(Minghui.org) I was born in the 1980s. I had a car accident when I was in high school, but unexpectedly it was a blessing in disguise as I was fortunate to start practicing Falun Dafa. Not only did I quickly and miraculously recover from the injuries caused by the accident, but my originally frail body also became stronger and healthier. Most importantly, I came to understand that the true meaning of life is to return to one's original, true self.

However, the Chinese regime started persecuting Falun Dafa not long after I started practicing. Due to fear, I gradually drifted away from Dafa and was lost in the human world. But Master never gave up on me and always looked after me, giving me hints, and arranging for practitioners to help me to come back.

Removing Fear While Taking Down an Evil Poster

When I went to a practitioner's home to study the Fa, the practitioner's relative told me that she discovered a billboard with a poster slandering Dafa near her home while on a stroll. After the Fa-study, I followed her directions and found the billboard.

The billboard was very big, about two meters long and one and a half meters wide, and the poster was locked in a glass window and surrounded by a strong stainless steel bracket. The billboard faced the road, and in front of it was a big plaza with endless stream of people coming to exercise every day. A CCTV camera could be seen not far away and facing the billboard. I couldn't help but feel a sense of fear when I saw it. I wanted to give up and thought to myself, “Let other practitioners remove this poster. I don't have the ability to do it.”

A few days later, my dad came back from morning exercise and was suddenly furious at me: “Don't practice Falun Gong anymore. Didn't you see what was written on that billboard?”

I learned that my dad had also seen that poster, and I was quite surprised as he had never walked past the billboard when he went for his morning exercises. Why did he change his route today?

Nothing is coincidental in cultivation. I understood that Master was using my dad's mouth to give me a hint. As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, how could I let that poster poison sentient beings? Wsn't this being irresponsible? Since I knew about the poster, I should get rid of it. How could I push the danger to other practitioners because of my fear?

I had to do it without delay since I had enlightened to it. If the poster existed for one more day, it could destroy more sentient beings. That night, I took a bunch of tools and went out. I could feel my teeth chattering as I rode on my bicycle, and my hands and legs were trembling non-stop. I knew that it was the attachment to fear. I started to recite Master's Fa:

What's to Fear?

Should you have fear,it will seize upon youIf thoughts are righteous,evil will collapseThe cultivator’s mindis loaded with FaSend righteous thoughts,and rotten demons explodeGods walk the earth,validating the Fa
(Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

I recited it repeatedly, and my heart gradually calmed down. I could feel that Master had removed some of the substance of fear.

As I recited the poem, suddenly an electric bicycle drove in reverse as if it had lost control and dashed towards me. Just as it was about to hit me, I screamed and shut my eyes. I heard a loud noise. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the electric bicycle and the rider had fallen not far from me while nothing happened to me.

I didn't understand what had happened and was shocked. My fear surfaced again and I wondered if I shouldn't go today. Maybe I should return home to study the Fa and try again when my heart was more stable. But then I realized that this had been dragging on for so long and that I shouldn't delay it further. Regardless of what would happen, I must only move forward and not backward. I continued to ride forward. My hands and legs no longer trembled as Master once again removed some of the substance of fear. Later, I enlightened that the evil wanted to use the accident to obstruct me but Master helped to resolve the tribulation for me.

I came to the billboard and went to the back so as to avoid the camera and people. There were a total of three billboards, and the propaganda poster was in the middle one. I walked to it and touched the bottom of the billboard. There was a lock but it wasn't locked. I opened the lock and pushed it forward with my hand. The glass window opened and I could reach inside the board to pull the poster out. Everything was completed successfully.

As the poster was too big, it could attract attention. I quickly dragged the poster and hid in the greenery at the side of the billboard. The poster was made of foam with a plastic sheet pasted over it. I tore the plastic sheet and put it in my bag after folding it into a pile. I thought that the foam couldn't be left behind or someone would see it the next day. Fortunately, the foam wasn't very thick and I could break it apart. Master was protecting me as there wasn't many people around that day compared to normal days. Although there was a loud sound when I broke the foam, no passersby seemed to notice. After breaking the foam into pieces, I put them into a big duffel bag that I had prepared in advance.

