(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 6: Deer Milk

Liu Heng, generally known as Emperor Han Wen, was the third son of Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. During the 24 years he was in power, Emperor Han Wen promoted virtue and etiquette. He cared about people and paid close attention to agriculture. When it was time to sow, he and officials worked in the field, plowing the soil and sowing the seed. This led to stability, prosperity, and wealth of the country.

Besides his hard work, Emperor Han Wen was also humble and willing to correct any mistake he made. During his years as emperor, he did not build new palaces but instead used the money to take care of orphans and the elderly. He was a well-respected emperor because of his diligence, modesty, and accomplishment.

Emperor Han Wen was also known for his filial piety. His mother, Queen Bo, was sick for three years. Despite being the head of the country, Emperor Han Wen personally looked after his mother and was never too tired to fulfill his filial duty. Whenever herbal medicine was prepared for his mother, he tasted a little for its taste and temperature before giving it to her. He also comforted her and hoped she could recover soon. At night, he sometimes did not change clothes so he could take care of his mother when needed.

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