(Minghui.org) I recently had difficulty getting onto the Minghui website. I had to try dozens of times before I could finally log on. Before I could finish downloading the day's articles, the connection failed and I had to start all over again. I thought, “I have to get onto Minghui.org and download the day's articles because tomorrow there will be new things.” Sometimes it took me more than 10 hours just to log on. I continued trying even after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight before I was finally able to log on. This went on for almost three weeks.

I started to examine myself for the cause. It had always been easy for me to get onto Minghui. Even if it was the Party's sensitive days or a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conference, I was able to log on whenever I wanted to. I never paid attention to the articles on Dong Tai Net. I thought the news on Dong Tai had nothing to do with me.

But I recently started to surf on Dong Tai for news. At first I just read the headlines. Then I started to read the articles. Later, I watched the videos. I read articles from Ren Min Bao, The Epoch Times, and more. I also read news about China's politics, the trade war, criticism of the CCP, etc. This gradually began to eat up the time I used to spend reading Minghui.

I went from reading everything on Minghui every day to reading it for only a few minutes. I started to read the Dong Tai website right after I downloaded the Minghui articles. Sometimes I lost the connection, but I kept trying until I could read the articles on Dong Tai. I didn't realize that I had become addicted to it and that it was a big attachment. I thought the articles were written by Falun Dafa practitioners and were not the same as ordinary people's news.

I kept finding excuses for my attachment. The time left for our cultivation is precious and was extended by Master Li through his great endurance. We should make good use of every moment to cultivate ourselves and save people. When we are online, we should read Minghui news and cultivation sharing experience articles so we can keep up. Minghui serves as a platform for practitioners in China to communicate with practitioners around the world. It's also a window that lets practitioners worldwide know how the practitioners inside China are cultivating and also how they are being persecuted. Dong Tai Net is not for us practitioners.

After I examined myself and identified my attachments, it was easy to get online. Now I can quickly log on and download Minghui articles.

Step Out of the Illusion

I've practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years. I know very well what we practitioners are supposed to do and what's truly important. We all know our mission in this world. Because we cultivate in a secular environment, everything competes for our attention and draws us in. It's easy to forget that it's all an illusion. The old forces are closely watching every practitioner's thoughts. Whenever the old forces find an excuse, they use it to bring a practitioner down.

We have wisdom and righteous thoughts from cultivating within the Fa. We should be able to recognize the old forces' tricks. Master is also constantly watching over us and protecting us. No interference can truly affect us, but there are conditions. We must abide by Master's requirements and do the three things well. We must constantly rectify ourselves with Dafa and assimilate into Dafa. By following the Fa's principles, Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, we become Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples and truly live up to Master's expectations.