(Minghui.org) The French Minghui website was born 20 years ago. I became a part of its mission 15 years ago. We have had to face a multitude of challenges, including physical distances, time zone differences, a wide range of languages, a lack of personnel, and financial resources. I personally think that trust has been a critical element to our success, trust between the team members, the translators, editors, technical persons and coordinators, and at the same time we all have trust and confidence in our website, in Master Li (the founder) and Dafa.

Humble and Uncomplicated

Over the years, the website has improved a lot as our work improved. The quality of our translation, editing and publishing are much better now and our website looks much more appealing.

But I sometimes felt our translation was not up to par. For example, I was not happy with some of our translated headlines and titles, even though they were superbly translated, I wondered why I felt like that?

After contemplating the issue for some time, I found titles that I did not think were accurately or aptly translated were in fact quite simple and direct. They made me think of the singers in Shen Yun.

Initially, I was very surprised our Shen Yun singers did not make any attempt to whip up enthusiasm from the audience at the end of their performances. I had noticed that famous tenors and sopranos always play it up at the end of their concerts, they would beam with electrifying enthusiasm and raised their arms to wave frantically at the audience. In comparison, the Shen Yun singers appear much more humble and down-to-earth. The lyrics of their songs are so powerful, so straightforward and uncomplicated. You would think they would want to revel and linger in that magnificent atmosphere, but they never do. They often briefly acknowledge the audience to thank them and then quietly slip from the stage.

I realized it was the same with the headings and titles in our website. They were not eye-catching in their words or visual effects. They were humble and straightforward. But the meanings behind these headings were powerful and direct, much like the Shen Yun songs.

I had wanted more aggressive headings, always wanting to make them more appealing and more progressive-sounding. I realized I had a hidden attachment of wanting to validate myself and to make a name for myself, and had forgotten about the virtue of being humble and uncomplicated. I also saw the competitive side of me which always wished we could use sensational headings like ordinary media organizations do to attract attention. My jealousy also played a part.

I was ashamed to admit that my worries about our website’s seemingly sub-par translations were in fact a display of a lack of trust toward the Minghui team. I believe this doubt extended to the achievements of the site which ultimately implied a lack of conviction in Master’s decision to give us the Minghui site.

News reports, experience-sharing articles and essays published on Minghui capture the experiences, sacrifices and actions of Dafa practitioners worldwide. The translations we do also reflect the state of our cultivation, and in particular, how we face and overcome difficulties. Articles published on our website are a beacon for the goodness, purity and sanctity that are represented by Dafa. We serve our readers by doing our best, but it’s Master’s fashen (law body) that will make an impact on a reader by guiding him or her to the right article with the right expression.

So what are the expectations for our website going forward?

My dear fellow practitioners, it’s my pure and simple wish to do better for our website. Your solid and tireless devotion to your work is truly an inspiration to me.

Watching a parade going past me during our last Fa conference in New York in 2019, I suddenly felt as if the Minghui website was before me. Parading before me were Dafa practitioners, the Tian Guo marching band, the end-the-persecution formation, the Quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) formation, dancing fairy ladies, a gigantic and magnificent replica of the book Zhuan Falun and so on. Some practitioners in the parade solemnly raised their banners and flags, while others waved and danced with colorful ribbons to music. Some were dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and moved elegantly and joyfully along in the parade. To me, it was like watching a beautiful and lively enacted scene from Minghui. I was really moved by it.

Thank you merciful Master for gifting us this precious Minghui website.

Attachment to An Uneventful Working Environment

Since the 2019 Fa conference, things have been progressing at a fast pace. Our Minghui team has been restructured and my workload has increased. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, my husband stayed home for six months straight. Since mid-September, he has worked from home for two to three days per week. He used to be away from home a lot, but now he is always home. That means I have to be extra strict with myself in order to fit in the three things that we must do as Dafa cultivators.

A few fellow practitioners and I started an online exercise session in the morning and it has now become a daily routine for me. We do the first four sets of exercises, then study the Fa for half an hour. I find it a perfect way to start the day. Presently, I still can’t do the meditation and send righteous thoughts at the four set times daily. I always think I should have more time the following week, but something unexpected always happens the next week, such as friends dropping in unexpectedly, an urgent or long piece needs translating for Minghui, or some urgent domestic matter crops up. I felt this constant pressure and wished things would slow down a bit.

Master has told us:

“There is no precondition for cultivation, and one should cultivate if one wants to.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

It occurred to me that I was attached to wanting to work in an uneventful, slow-paced environment. It’s a manifestation of my selfishness. I decided I must do what I must do, without preconditions.

I can now get up earlier in the morning a few times a week to finish my meditation before the online exercise session. But I still have many improvements to make.

Indecent Thoughts Imposed on Me

A few days ago, I met up with a few old friends to reminisce about old times. A friend asked me, “You dated him for some time, didn’t you?” It was a story going back 40 years. I did date that man, but I loathed thinking about it so I denied it. I could not sleep that night. As I was tossing and turning, I asked myself: “I am a cultivator. Why did I lie?” I lay awake late into the night, so I told myself: “This sleepless night looks like punishment for my bad deeds.” Thinking that way seemed to take away a bit of my shame and guilt, and at the same time eliminating a bit of my karma. I duly fell asleep.

But the matter stayed on my mind for the next few days. The relationship I had 40 years ago occurred before I became a cultivator and even before I was married. But why did the memory of it bother me so much? When I talked to another female practitioner about her opinion, she asked me how I felt about the relationship back then? Was I happy about it, or was I ashamed that I had sold myself out? I felt I needed to dig a bit deeper.

I was tidying up my office when I stumbled across a piece of writing I had written in my twenties. It told the story of a young girl in her quest for the truth. The piece did a lot to unlock my mind.

I realized my true self has been on a quest for the truth all along. Master has been looking after me long before I obtained the Fa. But the old forces had attempted to use sexual desire as a means to alienate me from my original pure nature. That also explained why I always had indecent thoughts and dreams during those years. I was dismayed and assumed those thoughts were mine, but they were not. Those indecent elements were forced upon me with the intention of harming and contaminating me. I rejected all these arrangements by the old forces, nothing could alienate me from my true nature or interfere with my cultivation in Dafa.

At that precise moment, I saw that our website transformed into a window leading to the picturesque and sacred Dafa. Through this window, Dafa disciples’ words, actions and exchanges lead us all one step closer to the glorious light that’s Dafa. I believe the Minghui website is a window on this earth where you can look beyond this world into the world of the divine.

Revered Master, I cannot express my gratitude to you enough . I am honored to be a member of the Minghui team.