(Minghui.org) My journey to becoming a Falun Dafa cultivator is like a myth, but it is true. I thank Master for his salvation!

Mystical Experiences

I am a very simple woman. From school to work, I had not experienced many twists and turns in my life. I never saw the dark side of society or even knew anything about it. I had no concept of cultivation or gods and Buddhas.

At the age of 20, I worked in a hotel in the suburbs where it's very quiet. One day when I returned to my dormitory after the night shift, I suddenly saw a big eye looking at me innocently. I would see it whenever I closed my eyes. I was so scared that I didn't dare to close my eyes. After that, I would cry in fear whenever I saw this big eye. Eventually, it disappeared.

In 1998, I got a job as a secretary to the general manager in a large import/export company in the city. One day, a man and a woman came in. When I looked at them, I was shocked—they were hideous! This fearful image remained in my mind for more than a year.

Later I married. My husband is a designer. His health was poor when we married and continued to be for sometime after. So that he could concentrate on his work, I would go to his company to help him whenever I had time. Later, I quit my well-paying job to take care of his company full-time.

We have two daughters and have been very happy together. After my youngest daughter was born in 1999, I often felt quite tired. I went to a yoga class, but found later that I preferred meditation more. I felt good physically and mentally after meditating. Gradually, meditation became part of my daily life.

During this time, my husband began to really struggle with his health and this went on for eight years. It made our family very sad. In 2005, after doctors declared him “incurable” and “marked for death,” he started to practice Falun Dafa and changed completely. This change had a profound impact on me, but I was still immersed in my “pleasure” of practicing yoga while my husband practiced Falun Dafa.

Once while meditating, I saw that innocent big eye again. Then, it opened layer by layer like a flower. Finally, a Bodhisattva appeared, sitting there with a golden book in her hands. But no matter how I tried to see the book, I could not make out its title.

I asked my yoga teacher about what I’d seen, but she had no explanation. I searched for answers in vain. Later, after my husband told me what it said in Zhuan Falun, I realized that my celestial eye had opened. After that, I often saw that big eye. I was able to see beings in other dimensions and I was no longer scared.

Each time I meditated, I could see all kinds of gods, Buddhas, and heavenly worlds. I saw Bodhidharma, Shakyamuni, the Eight Immortals, and many others. In fact, I hadn’t read books about those things before and didn’t know who those gods and Buddhas were. Each time I saw something, I would describe it to my husband and ask him to find out what it was.

Once while I was meditating, I saw Jesus' crucifixion. I was right next to him. When Jesus ascended to heaven, I followed him. But I couldn't enter his heavenly paradise and was left behind. When I emerged from this trance, my husband was sitting next to me. He told me that my body had emitted the sound of a church pipe organ.

Another time, my husband was talking to someone who said something bad about Dafa. With my celestial eye, I saw a big white tiger lying on his back. The tiger started to follow me. I was very frightened and asked around how to get rid of it. My yoga teacher suggested that I read the scripture of Ksitigarbha. I saw the spiritual body of Ksitigarbha appear, but she didn’t do anything to the tiger.

I accepted my husband’s suggestion and started to read the book Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa. As I read, I saw a big Falun flying toward me and the big white tiger crumbled into pieces instantly. Then the fashen (spiritual body) of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, appeared. The two Bodhisattvas immediately became smaller and stood respectfully on either side of Master Li.

Unfortunately, even after experiencing something so miraculous, I was still not awakened. I was still immersed in the “pleasure” of yoga. The immortal infant in my energy center at my lower abdomen grew slowly. But the image was a bit strange. Once, on the way home, I suddenly felt a snake’s head sticking out of my abdomen and spraying black gas. I was frightened to tears. I did some research and found that this was said to be the “highest state” of yoga. I was disturbed and unsettled.

I asked my husband for help with this, but he didn’t know how to deal with it. That evening he invited a fellow practitioner who had been cultivating Dafa for years to come to help me. The practitioner asked me to follow him to do the exercises. He first taught me the third exercise, “Penetrating the Cosmic Extremes.” When I did the up-and-down movement of the arms, that small snake was crushed and disappeared with just a few of my arm movements.

Then he taught me the first exercise, “Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms.” When I raised my arms up, a heavenly gate appeared in front of me. There were many beautiful celestial maidens singing and dancing to celebrate my attaining Dafa. I was stunned beyond words.

I finally read Zhuan Falun and realized that the book I’d seen the Bodhisattva holding when my celestial eye opened was Zhuan Falun. All my questions were answered.

Missing the Predestinated Opportunity Again

I started practicing Falun Dafa. Within two years, I had manifested multiple supernormal abilities. Once after I entered the state of tranquility in the meditation, I saw the thousands of residents in my kingdom kneeling in front of me, which really stunned me. I met other Dafa practitioners and started to regard myself as a practitioner. But due to the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Gong, I still had many doubts. Because I didn’t have the books, I rarely studied the teachings.

Later, a practitioner who was widely admired by other practitioners passed away from sickness karma. This practitioner had been persecuted while incarcerated but never gave up Dafa. That confused me. I developed doubts about Dafa and stopped practicing.

