(Minghui.org) The 17th China Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference on Minghui.org started on November 11 and is ongoing. Practitioners in China shared how they remained diligent to save more sentient beings in this most dangerous moment of history, how to remain undisturbed amid the chaos and cultivate well, and how they steadfastly believe in Master and Dafa, overcome fear, and resist the persecution.

Many practitioners outside of China, especially young practitioners, were moved by these experiences. They said after reading the stories, they realized they must cultivate well, fulfill their historic mission and save more people.

Young Practitioner in Australia: Many Cultivation Questions Answered

Ms. Hao in Melbourne, Australia participates in the RTC platform to phone China during the week and goes to Chinatown on Sundays to clarify the truth face to face.

She said, “From reading other practitioners' sharing articles, I felt their righteous thoughts and kindness. I was deeply touched by the stories of saving people with wisdom via truth-clarification. I wept several times. When I compare myself with practitioners in China, I see my shortcomings. When I read the article titled ‘So Happy to Begin Practicing Falun Dafa,’ I was moved, and it answered many questions in my cultivation.”

She said, “I was distressed because I wasn't able to manage my time well. I was busy all day but didn't do the three things effectively. From reading the article, I learned that fellow practitioners got up at 3 o’clock every morning to do the exercises. I tried to get up early for two days. With Master’s help, I adjusted my schedule.”

In terms of clarifying the truth, she said she did not do as well—especially in advising former practitioners to resume their cultivation. Her mother practiced Dafa before. Hao tried to clarify the truth to her mother, but she always said negative things. She began to feel her mother was hopeless. She was distressed and blamed herself for failing to persuade her mother to resume practicing.

Before reading the article, she talked to her mother and felt much better. She learned how to deal with the issue righteously and resolve her mother’s impasse. She firmly believes she can help her mother resume cultivation.

She said she was encouraged after reading the last paragraph: “I must listen to Master’s teaching and be diligent in studying the Fa, looking within to eliminate human attachments unconditionally and saving sentient beings with righteous thoughts. I just need to move forward and not worry about the future.” She said her righteous thoughts were strengthened and that she would cultivate diligently and do the three things well.

Young Practitioner in Canada: Studying the Fa Wholeheartedly

Ms. Huang works full time for a media project. She said, “Although we live in different environments and do different Dafa projects, we are all practitioners and move forward diligently together via the China Fahui.”

She said the article “Focusing While Studying the Fa Improved My Cultivation State” helped her enlighten. The author wrote, “When I looked back at my cultivation state, I noticed I hadn't paid attention to studying the Fa. I read one to two lectures of Zhuan Falun every day, but I did it as though completing a task. I was not focused on what I read. I was distracted by a lot of random thoughts. During group Fa study, I was more interested in showing off that I could read better. I studied Master’s teachings the same way everyday people study theoretical writings. Subconsciously, I sought to gain new understandings while studying the Fa, and when that didn’t happen, I decided that I spent too much time reading the teachings—I could have used the time to save more people.”

Huang realized that she also had this impure mindset when she studied and memorized the Fa. She said she treated Fa-study as homework or a task to learn theoretical knowledge. She also wished to be praised when she did it well.

She knew her state was not good but failed to find the root cause. After reading the sharing article, she realized that she did not truly grasp what she read. She began to focus while studying the Fa. If time is limited and she cannot read one lecture a day, she said she focuses on every word she does read.

After she adjusted her state and began focusing on studying the Fa, she experienced what the practitioner talked about in the article. “When I read the Fa before, a sentence would just slip past without making any impression on me. But when I began memorizing the Fa, I suddenly understood the meaning behind each sentence. I was touched and grateful to Master.” “My mind was purified through spending a lot of time on Fa study. I had fewer distracting thoughts, and my wisdom naturally came through when I clarified the truth to people.”

Young Practitioner in Taiwan: Truly Experiencing Master and Fa by My Side at All Times

Chen You-hui, a young practitioner in Taiwan, said the article “Master Is by My Side at All Times” deeply impressed him. He said, “The author felt Master was by her side at all times because she memorized the Fa and followed the teachings in her daily life. She was able to look at conflicts from the perspective of a cultivator. I feel that I haven't done well in this respect.”

The author had no fear when she faced police while distributing truth-clarification materials or when someone reported her.

“I admire her calm state,” Chen said. “Her calm and fearlessness is a manifestation of her belief in Master and the Fa. She was able to distribute fliers in public in such a dangerous environment. I think she eliminated the fear or thought of facing danger. She knows Dafa is great and wanted to tell others.”

“She is an upright cultivator,” Chen said. “Dafa and Master are always at her side. She is able to remain steadfast in that dangerous environment. I truly admire her.

“I didn't feel she was bragging about how well she did when facing difficulty. Her words make you feel that she's calm and harmonious.

“Compared to the dangerous environment in China, the difficulties we face in democratic countries are small—just minor conflicts. But can I always remember that I'm a practitioner? Can I remember to remain steadfast and practice in an upright manner? From her experiences I see my shortcomings.”

Chen said, “The more you focus on cultivation, the more you experience the supernatural power of Dafa. Because you believe in Master and Dafa and follow the Fa in daily life and cultivation, Master will let you see what you should or give you a hint to improve.”