(Minghui.org) I'd like to share some thoughts after a family member threatened me in an attempt to make me sign a repentance letter five times during the recent “zero-out” campaign.

The zero-out campaign is a concerted effort to force every single Falun Dafa practitioner on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s black lists to renounce their faith.

I received a phone call from a relative one day in September. He swore at me and threatened me without telling what had happened. I later learned that one of his former colleagues had become the general secretary of the local Political and Legal Affairs Committee; he told my relative to get me to sign the repentance letter.

The first time he phoned, I refused. But the general secretary changed tactics and told my relative that I only needed to sign once and that they would not bother me again while he held that position. I refused for the second time.

The general secretary must have done something else. My relative returned again with a pre-written repentance letter and pressured me to read and sign it while he recorded me on video. I refused for the third time.

My relative returned two more times, but I still refused to cooperate.

An insider told me that the authorities could not remove anyone from the list even though they promised practitioners that they would cross their names off the list if they read and signed the letter.

The list is not controlled by local authorities, so practitioners should not believe any promises they make. They just want us to betray Dafa. As soon as we yield to their demands once, they will want more and gradually drag us down.

From the Communist Party’s bloody history, we know that it needs to have an enemy. If there is none, it will create one. The Party also instigates hatred. For example, they told farmers that landlords were their enemies, and they told workers that capitalists were their enemies. They continue to tell Chinese people that the United States and Taiwan are their enemies.

They threaten us because they always persecute people. We have done nothing wrong. Fellow practitioners, don't be fooled by their lies or give in to their coercion.