I was worried how I should answer my dad if he asked me about my duffel bag. But when I arrived home and opened the door, I saw that my dad had already fallen asleep. On normal days, he wouldn't be sleeping. I must really thank Master! I quickly retreated to my room. I sat down and panted heavily after closing my door. Looking back at what had just happened, it was more exciting than a thriller.

After my heart stabilized, I took out the foam and was about to destroy it. However, I was dumbfounded when I looked at it—the poster wasn't the one I saw that day! What happened? I tried to recall and suddenly remembered that the glass window had more than one poster, and the old posters were still inside and not removed. I must have taken the wrong one as I was so nervous. Earlier on, I was like a triumphant general, but now I was deflated. I blamed myself for being so careless.

What should I do? Do I have to go again? I was reluctant. Suddenly, I recalled that in Journey to the West, the Tang Monk and his disciples finally brought back the Buddhist scriptures after an arduous journey. Full of joy, they were on their way home when a gust of wind suddenly blew the scriptures away. They discovered that the scriptures were all blank. When they turned back to obtain the real scriptures, they accidentally angered the turtle they were riding and were thrown into the river. In actuality, in another dimension, they had to overcome 81 tribulations and were short by one. Thus, they still needed to go through the last tribulation before completing their cultivation.

Master said,

“But the initial smooth sailing they had was due in fact to their having quickly reached a certain level of attainment, thanks to their good innate foundations. Yet that would be nowhere near the kind of attainment it takes for a practitioner to achieve spiritual perfection. Further progress is still needed. So the bar has to be raised. And only when that new, higher bar is cleared will they progress beyond where they had reached with the initial smooth sailing, which owed to their good endowment.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 translation version)

I enlightened that it could be that my xinxing hadn’t reached the standard and thus I took the wrong poster. Master was using this opportunity to test me and have me continue to upgrade my xinxing. Having thought of this, I no longer had any frustration or fear. I immediately started to prepare for my next trip. With the previous experience, I made more careful arrangements and preparations this time.

It happened to rain heavily that day. I thought, “This is a godsend. I'll do it tonight.” Due to the heavy rain, there was no one in the plaza. I removed the poster smoothly according to the previous procedure, broke it into a few pieces and stuffed it into my travel bag after confirming that it was the correct one. I quickly took my bag to the garage of a nearby practitioner (I'd contacted him in advance). When I was cutting the plastic sheet of the poster, the sheet let out a weird sound, and I sent forth righteous thoughts at it to eliminate the evil factors behind it.

Though I was soaked in the rain, I didn't feel cold at all. My whole body was warm, as though there was a heater around me. Throughout the process, my mind was stable and peaceful, without the nervousness and confusion from last time.

Removing the Attachment to Saving Face While Coordinating

A local coordinator was arrested a few years ago and sentenced to three years in prison. As a result, our local practitioners were like loose sand. While truth-clarification materials piled up in the materials production site, we had practitioners who couldn't get the materials to save sentient beings.

As I was providing technical support at that time, I was the only one other than the coordinator who knew where the material production site was. From then on, I took over the responsibility of coordination. After I started coordinating, I found that it wasn't easy to be a coordinator, as the job was not only tiring but also thankless.

I was already very busy as I had a day job and also provided technical support for the material site. Now, in addition to the coordinating both trivial and complicated things, I became even busier and didn't have time to eat. I often bought a bun and ate while walking. Some practitioners would be unhappy and blame me for wasting their time if I was late when delivering the materials; practitioners would lose their temper and said that I delayed them if I forgot something. I had to apologize profusely and find a time to deliver it to them.

Once, I went to practitioner Feng's home to study the Fa. As I was on vacation, I had told everyone during the previous group Fa study that there would be some changes to the regular Fa-study time. However, when I entered Feng's home, she reproached me in front of other practitioners, “Why did everyone else know about the time change, but not me? Why didn't you inform me?” I was puzzled and thought, “I did inform you. Why did you wrong me?”

