(Minghui.org) When I woke up on September 24, 2020, my son told me that I had been “dead” for 16 hours. He said that the night I “died,” everyone in the family knew. Most of them suggested to send me to the morgue, but my son strongly disagreed. Even though I wasn't breathing and had no pulse, my body was not stiff and there was no change in my face or body temperature. He strongly believed that a miracle would happen. Actually, as I was lying in bed, I was aware of everything that happened. I just couldn't communicate with anyone.

It all started from three months ago. My period was always on time. However, somehow from June 23 when my period started, it never ended. I bled a lot, but I didn't take it seriously. 

Two months later, my bleeding got worse. Every time when I went to the bathroom, I had to spend time to clean the toilet because there was just too much blood in there. Except for that, everything else was normal. One day when I went to the bathroom, suddenly I got an unbearable stomachache and began rolling on the floor. My son took me to the hospital immediately. 

After a series of examinations, the specialist diagnosed me with having a “malignant tumor of the uterus.” The tumor was twice the size of my uterus. Even if an operation was performed immediately, the risk was very high.

I was stunned in the beginning. Then, in my mind, I remembered what Master said in the book Zhuan Falun

“When you’re cultivating at the lowest level there’s a process, which is, we totally purify your body. We take all the bad things in your mind, that karma field around your body, and all those factors that make your body unhealthy, and we clean the whole thing out.” (The First Talk, 2003 Translation Version)

So I said to my son, “I don't need regular medical treatment, let's go home!” He cried, “Mom, I'm scared.” I comforted him, “Let's listen to Master. If I am healed without any treatment, that means I believe in Master and Dafa, and Master will resolve it for me.” My son had no choice, but to agree.

I told the doctor that I was determined to be discharged. He disagreed with my decision and couldn't understand me at all. He asked me to sign an agreement stating that the hospital would not be responsible for any possible problems.

After I went back home, the bleeding became more intense. But strangely, I was energetic and my complexion was getting better and better. Someone even said I looked like I was in my 20s. 

But my son worried more and more and often cried because he thought it might be a momentary recovery of consciousness just before death. I didn't think so and simply lived the same as usual. 

Occasionally, negative thoughts flashed in my mind. Whenever it appeared, I told myself, “I'm just a tiny particle in the universe, I have no qualifications to question the truth of the universe.”

In reality, I faced many tests and interruptions. For example, my son kept searching for all kinds of blood recipes or medical foods and persuaded me to take them. If I refused, he knelt in front of my bed to beg me to follow his advice. In the beginning, I dumped the medicine out secretly but soon I realized that it was not right, I didn't comply with the principle of “truthfulness.” So, I tried to persuade my son, “Do you want me to live or die? Do you know that every medicine has its own side effects? Don't worry, and I am fine.” He stopped making any medical foods after that.

Despite everything, I was continuously bleeding until September 23. At midnight, I clearly heard a voice, “We have to make her (referring to me) go away for a while; otherwise she won't be able to bear with such great pain.”

I opened my eyes and saw a kind, elderly man, smiling and waving at me. Out of courtesy, I immediately stood up. I looked back and motioned for him to sit on the bed and was surprised to find myself still lying on the bed.

Soon, I saw Master followed by three giants that stood 2-3 meters tall and three little men about one centimeter tall. Master told them to start working and finish as quickly as possible. Then, Master turned to me and said, “You just stand there; don't move, otherwise you won't be found later.” I got down on my knees and said OK.

I stood there watching the giants and little men busy themselves on my body as if they were performing a surgery. Master's expression was serious. After about 17 or 18 minutes, Master nodded, indicating for me to go back. When I woke up, sixteen hours had passed. 

This was a life and death hurdle and I experienced how important it is for a practitioner to believe in Master and believe in Dafa.