, “Go ahead and cultivate! I won’t stop you anymore, you have Master protecting you!” From then on, I was able to openly practice the exercises and study the Fa.

My husband helped me validate Dafa by sharing the incident with family and friends. People would say: “Practicing Falun Dafa is extraordinary and it is a miracle!”

Master Arranges for Me to Save a Sentient Being

There is a kind, elderly lady, in her 80s, who lives in the same apartment building as my daughter. I overheard her saying how Falun Dafa is not good. All of what she said were lies and propaganda spread by the evil CCP. There were a lot of people around her at the time, and since I came from another city I did not have a chance to clarify the truth. However, I decided that I must clarify the truth to her at some point.

I left my key inside my daughter's apartment one day and had to wait for my daughter to come home from work before I could go in. I thought I would make use of this opportunity to invite myself over to that elderly lady’s place. I went over to her place and told her what Falun Dafa is and about some of the miracles I’ve experienced. Not only did the elderly lady understand the truth about Falun Dafa, she also renounced her affiliation in the CCP’s Young Pioneers group that she had joined when she was young.

My mind felt at ease when I saw that the lady now knew the truth about Falun Dafa. It was 3 p.m. when I left the elderly woman’s house. It turns out my daughter had left work early and was already home. She should get off from work around 6 p.m. and would reach home by 6:30 p.m. Was this a coincidence? I understood that this was not a coincidence, but Master’s arrangements. Regardless of where we are, we need to make use of our time to save more sentient beings.

Help from a Practitioner

I offer my heartfelt gratitude to our compassionate and great Master! I had the sudden urge to write an experience sharing when I started reading articles on the Minghui website. I wanted to share some of the miracles I’ve experienced and show how great and benevolent Master and Dafa is. However, I had one problem, I did not know how to write.

I held the precious book, Zhuan Falun, and looked at Master’s picture in tears and said, “Master, I have poor enlightenment quality, but I really want to write down the miracles I’ve experienced. But I don't know how to write. Master please help me find a practitioner to write my personal experiences and show how boundless Dafa is and how great and compassionate Master is.”

Three days later at 12 p.m, I was making my way home from my grandson’s place when a young lady greeted me. She asked me if I knew about quitting the Chinese Communist Party. I told her that I knew about it and that I am also a Falun Dafa practitioner. I told her that Master had led me to her.

It turned out that the young practitioner also lives in the same building as me. I told her about the difficulties I had writing an experience sharing. She said that she would help me and would come over in a few days. Two days later, I heard a knock at my door and when I opened the door I saw the young practitioner. I was very happy and thanked her. The young practitioner said: “This is all Master’s arrangements, let's thank Master! She also said, “You do not have to go home to get truth-clarification materials anymore. I can give you some.” I was very happy and believed that I could now truly keep up with the Fa-rectification process.

Regardless of where Dafa disciples are, we need to be steadfast in our belief in Dafa. Master will help and protect us at all times. Dafa disciples are the most fortunate beings in the world!