(Minghui.org) The U.S. general election has reached a critical moment. Sidney Powell, a prominent lawyer who is investigating massive fraud in the general election, said at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Alpharetta, Georgia on December 2, “We will not allow ourselves to continue to be influenced by flat out communism, socialism, any of the dark forces that have come to impose their will on so many of us... Now is the time for every patriot to stand up.”

We Simply Cannot Let the Tragedy of Communism Happen Again

Powell's speech was inspiring, and the crowd cheered many times, chanting “Thank you!” over and over again. Americans know that it has come to a historical moment, a fight for the truth. If we fail this time, communism will not only destroy the United States, but also the world.

The year 2020 to the U.S. is similar to the year 1949 for China – a watershed year in Chinese history. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power, it destroyed the divinely imparted culture of China, poisoned generation after generation with violence and lies, and caused the unnatural deaths of 80 million people over numerous political movements. Including the former Soviet Union and Cambodia, communist regimes around the world are responsible for hundreds of millions of unnatural deaths. We simply cannot let it happen again! 

“We Don’t Want Chinese Style Communism”

People from China, Vietnam, Cuba, Poland, Hungary and other communist countries mostly support Trump. Many of them believe that communism is a lie and they don't want Chinese style communism in the U.S.

Michigan voter Brian Szuch told NTDTV at a rally against election fraud: “I come from a Hungarian background, and I remember my grandmother sitting in front of the television just crying her eyes out and they were showing the Russian tanks coming into Hungary to put down the rebellion and that image has always stuck with me. I've got no use for socialists, Marxists, or communists.”

Vietnamese American Lam Nguyen said, “If this land becomes communist, where am I going to go now? This is my second homeland. [It] is right here in the U.S. When I left Vietnam, … Vietnamese communist took over. That's why I left Vietnam for one word — freedom. I’m seeing right now they try to take the freedom away, [turn] this land to become communist. I am going to fight even if I have to die.”

Ms. Nguyen, a Vietnamese film producer who has supported President Trump for many years, said she has followed Trump everywhere and she has gone to Trump rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and Arizona. She saw a lot people supporting him. “All Vietnamese live here, like million, everyone [is] upset. Because we don't want socialism, we don't want communism like China.”

At a “Stop the Steal” rally in Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, Rod Cameron, a Trump supporter, said, “There cannot be [co-existence of] socialism, communism, freedom, and democracy. It’s impossible. One has to take the other. So that's where we are right now. This is really a fight, a fight for freedom and freedom has to win.”

Ms. Tan, a mother of three children, said that when she came to the United States, she only had a box of books and a box of clothes. Despite being a minority, she was able to achieve the American dream with American scholarships and her own hard work. It's time for her to give back to America. She saw that European countries had been ruined by the trend of left-wing socialism, and she is worried that the United States would follow the same path. 

“Can we agree with this fraud? This is a question of life and death! This [stealing the election] is awakening our Chinese-Americans. That is, we must stand up and guard our homeland [from communism] and protect our next generation!” 

She believes that the strength of the United States lies not in material wealth, but in traditional values and conservative Christian belief. 

“We want to tell the world that even in New York City, the home base of the liberal Democratic Party in the United States, there is still a group of people who have the sense of righteousness and goodness and who can shoulder responsibilities, that are supporting Trump, conservative and traditional values, and they are speaking out for the future of America!”

Democratic Party Corrupted by Communism

From the disintegration of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe to the collapse of the powerful Soviet Communist Party, to President Trump’s efforts to curb the CCP, the calls and actions to eradicate communism around the world have never ceased. But the American socialists are taking advantage of people's dissatisfaction with the disparity between rich and poor and their pursuit of the so-called individual liberation to promote the communist ideology. To confuse people, Democratic senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders once claimed that his socialism is “not the same thing” as the failed socialism of Venezuela and Cuba.

Zhang Jun, president of the Guangdong Panyu Hometown Association, who has been in the United States for more than 30 years, scoffed at the idea: “How do they know what the core values of socialism are, if they have never experienced what it is like to be hungry, and are eating steak every day? It is these rogue doctrines of deception that are deceiving people and harming the country. How does he know the pain of having no grains when it’s time to cook? Socialism is to hand over the wealth you create to a few communist leaders for re-distribution. Don’t be fooled by the career politicians.”

Mr. Cai Kefeng

Cai Kefeng, former president of the Overseas Chinese Writers Association, said when he came to the U.S 40 years ago, Reagan was running for president. When he heard the saying that “the Democratic Party thinks of the poor and the Republican Party thinks of the rich,” he immediately associated it with the phrase “the Communist Party works for the happiness of the people.” 

“How strange, it is too similar to what the CCP used to claim,” he said. “Because I had already been deceived by the Communist Party once in China, I was immediately skeptical of it (the Democratic Party). Now we see that Americans are engaging in self-deception and failing to see the essence of socialism.”

