(Minghui.org) Despite how chaotic or overwhelming the developments in the U.S. election appear, we Dafa disciples know that it is a move arranged by Heaven to save people. Right now we are at a special stage. I think it’s also a great opportunity for each one of us to re-examine ourselves, get rid of our attachments and notions, and strengthen our righteous thoughts, while remaining unswayed by the ever-changing worldly affairs.

Sort Out the Various Aspects in the General Election

On the human level, this election is a battle between communism and the free world, and a contest between stealing the election through fraud and winning the election through a legitimate process. It shows whether one chooses to fawn over socialist agendas or keep one's conscience to uphold traditional values. It’s also a test of whether people accept the lies or keep the truth alive, whether they give in or keep fighting.

When we look at this beyond the human realm, this is a battle between righteousness and evil, and a decision of whether to follow the divine or be seduced by the devil. 

From the perspective of a cultivator, it is a battle between the devil's elimination of people and the cultivators' efforts to save people. It’s also an opportunity for us Dafa disciples to negate the old forces’ arrangements and uphold what Master wants in Fa-rectification.

Have a Clear Understanding of Our Mission

As Dafa disciples, our mission is to save people. In the general election, we tell people about the truth, and at the same time send out righteous thoughts to clear the communist evil specter's interference so as to help the world make the right choice. What we are doing is to rescue people in the very little time left.

I noticed several phenomena among practitioners, which I believe we should all be aware of so as to reduce possible losses in the human world.

First, some practitioners still view the election only at the human level. They feel that this election is just politics in the U.S., and as practitioners we should not get involved in politics. Especially for some practitioners in China, they feel that they only speak Chinese and the U.S. is so far away. As such, they feel that the election is a rather distant thing to them.

Secondly, some practitioners have failed to proactively do anything or participate in eliminating the evil, believing that things will naturally unfold in the direction required by Master. As such, they overly rely on Master and wait to see Master’s arrangements unfold before their eyes. 

For such practitioners, I feel they may have gone to the extreme. Such dependence on Master to do everything for us cannot achieve any positive effect in saving sentient beings. 

Lastly, there are also practitioners who remain passive and easily lose confidence or slack off when bad news surfaces.

I feel that no matter what happens, we should look within, measure our thoughts against Dafa, purify ourselves, and focus our righteous thoughts to negate the old forces' arrangement. We must also proactively and rationally help people see the truth of the election within our abilities and try to form a positive field to help people make their best choice.

As practitioners, no matter how the situation changes and no matter what kind of interference occurs, we should maintain a rock-solid faith in Dafa and keep up in saving people. No matter what we do, we need to do it with a calm mind. Only when our xinxing meets the standard and our actions meet the Fa-rectification requirements, can we truly validate Dafa. 

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