(Minghui.org) Greetings esteemed Master and fellow practitioners:

It has been more than a year since I have been practicing Falun Dafa with others, and have been part of a Fa-study group. This has brought many changes in my life. Since young, I was rather shy, lived by myself, preferred to be alone, and liked to do things on my own. This changed fundamentally during the past years, since I began to practice Falun Dafa – when the “I” changed into a “we.” An egoist has turned into someone who enjoys group relationships.

Cooperating with each other in the group was instrumental for my gaining a deeper understanding of the Fa, which allowed me to align my activities accordingly. Besides, the introductory chapter in Zhuan Falun On Dafa (Lunyu)” repeatedly showed me the importance and greatness of Falun Dafa for people and the universe.

In terms of understanding some of my experiences over the past year, I will need more time to assess their meaning and importance. But, studying the Fa and sharing experiences have helped me understand a lot. I would like to thank all practitioners and especially Master for the many hints.

Who Am I?

Master said,

“Lives at any of the various planes of particles perceive the particles of the next larger plane to be planets in their skies, and this is true at each and every plane.” (On Dafa (Lunyu), Zhuan Falun)

From the perspective of the universe, I'm a human from the small planet earth, located between the countless stars. I am an insignificant particle among the billions of people on the planet earth. At the same time, my body is made up of countless particles, known to us as atoms and molecules, that developed into a human. Also moving towards both directions, from large to small, it goes on infinitely.

The knowledge of a human is limited. Nevertheless, what we know is an unimaginable dimension for our thinking. We are located between the largest and smallest parts, embedded between the microcosm and macrocosm, as a part of the amazing creation. It was created according to the heavenly commandment of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.

I am a particle of the great creation. Embedded in my environment, I influence everything around me, and vice versa, everything influences me. In dealing with the group, I was able to gain my perspective and learned about the power of my thoughts.

I will share some of what I experienced as my personal insights. But, I'm still at the beginning of my cultivation path.

Experiencing the Group Exercises

Before I stepped onto the cultivation path, I assumed that if something didn't suit me, I should make others aware of it. I let my emotions run wild. I believed that only a person who is willing to criticize may possibly bring about change.

I joined in the first group exercise holding these human notions. I was not happy about the park, such as how everything was done, and the disturbances by people around us. After finishing the exercises, we had a fierce discussion. I wondered if there was a better place, where we could practice in peace. Another point of contention was the loudness or quietness of the music. I complained about other peoples' behavior, was annoyed about the grilling and the strong meat smell in the park, and so on.

Did Anything Change?

Why were there so many disturbances? How could we positively affect the situation? Should I continue to practice in the park instead of at home, where it was so quiet and no one bothered me?

I had to mull it over, and started to look within to see where I went wrong. What would apply to me? Why did that happen wherever I was?

A practitioner hinted, when I asked her opinion about the chaotic situation, that when she was doing the exercises she had not noticed the situation. I was amazed at how deeply she could calm down despite the environment. The conclusion was that I had to work on myself.

First, I watched the reaction of my fellow practitioners. If I was annoyed about something when doing the exercises, surprisingly, they also appeared to show displeasure. Whenever I stopped getting displeased, I experienced a wonderful harmony. These were the first observations as to how I could change my surroundings with strong righteous thoughts – to something good or something bad.

Slowly, I became aware of what it means to form the one body, and how closely we are connected to everything that happens in and around us. I became aware of the importance of righteous thoughts and a pure heart. It occurred to me that I could either bring disturbances or a better environment, depending on the strength of my righteous thoughts. I thanked everyone at the practice site who helped open my eyes. In the meantime, it does not matter were I am – in the center of town, or at a busy pedestrian zone – I can find inner peace while meditating. If I approach whatever I do with righteous thoughts, and cannot be disturbed by anything that brings interference, nothing will upset me anymore.

My other great experience of what it means to be connected with the people around me, and what could influence my thoughts happened at a joint event in the city center. We clarified the truth about Falun Dafa and the organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Two nights before the event, evil entities attacked me twice. I asked Master for help, which resulted in the disappearance of these entities each time. With these new experiences fresh in my mind, I went to the event thinking that I would show off in front of others. Thus, I didn't arrive at the event holding good thoughts.

Every single practitioner partaking in the event told me about their problems, such as bad experiences, quarrels, and illness symptoms. No one wanted to hear what I had to say. I had not arrived at the event with good and righteous thoughts, and this was reflected in the demeanor of almost all participants. The event was in danger of being a flop.