Although I hoped to now live a normal life like an everyday person, I could find no peace of mind. One night during a violent storm with lightning and thunder, I saw with my celestial eye that my kingdom was collapsing around me. The sentient beings in it wept and tried to grab hold of my hands and feet, but they all slowly slipped down and fell into the abyss. But there was nothing I could do at that time. I cried in despair.

To escape the pain, I tried to keep myself from seeing anything with my celestial eye. I didn’t do any exercises from any practice. I kept myself busy by taking graduate school classes, playing in the badminton league championships, doing cheongsam dance, etc., so that I wouldn’t have any spare time.

However, I still couldn’t avoid misfortune. Nowadays all the physical training in the major gyms includes yoga movements. The snake in another dimension of my body grew back again and this time it was huge. I was confronted with quite a dilemma at this point. I would cry whenever Dafa cultivation was mentioned. I pretended not to recognize the changes that were occurring in my body.

Reborn in the Process of a Major Tribulation

At the end of September 2017, I passed out at home from a ruptured cerebral hemangioma. I was rushed to the hospital and operated on four times. They had to drill into my skull and insert a tube to drain fluid from around my brain. The second surgery repaired a torn blood vessel. After the third operation, I fell into a coma for over ten days. Day by day, even the doctors began to lose confidence that I would make it.

I was put in a private room at my husband’s insistence. According to the hospital staff, my husband used his cellphone to play the recordings of Master’s lectures for me. Three or four hours later, I woke up!

My husband had always cultivated Falun Dafa on his own. In order to save me, he took the risk and, with the help of friends, he found practitioners he’d never met before. They came to the hospital every day to send righteous thoughts for me and played Master's lecture recordings. One of them also sent forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the giant snake in me.

I was pulled back from death’s door. I sincerely thank our great and respected Master Li! I also am so grateful for fellow practitioners!

After the fourth operation to drain the fluid around my brain, I still had about 200cc of excess fluid every day. The doctors did their best and suggested I have a built-in drainage pump. By that time, my husband had confidence in my sincere determination to cultivate Dafa. He asked me to be discharged from the hospital and said to me, “Let’s go home to practice Falun Dafa.”

My cultivation path was not smooth or without obstacles, especially in the first three months. I was unable to stand up to do the standing exercises. I couldn’t see the words in the book clearly and had to listen to the lecture recordings. I fell down ten times and passed out twice while attempting the exercises. Three months later, I got rid of the wheelchair and switched to crutches. Just when I thought everything would go smoothly, I ran a high fever for 13 days. The health care worker told me that my husband had sat in a chair next to my bed for 30 nights in a row in case I fell down when I got up at night.

I continued to study the Fa and do the exercises and got better every day. One year later, I returned to work.

Those who learned of my recovery all said that it was a miracle! Yes, this is only one of the thousands of miracles that Falun Dafa cultivation has wrought! From then on, I have been firm in my cultivation.

Manifesting the Mighty Divine Power of Dafa

At the end of 2018, a practitioner called Zheng didn’t pass a xinxing test and quarreled with a colleague at work. He fell down with symptoms of a stroke. He had strong righteous thoughts and told everyone not to take him to hospital before he passed out. Zheng’s son called a group of us fellow practitioners for help.

For the sake of the practitioner who was suffering with sickness karma, I focused myself to send righteous thoughts. Suddenly, my celestial eye reopened. A shocking scene appeared in front of me. Zheng was entangled in a giant snake. I was frightened and called out to the others about what to do. Another practitioner immediately said, “Get a heavenly sword!” Immediately, a sword appeared in my hand in another dimension. I swung it and chopped the snake into several pieces!

I was amazed that I had such an ability! But after I took a breath, the pieces of the snake re-joined. This time the snake rushed at me. Under the guidance of another practitioner, I beat the evil being with Falun and completely defeated it. Finally, with my celestial eye, I saw a monk called Budai carry the snake away.

I was so tired that I slumped on the bed, half-believing and half-doubting what had just happened. A few minutes later, one of the practitioners called Zheng’s family. His wife said on the phone that Zheng had suddenly awakened and was sitting on the sofa. I was really stunned to hear that!

From then on, I have been able to see other dimensions again. With constant study and practice, I saw countless lotus flowers growing on and around my body in other dimensions. As the flowers grew bigger and bigger, I saw a fairy sitting in the center of each lotus, so beautiful and so familiar. I was once again able to see my paradise and the sentient beings in it!

When my husband and other practitioners do the exercises, I often see miraculous phenomena on their bodies. While looking at a man painting ceramic vases, I see him surrounded by Buddhas and the vase has beautiful Faluns on it. I have seen countless such phenomena. Whenever I share my experiences with fellow practitioners, everyone is more confident in cultivation.

I also use the divine power that Dafa bestowed upon me to fight and eliminate demons and to help practitioners to clean up their fields. The surprises and joys appear regularly. Many times in other dimensions, I have fought demons and evil beings along with Monkey King, God Erlang, Nezha, Heaven King Tota, two General Humha, and heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals. Together, we eliminate demons and evil and clear up the interferences by rotten ghosts.

Looking back on my entire journey in Falun Dafa cultivation, I am extremely grateful to Master Li Hongzhi! Master has allowed me to obtain the Fa of the universe and enabled me to save sentient beings! I thank Master Li for such immense compassion!