Greetings, compassionate and great Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am a little Dafa disciple. I am 10 years old. I wanted to participate in this year's Chinese Fahui.

Studying the Fa and Doing the Exercises

I began to cultivate when I was born. I first listened to recordings of Master Li Hongzhi’s lectures. I had learned a lot of characters by the time I was two and a half. By the age of four, I could read Zhuan Falun from cover to cover. I studied the Fa teachings every day, except for a while during 2017 when my mother was working in Beijing. I stopped studying the Fa during that time. I felt that I regressed a lot during that time. I dreamed that I fell off a rainbow and it was terrible. When my mother returned from Beijing in April or May of 2018, I resumed studying the Fa every day. Through studying the Fa, I realized that I should be even better than a good person and return to my heavenly world with Master. I really like studying the Fa.

I urged my mother to teach me the five exercises when I was four or five. But my mother only started to teach them to me when I was six. My arms hurt when I held the wheel over my head. I cried, but I kept at it and completed the exercise. When I started to practice the sitting meditation, I began by doing it with both legs crossed for five minutes. I then added five minutes more each time. When I was supposed to meditate for half an hour, my mother didn't tell me the time. I ended up meditating for forty-five minutes. A few days after that, I was able to meditate with both legs crossed for an hour.

I overcame tribulations of illness karma, too. I had a high fever when I was a few months old. It lasted several days and nights and I was hot all over. When I passed the tribulation, my whole body was shining.

I went swimming in a pool when I was three years old and almost drowned. I saw that Master picked me up.

Improving My Character

I ate lunch at school when I was in second grade. Once, seven of my classmates bullied me. I was not angry. When I got home, I told my mother, “I gained four ways in one shot. Seven people beat me. Four times seven is 28. I got 28 good things.” I was happily jumping up and down. Mom was smiling, thinking I was cute.

I saw a one-yuan bill ($0.15) on the ground. I took it home and put it on a chair. The more I looked at it, the more it looked like dirt—it was very dirty. I told my mom about it. She said to take it back to where I’d found it. I put it back and felt at ease. I told my mother, “It's weird. When I took it home, it looked like dirt. But when I put it back, it turned into a bill again.” I didn’t pass the test this time, so Master arranged another test for me. I found another one-yuan bill outside. I put it in my pocket and ran a long way. I then threw it behind me so that I couldn't find it. I still did not pass the test well. Master arranged the test for me again. I came across a one-yuan bill again. I just glanced at it and left without picking it up. I told myself, “I finally passed this test.”

Clarifying the Truth

I began to clarify the truth to children in kindergarten when I was three years old. I told other kids, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. I am a young Dafa disciple.” I said the same to my teacher, who replied, “Thank you!”

I went out with my mother at night to post truth-clarification stickers when I was three. She held me up and I posted the stickers up high. Later, she and I placed truth-clarification brochures on the windowsills of people’s houses. My mother sent forth righteous thoughts while I ran over to place them.

I began to clarify the truth face-to-face when I was four or five. At first, I would say to older people, “Hello, Grandpa!” or “Hello, Grandma!” and then hand them a brochure. They would be happy and keep smiling at me.

When I later listened to the “Little Disciple Garden” broadcast on Minghui.org, I realized that other young practitioners talked to people much better than I did. So instead of saying “Hello, Grandpa!” I began to say “Hello, Grandpa! I’m giving you a brochure.” After a while, I said, “Hello, Grandpa, I’m giving you a brochure. This brochure is very good. Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ and you’ll be safe when danger comes.” Grandpa laughed and said, “Good! Good!”

When I was in third grade, I invited my classmates to my home to watch videos about Falun Dafa. They looked interested. Qinqin said to me after watching one of them, “I want to see one more video. Can you play another?”

Wu Mengyao (pseudonym) is a good friend of mine. I asked her to guess what book my mother reads. She couldn’t and asked, “What book is it?” I then told her about how good Falun Dafa is and how evil the Chinese Communist Party is. I said, “I don’t explain this very clearly. Let my mother explain it to you.” She said, “Okay.” I invited her home. My mother began to explain the facts about Falun Dafa to her. Mengyao understood and said she wanted to quit the Young Pioneers. I came up with a pseudonym for her and that took me a long time. She finally chose the name “Wu Mengyao.” She thought that name was pretty good. I was very happy that day.

My headteacher fell ill and was in the hospital when I was in third grade. I drew a card for her birthday. I wrote, “Teacher, I wish you good health and all the best.” I put the card in an envelope, along with an amulet and a story about the amulet. I drew a big rainbow on the envelope. My teacher was moved.

Helping My Mother Through a Tribulation

My mother fell off of her electric bicycle in December 2019. She called my father, and we went right over. I saw her lying on the grass by the road and started to cry, feeling a mixture of compassion and affection. My father called an ambulance and they took my mother to the hospital. She had an X-ray. The doctor said that she had a comminuted fracture of both knees. I was shocked. They put casts on both her knees and hooked her up to an IV. Three practitioners came to visit her and shared their understandings. My mother's righteous thoughts got stronger and stronger after the first night. She decided to go home, no surgery and no more medicine.

I studied the Fa with her after she returned home. I also memorized Hong Yin and Hong Yin Vol. II with her. My mother memorized Hong Yin III as well. During that time, I went to bed after midnight almost every day. Nevertheless, I had plenty of energy. I think Master must have been strengthening me.

