(Minghui.org) In a November 24 article titled “China paying dearly for its friendship with Pakistan? Demands to designate Chinese Communist Party as 'terror outfit' grow,” the Indian Zee News website said that there is an urgent need to designate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a terrorist organization given its ever-rampant human rights abuses and aggressive expansion of global power.

The Zee News article said that many countries have growing concerns about the CCP’s worldwide espionage and expansionist activities. What concerns the United States the most is the CCP’s “covert activities like the Confucius Institutes network, illicit trade practices, intellectual thefts, recent cover-up of the Wuhan COVID-19 spread,” as well as “cyber attacks, the development of islands in the South China Sea, aggression in the Indo-Pacific and South and East China sea.”

The article noted that many civil liberties activists and academics in the US have suggested designating the CCP as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

Inside China, as the article pointed out, the CCP is carrying out a “purge campaign” to eliminate dissidents and ethnic communities across the country. It specifically mentioned the arbitrary detention and forced organ harvesting from countless Falun Gong practitioners.

The article said, “Several Congressional reports, testimonies by CCP leaders, and civil society reports have exposed the bloodthirsty activities of the Party. It has been highlighted that these [Falun Gong] practitioners are detained in ‘psychiatric facilities’ or ‘black jails’, injected with psychotropic drugs, and subjected to intense torture to abandon their faith and identities.”

In addition to Falun Gong practitioners, Tibetans, Buddhists, and Uighurs have also been targeted and held in concentration camps.

The article also said that the CCP uses propaganda channels and state-run media to demonize these spiritual groups and instigate public battles against them. Most of the torture and persecution were carried out by the police and ordered by the CCP’s Political and Legal Affairs Committee. Many of the victims are subjected to round-the-clock surveillance and “forced conversion.”

The article continued, “The targeted killings and assassinations of dissidents further add to the weightage of qualifications of the Party to be recognised as a terrorist entity. Scholars argue the fact that the activities of the CCP are similar to the Communist Party of the Philippines, which was designated an FTO in 2002. These acts are also similar to those being committed in North Korea under Kim Jong Un and Syria. So why can't the CCP be designated as a terror organisation?”

It added that such a designation can ensure the punishment of the CCP’s espionage operations, restrict CCP representatives from entering other countries, and facilitate the deportation of its agents.

The report concluded, “There is an urgent need by the democratic nations to designate the CCP as a proscribed terrorist organisation in their nations as well as in the international fora.

“The designation is mandatory to protect a number of vulnerable communities from genocide and extinction and promote civil liberties and democratic rights in the world. Above all, the designation is essential to create peace, stability, and rule-based world order.”