(Minghui.org) A local practitioner recently passed away, and I wanted to tell his story. 

He was only 65. He didn't seem to cultivate diligently and many practitioners didn’t regard him as a practitioner. Of course only Master Li (the founder of Dafa) knows a person’s true situation. Each person's origin and mission is different and the requirements for each of us are different. But his final actions changed my notions. 

He was hospitalized twice this summer and autumn. He knew he would not live long and he was in great pain. 

He didn’t like to read the Fa but preferred to listen to Master’s lectures every day. His health remained poor and he took medication. Sometimes he was hospitalized. He encouraged his wife to practice Falun Dafa and go out and save people. He drove his wife to many places on his motorcycle so she could distribute truth-clarification materials, put up posters with Dafa information, and hang up banners. For years he provided a place where practitioners could hold Fa-study and he was the contact for a few projects. He never complained or felt anything was too difficult. When other practitioners suggested how he could improve, he never got angry. But he didn’t change.

The last time he was hospitalized it wasn't because of his usual lung problem. The doctor was unable to alleviate his pain. The last few days, he suddenly shouted: “Have to save people! Hurry up and clarify the truth! Hurry up and save people! I don’t want to stay in this hospital. I haven’t completed my mission yet and I can’t go. I haven’t clarified the truth to people face to face.”

He repeatedly yelled, “Hurry up and save people!” No one could stop him. His wife asked him to stop because the other people could not understand his behavior. He asked his wife by hand signs to remove the medical instruments and needles from him. He quietly told her, “Master doesn’t want me to leave. Don’t you remember why we are here? We have to save people. We have missions. We cannot return if we haven’t completed our missions. Master said I haven’t completed my mission. I have to save people. Let’s go home. I will send righteous thoughts with you and study the Fa. Then we'll go out to clarify the truth and save people.”

His sisters persuaded him to stay in the hospital because they didn’t want him to die at home. He scolded them loudly and then said, “I'm finished! I won't survive this time. Emotions are so hard to let it go.” He looked at the luxury residential buildings outside and said, “Who are these buildings for? Hurry up and save people.” His wife asked him if he saw scenes in another dimension. He nodded his head. But then he denied it.

He repeatedly talked about getting out of the hospital, clarifying the truth, and saving people. He said he wanted to go home, cultivate diligently and complete his mission. His wife asked him, “Are you able to do the three things well and cultivate diligently?” He said, “Yes, I will! Let’s go home and do what we're supposed to do.”

In the last few days his pain was gone. His skin became delicate and rosy. He gained weight and was cheerful. He looked so different. He had always been pale, weak, and thin and had difficulty breathing. 

Two days before he died, he went home. He asked his entire family to repeatedly say, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” They continued repeating the words until he said that he was going to leave. He allowed his family members to put on his funeral clothes. He repeated the nine words until his voice vanished. He left this world with a smile on his face. 

I saw him in my dream one night. The sun shone behind him like a halo, and he looked healthy and cheerful. He was giving instructions to practitioners working on different projects. His expression was happy but determined. I was surprised to see him. Had he recovered? When did he leave the hospital? Now he was very focused and diligent! His mind was clear and he was in the Fa. He was amazing. 

He was surrounded by several practitioners who were busily working on their projects. He was giving instructions. He looked at me and asked: “Do you agree with my arrangements?” Before I could reply, I woke up. 

I wrote this to remind those practitioners who are still fearful and hesitate to go out and do the three things. Don’t wait until the last moment. It will be too late!

I will end my article with the practitioner’s words: “Hurry up and clarify the truth! Hurry up and save people!”