Seeing Feng's agitated face, I suddenly became angry and argued loudly with her, “I did tell you! I did inform you...” Before I could finish my words, practitioner Bing pulled me over and recited Master's Fa softly in my ears,

““He's right, And I'm wrong,” What's to dispute?” (“Who's Right, Who's Wrong,” Hong Yin III)

I quickly understood and said to Feng, “I'm sorry.” Upon hearing my apology, she stopped. After studying the Fa, Feng apologized to me and said that she recalled that I did tell her but she forgot and blamed me. I didn't say anything but thought to myself, “Thank you for helping me to improve my xinxing.”

Since young, I had always excelled academically, and I'd grown used to hearing praise from my teachers and classmates. The compliments I got growing up had nourished my attachment to listening to praises and an attachment to vanity and saving face. After I started to do coordination work, I was often blamed by practitioners and even wronged and shunned. I often felt depressed and sad, and there were many times when I wanted to quit doing the coordination work.

After studying the Fa, I gradually learned to use a cultivator's standard to look at things and treat suffering and tiredness as a good thing in cultivation. When I watched Master's lecture video “Fa-Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners,” a practitioner asked Master a question about being treated as a spy by other practitioners. Master gave a long answer, and it opened up my mind. Afterwards, I seldom cared about practitioners' attitudes toward me. I strove to be unmoved when practitioners criticized me. I would change if I was wrong and pay attention to it if not. Whether I am right or wrong is not important. The most important thing is to upgrade my xinxing.

Removing Selfishness While Helping Fellow Practitioners to Overcome Their Tribulations

Practitioner Cai in my area lived in a remote village and would often attend the group Fa study in the city. However, there was a long period of time when she didn't come. I learned later that she was going through sickness karma. From an ordinary person's perspective, her condition was very severe as her lung cancer became bone cancer and the cancer cells had spread throughout the body. Her children sent her to the hospital, but the doctors couldn't do anything and refused to treat her. She was told to return home to live out her last days. Her family had already prepared for her funeral.

I used the long public holidays in early October to visit her. I saw Cai was emaciated and on the verge of death. Her daughter fed her but she couldn't eat more than a few spoonfuls. I asked her in her ear, “Do you still remember the auspicious phrases?” She nodded and said softly, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I said, “That's right, recite it in your heart and Master will take care of you.”

Cai sighed and said, “I'm already like this; will Master still take care of me?” I said affirmatively, “Of course, Master is here to save us. As long as you believe in Master and the Fa, Master will definitely take care of you. Just recite the phrases in your heart and I will come tomorrow to study the Fa with you.” There was a glow in her eyes, and she nodded.

She lived very far from me, and it took me more than an hour and several transfers to get to her home by bus. The fare was quite expensive. But I reminded myself that we needed to save even ordinary people, let alone practitioners!

The next day, I arrived at Cai's home and saw that she was more energetic than the day before. I said, “Let's send forth righteous thoughts first.” She asked her daughter to put her blanket and pillow behind her back, and she half sat and half lied down to send forth righteous thoughts. As I sent forth righteous thoughts, I silently asked Master to save her.

After sending forth righteous thoughts, she could sit up on her own. We started reading Zhuan Falun, but she could no longer continue after finishing “On Dafa.” Thus, I read and she listened. After I read half of the first lecture, which was about 20 pages, her daughter came in and was worried that she was sitting for too long and wanted her to rest. Our Fa study then stopped.

When I went back on the third day, Cai was more energetic and ate a lot. The pain in her body had eased. Previously, she had to take two injections of Pethidine every day to sleep, but now she only needed one. This time, she finished the first lecture of Zhuan Falun.

Cai could get out of bed on the fourth day, and we finished reading the second lecture.

As I was busy on the fifth day, I asked another practitioner to go on my behalf. After returning, the practitioner said, “Isn't Cai well? Where are her symptoms?”

Within a few days, Cai went through a transformation under Master's protection. While helping her, my xinxing also improved. From her changes, I could feel that when we are really selfless and truly believe in Master and the Fa, Dafa's power will manifest.

On the path of cultivation, Master's protection is everywhere. Due to the limit on article length, I couldn't go into the details of each story one by one. I can only use the most sincere heart to put in tremendous efforts to do the three things well so as to repay Master's compassionate salvation.

Thank you, Master!Thank you, fellow practitioners!