(Minghui.org) Perhaps the most essential difference between cultivators and people who don't cultivate or believe in the divine, is the theistic versus atheistic perspective. There are many specific questions contained therein.

As a cultivator in the Buddha School, who doesn't believe in the existence of reincarnation? There is no point of cultivating if one doesn't believe in it. So there is no need to discuss too much about phenomena or stories of reincarnation, as well as whether one is a man in this life or a woman in the last life, etc. If these questions make a cultivator become attached and confused in his or her mind, it would be a great loss. If one thinks about a possible predestined relationship with this or that, or perhaps feels that he or she is different from others, these thoughts are actually demons making trouble. Demonic interference is caused by a person having this kind of attachment.

People think it's a good thing to be affectionate and caring, but that's actually far from the thinking of cultivators. If a cultivator places too much emphasis on affection, they will make themselves tired. Ordinary people may enjoy the addiction to lust, being attractive, jealousy, and competition. Their spirit is thus skewed, and the complacency and show-off mentality is not their true self.

If a cultivator needs novel articles and miraculous phenomena to inspire his cultivation, he is in a state similar to that of an ordinary person. He still has deviated thoughts, and the mind will appear to be floating and unstable, from which will also be manifested varying degrees of belief in Master and Dafa. Genuine practitioners are clear that they are cultivators. They know that they need to work hard to cultivate their own mind and look inward to find deficiencies. To them Dafa scriptures are the priceless treasure to guide their cultivation, and only intensive Fa study, and solid cultivation to identify and eliminate human attachments, is the right way. We must truly cherish the chance to cultivate. 

Master said,

“Once the chance is gone, your time will be upRegret will torment your soul when the truth is revealed Then comes the catastrophe and closure of Heaven’s gate”(“For the World's People”, Hong Yin III)

Historical past events are actually not important for today's Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period, because we are with our Master today, and doing our current task well is more real and wise than looking back at former reincarnations.

For some practitioners with a special mission, writing stories about reincarnations during different times is actually their way of validating Dafa. These stories can help people who don't believe in the divine to obtain the Fa or have the opportunity to practice in the future. However, for people who have been practicing Dafa, these articles are of no importance. I think the attachment to past incarnations lies in some practitioners who read, rather than those who write, such articles. Are they too attached to self? Why not study the Fa extensively and find the answers one seeks in the Fa? We must be clear that no articles written by others can help practitioners achieve perfection, only the Fa can.

Why do some people get to practice Dafa earlier than others? Generally speaking, it's not really how good you are, but that you have a desire to be a good person, you believe in the existence of gods, and hope to hold onto your innocent heart. Master sees this and helps unconditionally. Only when you truly cultivate your heart while studying the Fa can you receive Master’s blessing and improve step by step.

But even with the desire to be a good person and maintain a pure heart, it is not certain whether one can truly meet the standard of a good person, or that the heart is really pure. Perhaps what one holds onto is the attachment to a stubborn, deviated self, that, when stimulated by something, reflects the notion that “I'm a good person,” or “I am not wrong.” No matter how much Fa one has studied, if he doesn't realize that the fundamental attachment is selfishness, and always thinks, “I'm good,” then he has not eliminated any attachment. This “I am good” concept of thinking will influence a non-cultivator for a lifetime, or even throughout cycles of reincarnation, if this vanity is not abandoned.

Reincarnation is like a circle. In the end when we connect with Master, a circle is drawn. Fellow practitioners, the final confrontation between good and evil is nearing the end; let us cherish this moment.