Cai spent many years writing a book to document how three generations scaled the Chinese “Berlin Wall” and escaped to Hong Kong. He said that the leftist policies imposed by the CCP and the decade-long cultural revolution left people living in poverty and misery. That’s why so many people in Guangdong Province escaped to Hong Kong and Macau, despite the danger that they may lose their lives for doing so. They were voting with their feet. 

Don’t Let This Be “The Last Election”

While President Trump's legal team is still filing lawsuits against election fraud, his opponent couldn't wait to declare himself the winner and announced his cabinet picks. Not only were the democratic candidate's appointees found to have close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, but his chosen spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, was seen in a photo wearing a hat with a Communist sickle and ax sign. And she has been slammed by netizens as a Communist. 

Psaki was a spokesperson for the State Department during the Obama administration. The above-mentioned photo, taken in January 2014, was with the Russian ambassador and the Russian spokeswoman. 

Website writer Gabriella Hoffman tweeted on December 2, “You wore a hat emblazoned with a hate symbol and smiled for pictures with Russian dignitaries while working for the administration that gave the Kremlin more flexibility. The hammer & sickle represents horror for many of us with family that survived/died under Soviet communism.”

Virginia Kruta, associated editor of The Daily Caller, a conservative media outlet in the United States, also tweeted: “What context makes wearing communist symbolism in a photo — while representing the US — acceptable?”

Such open endorsement of communism is no surprise among American elites. These communist elements are destroying American beliefs, values and families. Americans are now standing up to defend these traditions.

Musician Dave Bray stated, “I think this country right here is the last bastion of hope for freedom on this planet. If this election is allowed to be stolen, it will be the last election in American history. The voice of the American people and freedom of the American people will be gone forever.”


A large number of people rallied to fight election fraud and support Trump at a hearing in Arizona on November 30

Americans are making their voices heard, with flags and chants of support for Trump outside every hearing about the election fraud. Others rode more than 30 hours to Washington, DC, to join the motorcycle team's rally for Trump.

In order to find out the truth, a Wisconsin voter paid $25,000 to download the state’s election data, which was free and open to the public in past elections. But this year in Wisconsin, where serious fraud has been reported, the supposedly free information would cost $25,000 for a citizen to get. And this voter paid for all the data and provided it to the public for free download.

The voice of justice echoes over America. At the hearing in front of the Arizona State Legislature on November 30, witness Bobby Piton, a mathematician, said that based on his analysis, “I would have never certified” the election results in some battleground states. “I’d rather resign than certify those results. I believe they’re fraudulent … assuming that the data that I got is accurate.”

A twenty-year-old truck driver said that this was his first election, and he didn't want it to be the last election in his life, so he decided to come forward to testify.

On Thanksgiving Day, netizen “Giraffe” posted, “I started reading the indictment filed in Georgia tonight after eating turkey. Attorney Powell's team is really amazing at gathering and compiling so much evidence in such a short amount of time. I will continue to donate money to her team as well.”

Others praised Powell: “She risked bankruptcy, losing her reputation, and even her life by pointing out the ties between the voting machine companies, Soros and the communist government, how they colluded with corrupt election officials to help the democratic candidate steal the White House. Those are felonies. If the charges were overturned, her career would be over. If they sue her for defamation, she could also lose her assets and her license to practice law… What she faces is a huge media machine that suppresses the truth. She is not only a lawyer, but a great patriot! Support her!!!”

After the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania hearing on November 25, the truth about the fraud was shocking and many people posted their comments.

Aare K said, “It's shameful to be an American if Trump doesn't win!”

Hongmin Fan said: “The Battle of Gettysburg was a strategic turning point in the American Civil War, and it could not be more relevant today.” 

Netizen xiaoyu zhang stated: “The Gettysburg, Pennsylvania hearing will serve as a testament to history and be recorded in history. The power is in the hands of the people.”

Others said, “Trump will make America great again!”

“Justice will prevail!”

“Trump gave up his comfortable billionaire's life for his country. His name will be recorded in history forever. The democratic candidate betrayed America by seeking illicit billionaire wealth. He will go down in infamy.”

“The Democratic Party now resembles the Communist Party during the civil war in China. It does everything it can to cause trouble, uses every dirty trick in the book to gain personal and political advantage.”

Some netizens expressed their aspirations to “support Trump and eliminate the Communist Party.” 

Dongjian Han said: “To hand the U.S. over to the democratic candidate is equivalent to handing Taiwan over to the CCP. Hong Kong’s present will be Taiwan’s future.” 

Jiangang Wu said: “I am in China and I support Trump and the Republican Party. I yearn for freedom and democracy in the United States, and I hope the sky in China can light up earlier!” 

Another netizen said: “Trump sanctions the CCP and speaks what the Chinese citizens dare not say.”

At this historical moment in the battle between good and evil, everyone should stand up for themselves, for the next generation, and for the future of the country. We cannot lose this opportunity to determine the future, and we can no longer let communism poison the world, because it has already caused so many tragedies in the world. We have paid a heavy price – the unnatural deaths of hundreds of millions of people, and we cannot allow this tragedy to happen again.