The participant displaying illness symptoms went home. This created a situation that did not make any sense to me. Thus, I kept sending righteous thoughts throughout the day. I put aside my experiences and concerns, and with the help of the practitioners still there, we achieved good results. But, I want to admit that I should have arrived there with stable righteous thoughts,

From then on, I arrive at any event earlier than asked and send righteous thoughts for the entire day, eliminate any disturbance and interference, and try to achieve positive thoughts for the entire day.

Even my driving habits have changed. Since I no longer can be moved by whatever is happening on the street, my emotions and thoughts are no longer affected. I cannot remember if I ran into heavy traffic or misconduct by another person. It is now meaningless, and nothing disturbs my heart.

Sickness Karma – Coughing

My first experiences of participating in the Shen Yun project resulted in many new experiences and insights. Since the turn of the year, I began to cough, sometimes a little and sometimes more. I hadn't found out yet why I was disturbed. When I attended the German language meeting in January, I was afraid of losing face, and had no idea how to deal with the situation. Was I the only one coughing among those attending the meeting?

Many attachments made themselves known, such as fear, arrogance, ruthlessness, and the thought that “Master would take care of me.” I wanted to present a good picture of myself, and the cough prevented it. How strongly we are connected showed itself when I no longer needed to suppress the cough, as others started to cough. I wondered about that.

Despite the cough, I was ready to help with the Shen Yun performance in Ludwigsburg, three months later. When studying the Fa, the coughing worsened. And again, other practitioners also coughed. A terrible thought entered my mind: if this would happen during the show, it would interfere with the show. But, with Master's help, none in the audience, be they practitioners or not, coughed. What an amazing experience!

Master said,

“For this reason, as cultivators we don’t consider experiencing something a bit unpleasant or trying in our daily lives to be a bad thing. Sometimes when karma is being shed you might think, “Oh no, I’m sick. I have a cold,” “I’m not feeling well,” or “It hurts.” But that is in fact karma being reduced. Newer practitioners might not understand it, and think, “Oh, I shouldn’t use the word ‘illness’ when I’m not well. I should say I’m ‘shedding karma.’” But that’s not the idea. You really are shedding karma. (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference,” Team Yellow Translation)

Tasks for Shen Yun

Shen Yun is a great opportunity for practitioners to form the one body, allowing them to become the perfect team. It was amazing to experience that, as well as to experience the power of righteous thoughts.

My duties and everything else for Shen Yun were new to me, and I was amazed that I could do almost everything easily with Master's and other practitioners' help. Setting up the stage for the performance, and then helping take it down, was just as much an experience as helping the security team in the hall to give the audience a great experience. Taking care of the security team outside allowed me to have great contacts with the audience.

The architect of the theater in Ludwigsburg had made it difficult for the audience to find the entrance. Thus, I could help many people from my observation station to find the entrance, and have a short discussion. Even guarding the artist entrance helped me open doors and keep them open, I could welcome many people with a smile and a short greeting, making things easier and more enjoyable.

In the past I had helped during some everyday people's events. But, I had never experienced that a team with so many newcomers without any experience could do so much without many words.

Everyone learned quickly when on duty. When they were not busy, they helped others. It is difficult to understand that one can do well with just a few people and without any friction. I have not experienced anything like that during an ordinary people's event. Each practitioners did his or her best. Besides, I learned that sending righteous thoughts rightens a situation, calms things down, and corrects a critical situation.

Master said,

“If a human being is to understand the mysteries of the universe, space-time, and the human body, he must take up cultivation of a true Way and achieve true enlightenment, raising his plane of being.” (“On Dafa” Essentials For Further Advancement)

I'm well on the way to solve the mystery hidden in Dafa. However, I have been stuck on “On Dafa (Lunyu)” when memorizing Zhuan Falun – it has been one year. Lunyu shows me the important points needed for my cultivation, but I still have to solve more of the mysteries. My wisdom allowed me to solve some of the mysteries during this year, especially when it comes to cooperating as one body when in conflict with the Dafa group. My view of things has changed.

Yet, I still have to work on myself, so I'm able to return to my origin. I am grateful to have the Fa as Master in this life, and am able to turn into a good person. I am grateful that I can cultivate in my environment.

I am infinitely grateful to our Master.

Furthermore, I also thank my fellow practitioners for their unconditional support.

(Presented at the 2019 German Fa Conference)

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