(Minghui.org) I have experienced many hardships, as well as wonders of Falun Dafa since I took up cultivation in 1996. There were ups and downs, sorrow, and happiness. Most importantly, I was amazed by Falun Dafa.

I accidentally cut off the tip of my right index finger while I was chopping meat a few years ago. I believed that Falun Dafa practitioners were not ordinary people. I pressed the fingertip back onto the injured finger and wrapped it with a bandage.

After about two weeks, the skin of the fingertip appeared black and lifeless. I thought the wound had not healed. The fingertip fell off several days later. A tiny tender fingertip was growing out of the wounded area. It grew very fast. In a few days, it became a full fingertip almost identical to (though not as big as) the original one. I was not scared by this strange experience, as I knew that Falun Dafa was so extraordinary.

I have a habit of taking a nap after lunch. I would sleep for only half an hour. If I slept longer, a screen would appear in front of me displaying Master’s teachings in Zhuan Falun. I would immediately get up and study the Fa.

Sometimes while reading Zhuan Falun, I saw all the words glow in a blueish purple color. Every day I was immersed in the joy of studying the Fa. As time passes, I enjoy reading this incredible book more and more.

Master said,

“Every moment in your life is part of your spiritual journey, and at every moment I am looking after you. Don’t bring any disruptions to yourself. Instead, do well with what little of the journey remains.” (“Another Stern Warning,” team yellow translation)