I read Master’s words:

“When great is the ordeal, keep steadfast” (“Steadfast,” Hong Yin Volume II, Translation Version A)

“Faced with tests, a person’s true character is revealed” (“True Character is Revealed,” Hong Yin Volume II, Translation Version A)

“Don’t let up in studying the Fa;amidst it transformation happensLet nothing sway conviction;of it comes right fruit and the blooming lotus”(“Diligence and Righteous Enlightenment,” Hong Yin Volume II, Translation Version A)

“At the mallet’s drumming one knows to be diligent” (“Drum Tower,” Hong Yin Volume II, Translation Version A)

“Pause for a moment of self-reflection,and increase your righteous thoughtsThoroughly analyze your shortcomings,and progress with renewed diligence”(“Rational and Awake,” Hong Yin Volume II, Translation Version A)

I said to my mother, “Mom, look. These quotes seem to be talking about you.” She was greatly inspired. Her righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. Five days later, she removed the casts by herself. She and I studied 60 pages of Fa every day during that period. She also memorized a lot of Fa every day. I also memorized one or two paragraphs every day because I had to do my winter homework.

When my mother was downhearted, I encouraged her, saying, “Your legs are in good shape, from molecules to atoms, down to the smallest particles.” She sensed that my words were in line with the Fa and her righteous thoughts got stronger. I took care of her every day. I warmed up steamed buns and cooked porridge and then served them to her. Dad almost didn’t need to take care of her. I also helped my mother use the bathroom. When she cried hopelessly, I held her. My mother said that I was like a mother and she was like a baby.

A few days after my mother’s accident, the CCP virus (COVID-19) broke out. Our residential complex was locked down. I thought there would still be chances for people to be saved, so I still needed to go out to distribute informational materials about Falun Dafa. My mother still couldn't move, so I went out alone at night and distributed the brochures that we had at home. My mother sent forth righteous thoughts for me at home. I left a copy at each unit and covered the entire residential complex. After I distributed all of our brochures, my mother suggested I stop for a week or two before going out to distribute information again. I said, “No, the plague is here. People who are not saved in our residential complex will get it.” My mother said, “Okay then.”

I took a piece of colored paper and cut it into small pieces. On each piece, I wrote: “Sincerely recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ and you will be safe when the plague comes.” I also drew a large pink lotus flower on it and it looked very beautiful. I asked my mother, “What can I use to post it? We have no glue at home.” Mom said, “Steam a potato, cut it, smear it on the wall, then stick the paper on it. It will stay up for a long time.” I did that and it really worked. I went out to post things every morning. My mother still sent forth righteous thoughts at home. I kept posting things for a week or two.

We read some stories on Minghui.org that some people in Wuhan were infected by the CCP virus but later recovered by reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” We wrote down these short accounts on pieces of paper and drew big lotus flowers next to them. I went out at night with a small bucket of white glue and posted them. Mom still sent forth righteous thoughts for me at home.

One evening around 8 p.m. our residential complex was unlocked, so I went to a park with my white glue and posted some facts about Falun Dafa. Thunder roared and lightning flashed and it was going to rain. I was walking alone on a dark road. I felt that the Master was reminding me, “You must do it quickly.” So I hurried up and returned in about half an hour. The rain poured down as soon as I got home. It was amazing.

During the epidemic in March, I had a dream in which we were in a very beautiful big house. A painting hung in the corridor on the second floor. Master was in the middle of the painting with a golden dragon on each side and a golden palace behind him. It was like a scene in the Shen Yun performance. Colorful Buddha light radiated from Master’s body, which was beautiful, and petals were falling from the sky. What was amazing was that the petals were actually floating down, the golden dragons were actually flying, and the clouds were truly floating. My mother and an elderly fellow practitioner were doing the second exercise in front of the painting. I think that Master was encouraging me and my mother through this dream.

Once when my mother was sending righteous thoughts at noon, I saw Master’s Law Body behind her. It was huge and Master was holding one of his palms upright. Another night when my mother and I were doing the fifth exercise, I saw two Law-guardian Gods. One of them was dressed in green and the other in blue. They had a circle on their chests with a golden dragon inside. They both held a shield in one hand and a sword in the other. They stood in front of window, sacred. I thought Master sent them to guard me and my mother. I saw all these things during the epidemic. I thought Master was encouraging my mother and me not to fear anything and to be diligent.

A Good and Sensible Child

My father (a fellow practitioner) was arrested when I was still inside my mother. He was held in a forced-labor camp for a year and did not see me before I was a year old. My mother was arrested twice when I was in kindergarten. I became independent. Dad set an alarm clock for me every day. I got up in the morning and dressed and washed, all by myself. Then I woke up my father: “Daddy, get up quickly. Take me to kindergarten.” If he didn’t respond, I would push him hard. My father was arrested and held for half a month when my mother was in Beijing. I lived in an uncle's home during that time.

When our residential complex was unlocked, I took my New Year's money and bought two buckets of cooking oil and a 15-kilogram bag of rice. I carried the cooking oil in my arms and pulled the bag of rice home in a small wagon. I didn't get tired at all and thought it was quite easy.

I often went to a supermarket to buy groceries. The people who worked there all knew me. They praised me for being able. I also learned how to make steamed buns, steamed stuffed buns, dumplings, bread, and cake rolls. When school was closed, I prepared the next day’s lunch for my mother.

My Shortcomings

I liked to play. Sometimes I couldn’t control myself and went out to play and wasted a lot of time. I went out to post information many times with a heart to play, and four times I was photographed by surveillance cameras. The police came to our home to harass me and my mother. My mother looked within and thought it was caused by her reliance on me. I said that it was caused by my attachments to playing and doing things.

My mother has been urging me to cultivate diligently. I told her, “I was helping you to practice during the pandemic. Now your legs are well and you are helping me to practice again.”

I have recalled many things and I’m tired, so I’ll stop now. If there is anything wrong with what I said, please kindly correct me.

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