(Minghui.org) Several practitioners in our area recently developed symptoms of sickness karma. We decided to share our understandings and look within. We found the attachments of fear, the competitive mentality, jealousy, hatred, and factors of Communist Party culture that manifested relatively strongly in our group and had caused the sickness karma to develop. We realized that varying degrees of “hatred” exist in all of these attachments.

I often saw my competitive mentality, jealousy, and resentment, and while I did make efforts to restrain these attachments, I always felt that I did not remove them from their root.

While listening to Master’s lectures given in Guangzhou, I thought of a paragraph from the preface to The Ultimate Goal of Communism:

“The essence of communism is that it is a specter. It is made up of hatred and degenerate elements of the universe. It has a deep hatred for human beings and wants to destroy them. It is not satisfied with killing a man’s flesh body alone; after all, life does not terminate with the death of the physical body—people’s souls reincarnate. But when a person has absolutely abandoned his sense of morality, his soul will be completely eliminated. That is the ultimate, most terrifying death. Dragging humanity toward the abyss of eternal damnation is what this communist specter wants to achieve.”

I realized that elements of hatred exist in my thoughts and behavior, and I had not removed or paid attention to them. My mind seemed to open up at this moment and I could see and discern clearly how hatred manifests itself to various degrees. Severe hatred manifests as resentment, revenge, being sinister and ruthless, fuming with rage, and so on. Moderate hatred manifests as complaining, constant nagging, being anxious with rage, sulking, and so on. Light hatred manifests as being unwilling, frowning, glaring, pursing one's lips, giving a side glance, responding with a moaning unwillingness, and so on. Thinking it over, I can see “hatred” displayed in many aspects of our lives.

With hatred, no matter how much it is, we are not kind, peaceful or compassionate from our hearts to our appearance, because hatred is the complete opposite of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. As Dafa cultivators, we want to assimilate to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, so we must get rid of the factors of hatred completely. If we harbor hatred in our thoughts or behavior, we are still under the control of the communist specter and are still supplying energy to it. This will slow our improvement and suppress our energy to save the world's people and numerous other beings.

When I further realized the seriousness of this hatred from the communist specter, my heart suddenly felt clear and clean, as if a blast of cool freshness was delivered to me from the remote sky via a conduit. I felt a kind of material deep in my heart melt away and I gained a more solid feeling of peace.

Looking back at the various conflicts I had encountered in the past, I saw my competitive mentality and unbalanced heart, as well as my attachments of jealousy, hatred, and factors of the Party culture. As I consciously tried to suppress these attachments, my behavior became more peaceful, but my heart was still moved from time to time during conflicts. After I truly realized and clearly saw the negative role hatred was playing, my heart gained an ease and peacefulness that I had not experienced before. When I again encountered similar conflicts recently, I faced them and dealt with them with more a peaceful mind. I spoke in a less rushed manner and my volume was lower. The words I used were more polite and accurate.

No matter what type of hatred and to what degree, we should not allow it to remain in our thoughts or actions. The old forces created the communist specter to destroy humankind and to stop people from being saved, and at the same time to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners in their so-called tests. The Communist Party planted “hatred,” its evil factors and major components, into our thoughts and bodies while we were indoctrinated during our many years of education in China. This hatred has been controlling and manipulating us. We need to see it clearly and cultivate ourselves well.

What's more important is that our ultimate goal is to save people and numerous beings. If we can completely remove hatred at a fundamental level, then we can completely shake off the communist specter's control of us, because hatred is its major component. When a life has no hatred, his many attachments then lose their foundation and can thus be easily be removed. Our behavior will then conform more to Dafa's standards and we will play more effective roles in saving people.