(Minghui.org) After I read the teachings recently, I better understood how to deny the old forces' arrangements.

I realized that we shouldn't wait for problems to accumulate to send forth righteous thoughts, but instead we should constantly deny the old forces’ arrangements. We should not allow them to take advantage of our attachments and arrange tribulations that prevent us from doing the three things and saving people. We are Master’s disciples and he has arranged our cultivation path – this has nothing to do with the old forces. We should be proactive instead of being led by them.

I realized that I had not completely cleansed the old forces' factors from my deepest thoughts for a long time. My loopholes were taken advantage of and I was persecuted. When I realized how much loss this caused, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to completely negate all the negative things in other dimensions. I denied all the sickness karma illusions and the incorrect states imposed on my body. I told my body to present Dafa's extraordinary state from head to toe, from inside out, to validate the Fa better.

I began sending righteous thoughts several times each day, and a few days later, I noticed the difference.

First, some dark spots on my face disappeared or faded away. The lumps which grew under my arms several years ago disappeared. My digestive system had some problems for several years, but now I could eat anything. My menstrual period returned to normal that month. My left thumb, which had been stiff for a long time, became normal as well.

Another significant change was that I became more proactive in doing the three things. For many years, I didn't get up in the morning to do the exercises because I didn’t feel it was that important. I thought I only needed to improve my xinxing - which did not improve at all. After changing my mindset and sending righteous thoughts, I could get up early and do the exercises.

Driven by my attachments, I would watch ordinary people's TV shows, movies, and news programs instead of doing the three things. After I began intensively sending righteous thoughts, I used every spare moment to study the Fa.

Honestly Examining My Cultivation State

When I had sickness karma before, I did the exercises. I also looked inward, but I saw few changes.

Later I realized that I had two fundamental problems. The first was that I did not have a correct understanding of what the old forces were. The second was that I neglected to send forth righteous thoughts, which reflected my lack of faith in Master and the Fa.

For many years, I could not guarantee that I would send righteous thoughts four times every day. In fact, I seldom sent righteous thoughts. When I did, I kept being interfered with by thought karma and other interference; I could not focus at all. How could I eliminate evil in that state? Master has long requested us to send forth righteous thoughts to clean up the interference and eradicate it. I did not believe in the power of sending righteous thoughts and did not think I had any supernormal abilities. This showed that I did not fully believe in Master and the Fa.

When I first began practicing I had some tribulations and felt helpless. A fellow practitioner reminded me to send forth righteous thoughts. My first reaction was to question if it was useful. I did not believe in the power of righteous thoughts. I did not regard myself as a practitioner who was cultivating. I thought of myself as an ordinary person. With that mindset, even if I tried to send forth righteous thoughts, they would not be effective because an ordinary person does not have supernormal powers.

Through studying the Fa, I realized that the starting point of what we do is very important and critical.

Master said,

“From now on, whatever you do, you should consider others first, so as to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism.” (“Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

As Dafa disciples, we should do everything from the perspective of selflessness and to save sentient beings. We cannot only consider ourselves, such as pursuing a healthy body, pursuing comfort, or other things. We want to negate the tribulations so that we could do the three things better and save more people. We want people to witness the supernormal power of Dafa so that we can save them. Our righteous thoughts will be more powerful if this is our starting point. In other words, the purpose of sending righteous thoughts is for other people, not for ourselves.

If we want to maintain righteous thoughts at all times and send forth strong righteous thoughts, we must study the Fa well and cultivate ourselves solidly. Master keeps reminding us to study the Fa well. The power of our righteous thoughts will be limited if we have no guidance from the Fa. Also, it is not enough to only read the Fa teachings and not cultivate ourselves.

Fellow practitioners, we must believe that we have supernormal abilities. We are capable of disintegrating evil. Don't let the old forces take advantage of our loopholes; instead let’s negate all of their arrangements! Master gave all of us these abilities. Believe in Master and believe in the Fa. Let us display the supernatural powers of Dafa disciples!